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Trac Diff Module

Note 1: This has been developed in source:sandbox/trac-diff and has been merged in the trunk (r2808), for the 0.10 release

This effort was based on the patch provided by agr30@…, on #199. Thanks a lot for the initial work on this!

There are a few new features, that are all documented in more depth in TracChangeset and in TracRevisionLog:

  • Examining differences between revisions for a given path in the repository
  • Examining arbitrary differences between arbitrary pairs of (path,rev). The only constraint being that those (path,rev) exist and are of the same type (e.g. compare two directories or two files).
  • Navigation to the previous or next change of any given path in the repository

Cherry-picking support

I was thinking about providing a checkbox for each file entry in order to generate a diff containing only the selected changes. A similar feature has also been requested in #1662.

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