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TracDev ToDo List

This page clarifies the ongoing development activity in the TracTeam.


Urgent Not Urgent
Important A 20 B 62
Not Important C 30 D 897

Not evaluated: 23

Code contributions

  • Tickets with patch keyword (initial patch proposed):

By milestone: 1.7.1 #1660,​13273, next-dev-1.7.x #4519,​7628,​7820,​8069,​9222,​10040,​10948, next-major-releases #3332,​3519,​4080,​8509,​9643,​9648,​10178,​10665,​918,​1804,​2695,​3273,​3584,​3689,​4549,​4612,​5246,​5670,​5997,​6492,​6986,​7026,​7055,​7573,​7793,​7850,​7872,​7898,​8165,​8219,​8541,​8640,​8945,​8961,​9638,​9646,​9674,​9967,​9979,​10201,​10396,​10413,​10425,​10736,​10755,​10983,​548,​6118,​6128,​8135,​8681,​9125, next-stable-1.4.x #4245,​7687,​6002,​6367,​6682,​8700,​9140,​10884,​5820,​8829,​13346, plugin - mercurial #8417, undecided #10203,​10640,​11338, #12453

  • Tickets with review keyword (patch or branch "ready", need some review):

By milestone: next-major-releases #9643,​8541,​12162, next-stable-1.4.x #6367,​9771, translations #5473, undecided #10640, unscheduled #2299,​9082,​4329

  • Tickets with needfixup keyword (patch or branch already reviewed, need some further work):

By milestone: next-major-releases #7872,​8961

  • Tickets with no milestone set (need to be triaged) {20}:

0 new this week, 22 older and 0 with patches


  • Finish Sphinx ApiDocs.
  • Add recipes for the CookBook, notably installations and troubleshooting.

Code clean-up

  • Post-commit hook for pylint report?

Next Releases

The master list of the upcoming release is the roadmap. The release guidelines can be found in the RoadMap.

Some of the key features that are being developed are:


Version Control

  • CachedRepository.get_path_history (#9775)
  • Show merge changesets in revision log (#3236), seems like follow-first is meaningless; git log --first-parent support
  • Hg: add basic support for cached repo (#8417)
  • More revisions available link at the bottom of revision log, when viewing a partial revision set (#4854).



  • Sort order of tickets in search results: currently creation time first as opposed to most recent modification time first.


  • In TracInstall#GeneratingtheTraccgi-bindirectory there is mention of chicken/egg problem with trac-admin deploy. We should support a direct trac-admin deploy <target> call syntax, ie without the need to specify a (dummy) environment.

See also: SeaChange/WhatUsersWant, ToDo, TracProject/ToDo

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