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Release Notes for Trac 0.12 Babel Release

June 13, 2010


  • Translation of Trac in your language, using Babel.
  • Multiple Repository Support per environment
  • Improved Wiki, more powerful syntax and nicer user interface with automatic preview in side-by-side editing mode
  • Improved Ticket user interface, with editable comments and automatic preview

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Below we show the corresponding tickets (only those which have release notes)

Milestone: 0.12.8 (7 matches)

Ticket Release Notes

Enforce Twill required version of 0.9 or 0.9.1.


Fix endless-loop while rendering svn:externals property with a protocol relative url.


Moved to Travis CI's new contained-based infrastructure.


Fixed error reports not sent to trac-hacks.org if home_page or url attribute uses HTTPS protocol.


Fix unit tests failing with pytz 2016.4.


Fixed sporadic test failure in trac.ticket.tests.functional.RegressionTestTicket4447.


Fixed test failures in trac.admin.tests.console due to differences in exception messages.

Milestone: 0.12.7 (6 matches)

Ticket Release Notes

Removed tag_svn_revision.


Fix a TypeError while rendering svn:mergeinfo with missing nodes.


Fixed failure of make clean on some platforms due to use of find that didn't meet POSIX compliance.


InterWiki filters links through [wiki] safe_schemes option if [wiki] render_unsafe_content is disabled.


Fix not deleting the old attachment directory when wiki page is renamed.


Fix missing svn:eol-style property on *.py files.

Milestone: 0.12.6 (55 matches)

Ticket Release Notes

Fix raising a TypeError while executing repository sync reponame rev for cached subversion repository.


Reduce time of rendering svn:mergeinfo in browser view.


Fix bad html produced when a binary markup tag (e.g. **) immediately follows a wiki list.


Fix Trac crashes in blame mode for non-ascii file name with Subversion 1.7


Reduce execution time of rendering svn:mergeinfo in changeset view.

  • An HTTPError is raised when accessing a file on the /chrome/shared path if [inherit] htdocs_dir is empty or not defined.
  • Replaced several uses of assert with a conditional that raisees a TracError since the latter won't be removed when running Python with the optimization (-O) flag.

Avoid noisy logs in apache error log with mod_wsgi if the client disconnects


Improved layout of fields in the ticket notification if the field is wrapped.


Fix Subversion assertion while accessing repository which has the path starts with double slash characters.


Fix failures of blame view when the drive letter in repository path is lower case on Windows.


Reduce memory usage on SubversionRepository.get_changes()


Avoid limitation of joins with many custom fields for ticket query


Add "extended-timestamp" extra field for zip archive of a changeset.


Fix duplicated repository names in Repository Modify.


reST rendering could fail when running TracStandalone due to Docutils importing the Trac standalone module rather than the Docutils module of the same name.


Add support for Babel 1.0 and later.


Fix ValueError while wiki-rendering log: link with invalid ranges, e.g. log:@1-2-3.


Fix MySQLConnector.to_sql() on mysql with utf8mb4 via Trac plugins and db upgrades


Fix AttributeError: NullTranslationsBabel instance has no attribute 'isactive' with Babel 1.0+


Fix log: link with revision ranges included oldest wrongly showing HEAD revision.


Fix to_json, to_js_string and javascript_quote to escape line terminators U+2028 and U+2029 characters to avoid a SyntaxError in javascript


Fix wrongly showing warning messages from notification if both smtp_from and smtp_replyto in [notification] section are empty.


Fix not wrapping the text inside ticket description textarea in IE 11


Fix Genshi UnicodeDecodeError error during wiki rendering when dealing an exception with non-ascii bytes


Prevent 'Pool' object has no attribute '_pool' caused by race-conditions during creating application-level pool.


Prevent duplicated entries in System Information to disable the trac.test package by default.


Changed the function signature of WikiMacroBase.expand_macro to match the IWikiMacroProvider interface that it implements.


Component is set in the ticket when using semi-automated reporting to trac-hacks.org.


Escape double-quote and backslash characters in From header and encode as mime if matched =?<encoding>?[bq]?<bytes>?= in mail headers.


Fix wrong documentation for [wiki] max_size option.


Improve performance of unit tests on MySQL 5.1 or later


Fix breaking authz_policy.py with unicode characters using ConfigObj 5.0.0 and later.


Fix an AttributeError from help command of trac-admin with non-existent environment and non-existent command.


Backported [12048] for #11283: Improved error message for an intertrac link to a non-existent or forbidden changeset.


ResourceNotFound error is raised when wiki page version is invalid.


Option defaults in trac.web.main were not being written to trac.ini on environment creation.


Added TracLinks documentation explaining proper usage of revision, highlighted line numbers and target line number.


Fix Genshi UnicodeDecodeError from TracAdminHelp macro if the command's help has unicode characters.


Avoid "Broken pipe" from tracd if the client disconnects on Python 2.6 and later.


Fix rare failure of RegressionTestTicket8247 due to that /usr/share/dict/words file has anonymous phrase.


Fix LocalTimezone with date/time on DST boundaries and timezone changes different from current standard and daylight timezones.


Fix report crashing if percent signs used in quoted-identifiers and dynamic variables used.


Obfuscate emails in owner field on csv download from ticket and query pages.


Avoid respect to system font settings for controls on Firefox.


Fix compiled catalog and javascript message files not included in egg file if using easy_install and bdist_egg of distribute 0.6.29 and later.


Deleting a milestone now also deletes its attachments.


Fixed raising UndefinedError if an internal error occurs and disabling report buttons while accessing by non administrator.


Handle an exception while executing processor block to prevent Internal Error.


Fix subversion blame not working for path contained urlencoded characters, e.g. %25, %2F.


Update WikiPage.resource.id when renaming a wiki page.


Fix malformed language tag in timeline rss if locale with no territory, e.g. de, ja.


Fix auto-preview not working when editing using IMEs on Firefox and using "cut" and "paste" of context menu.


Fix malformed readonly="True" attributes in repositories and milestones admin pages with Genshi 0.6.1.


Fixed typo in German localization.


The value of TicketSystem.must_preserve_newlines is cached in order to avoid a database hit on every access for the case that [ticket] preserve_newlines = default (the default value).

Milestone: 0.12.5 (12 matches)

Ticket Release Notes

Fix deletion of ticket changes triggering an error if they contained a change for a custom field which is no longer in use.


Fix a mistake resulting in invalid JSON data generated on the server with Python 2.4 or 2.5.


Fix upload of files which are categorized as having a multipart/related content type (e.g. *.mht files).


More robust processing of attachment URLs for accessing the list of attachments of a resource (i.e. /attachment/<realm>/<id> also works).


Fix search link for a missing file in the repository, which didn't mention the repository name.


Correctly handle a attachment file named with colon and backslash characters


Fix failure of unit-test with UCS4 characters on MariaDB


Fix of datetime arithmetic across DST boundaries with pytz timezone


Fix of datetime arithmetic with LocalTimezone across DST boundaries


Fixed generation of iCalendar file from the roadmap on Windows when the user's timezone is the system default.


Fix initial activation of default style in Pygments' pref panel on WebKit browsers.


Fixed showing wrongly *.po header if [project] footer is empty

Milestone: 0.12.4 (2 matches)

Ticket Release Notes

Added support for genshi markups for make check-*


Additional rows of output for query records are no longer prefixed with a 'Reported by…' line

Milestone: 0.12.3 (8 matches)

Ticket Release Notes

versioncontrol: Fixed a compatibility issue with Subversion 1.7.0.


Fix AuthzPolicy behavior for enforcing permissions on copied or moved source directories (see also #10208).


AuthzSourcePolicy slightly deviates from mod_authz_svn rules in order to show the parent folders of readable paths, so that one can actually find the latter by browsing.


Fixed a XSS vulnerability on IE.


Fixed a XSS vulnerability on Opera.


[[Image()]] macro supports InterTrac source: links


AuthzSourcePolicy conforms better to mod_authz_svn rules


Improved compatibility with old proxies by also setting the Expires header for dynamic content

Milestone: 0.12.2 (10 matches)

Ticket Release Notes

Fixed purging of auth cookies.


admin: in permissions panel, strip whitespace around user and group names


Fixed various corner cases in session handling.


In reports, strip special columns like __color__ from CSV exports.


Fixed test suite failure on Python 2.7.


Fixed functional tests on Debian and Ubuntu.


Fixed line wrapping in ticket reports.


Fix a potential race condition in reStructuredText rendering


web: Fixed login with Safari and Chrome for multi-instance sites where the URL of one site is a prefix of the other.


Improved e-mail notifications for CJK users and new [notification] ambiguous_char_width = single/double setting.

Milestone: 0.12.1 (1 match)

Ticket Release Notes

svn: support displaying non-inheritable svn:mergeinfo properties

Trac 0.12: Detailed User Visible Changes


  • Wiki user interface
    • show Last Modified … link on the upper right side of the page
    • show clickable wiki page name path on the upper left side of the page
    • Universal Edit Button support
    • improved wiki preview
      • normal mode, with the editor on top of the preview
      • side-by-side mode with the editor on the left side, along with automatic preview on the right side
    • attachments are listed in a collapsed section
    • wiki pages can now be renamed
  • WikiFormatting improvements:
    • lists can now start right at the beginning of a line
    • improved WikiCreole compatibility
    • better '>' quoting support, arbitrary wiki text can now be quoted and still renders correctly
    • much improved pipe-based syntax for tables (support for headings, column spans, cell alignment)
    • added several new wiki processors
      • #!td and #!th for building complex tables with arbitrary wiki content
      • #!htmlprocessor for embedding HTML comments in rendered pages
    • more direct help for macros ([[?]] gives a short list of all macros and [[macro?]] provides help for the given macro)
    • links to attachments now have a small icon next to them to download the attachment directly

Ticket System

  • comments are now editable (a.k.a. #454) with automatic preview; you can also see previous versions of the comments and what has been changed
  • nicer comment preview (positioned closer the the comment editor, no longer on top of the ticket box, and automatic preview as you type)
  • collapsible attachments, change history, and ticket modification sections
  • tickets and ticket comments can now be deleted (requires enabling an optional component)

Roadmap and Milestone

  • In the roadmap, milestones without due date can be filtered out

Custom Queries

  • support for Created and Modified fields (even as criteria in open or closed range queries, see TracQuery#QueryLanguage)
  • OR'ed clauses (tickets having performance in description OR performance in summary)


  • Improved the management of reports by allowing to edit or remove reports from the list of reports
  • Input fields will be added when viewing a report containing $ variables
  • Note that the storage format of timestamps has changed from "seconds since epoch" to "microseconds since epoch" so you may need to adapt your SQL queries (see corresponding API notes)

Repository Browser

  • Show the Repository Index, in case more than one repository has been defined
  • Remember last expanded folder in the URL and automatically re-expand it when visiting that URL again
  • Separate sortable column for Author
  • Render svn:mergeinfo properties as links to the revision log

User Preferences

  • A new tab has been added for selecting the language.


  • filtering by authors (space separated list, negation possible by specifying -author)
  • filtering by repository, in case multiple repositories are defined (select either all repositories or a subset of repositories)


  • The plugins admin panel has been extended to display component and module documentation. It can be used to enable or disable components, which is particularly useful for the new optional modules found below tracopt. (standard modules, but not enabled by defaults).
  • Commands have been added to trac-admin to manage attachments and configuration options in trac.ini
  • Semi-automatic bug reporting has been improved to detect faulty plugins and report against the Trac instance of the plugin instead of t.e.o


  • Many text areas are now re-sizable vertically.


  • This release requires a database upgrade when upgrading from the 0.11.x series:
    trac-admin $TRAC_ENV upgrade
  • PySqlite 1.0.x is no longer supported; use PySqlite 2 (requires version ≥ 2.5.5 or < 2.5.2, see #9434 for details)
  • PyPgSQL (Python bindings for PostgreSQL) is no longer supported; use psycopg2
  • Text template processing has been changed from the legacy text template syntax to the new text template syntax. Overridden text templates placed in the templates folder of the environment must therefore be converted to the new syntax (typically the ticket e-mail template). Also, the [notification] ticket_subject_template option can now include arbitrary directives.

Developer-visible changes

A detailed view of the API changes since 0.11.x can be found in TracDev/ApiChanges/0.12.


Many thanks to the growing number of people who have, and continue to, support the project. Also our thanks to all people providing feedback and bug reports that helps us making Trac better, easier to use and more effective.

Without your invaluable help, Trac would not evolve. Thank you all.

Finally, we offer hope that Trac will prove itself useful to like-minded programmers around the world, and that this release will prove an improvement over the last version.

Please let us know. :-)

The TracTeam http://trac.edgewall.org

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