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ToDo for the TracProject (trac.edgewall.org, a.k.a. teo)


  • Purge all the dummy tickets marked for deletion:
    -- (for PostgreSQL)
    create view tobedeleted as
      select id, summary, status, resolution, keywords 
      from ticket 
      where keywords like '%tobedeleted%' and status='closed' and resolution='invalid'; 
    delete from ticket_change where ticket in (select id from tobedeleted);
    delete from attachment where type='ticket' and id in (select CAST(id AS text) from tobedeleted);
    delete from ticket where id in (select id from tobedeleted);
    • done 2011-08-08

The "project" tickets

Script to update Trac copyright date in license header of source files
install blockdiag family on t.e.o.
Restore the t.e.o specific customization after the switch to Jinja2

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