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The Trac Team

The developers currently working on Trac are:

The other developers of Trac which are no longer actively working on it are:

Some of the early days developers of Trac were:


Since we added i18n support to Trac in version 0.12, we gained a number of active committers who are now maintaining the catalog files for their respective language: lgaifax, itamaro, fschwarz, mrelbe, wdiestel, aprudnikov, jomae, lwatter, narine_martirosyan, nzoltan, vezjakv, lholst, rmorales, zclin, raragon, jordi, zengjie, and asurion.


See the THANKS file in the repository for the maintained list of contributors.

And everyone who keeps providing us with great feedback, helping improve Trac.

Apologies to everyone we forgot to mention, but without whose invaluable help, Trac would not evolve.

Finally, thanks to the following companies:

JetBrains PyCharm for providing complementary licenses to the TracTeam.

See also: TracProject, Repositories

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