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ToDo for the TracProject (trac.edgewall.org, a.k.a. teo)


  1. Review of open tickets and mark tickets as tobedeleted allows the site administrators to rapidly reduce the backlog. Many tickets will have gone stale for one of the following reasons:
    • proposed enhancement is no longer being championed by the reporter
    • technology affected is superseded by newer implementations or upgrades
    • the reported defect occurs under highly specific circumstances and has only a marginal benefit when fixed
  2. Purge all tickets marked for deletion, ie have keyword tobedeleted:
    -- (for PostgreSQL)
    create view tobedeleted as
      select id, summary, status, resolution, keywords 
      from ticket 
      where keywords like '%tobedeleted%' and status='closed' and resolution='invalid'; 
    delete from ticket_change where ticket in (select id from tobedeleted);
    delete from attachment where type='ticket' and id in (select CAST(id AS text) from tobedeleted);
    delete from ticket where id in (select id from tobedeleted);
  3. Review wiki pages that are part of a release: TracProject/DefaultWikiPages. This is not specific to t.e.o., but a good practice anyway, as this site is the authoritative source for Trac documentation.
  4. Review wiki pages that are not part of a release. and a good place to start is TracDev,

The "project" tickets

When adding a ticket that pertains to the project site, please add the keyword project:

install blockdiag family on t.e.o.
Restore the t.e.o specific customization after the switch to Jinja2
Send summary of workflow to trac-builds mailing list on workflow_run event

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