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Christian Boos

I'm part of the TracTeam since the 14th of March 2005.

My main development environment is TracStandalone on Windows using PySqlite.

Past contributions

I've completed a few tickets over the past couple years.

Some highlights…

Milestone 0.9

Milestone 0.10

Milestone 0.11

Milestone 0.12

Next Steps

See TracDev/ToDo for the more immediate tasks.

Well, everything is a bit inter-related… I can nevertheless highlight two majors themes for the upcoming developments.

Wiki improvements

This will be one of the main focus for the next version 0.13.

Not everything for the above will be available in the next version of course, but this gives the scope of things I'd like to achieve.

Rework of the data model

Same remark as above. Nevertheless I intend to continue to put together the basic building stones for reaching these goals.

Other concerns

Longer term


Topics I'm interested in (beyond Trac, but quite close as you can see):

  • Source Code Management (Hg, git)
  • Software Construction (GNU make)
  • Software Documentation
  • Continuous Integration (Bitten)
  • Collaborative Groupware (wikis)
  • Computer Languages (Ruby, C++, O'Caml, Bash and … Python)
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