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This is the name of a permission policy enforcing access control in the TracBrowser and other source code access modules, implementing the same rules as Subversion's mod_authz_svn.so Apache module.


The syntax of the file used for configuring the access permissions and the operation mode of this policy are described in the Path-Based Authorization section of the Version Control with Subversion book.

In order to enable this policy, you need to edit the <tracenv>/conf/trac.ini file, and put in your [trac] section something like:

authz_file = svn-authz.conf
;authz_module_name = somemodule

# Trac < 1.1.2
permission_policies = AuthzSourcePolicy,
# In Trac 1.1.2 and later
permission_policies = AuthzSourcePolicy,

For more details, see TracIni#trac-section or TracFineGrainedPermissions#AuthzSourcePolicy

Known issues

See also: TracFineGrainedPermissions#AuthzSourcePolicy, AuthzPolicy (the more general one, not just for source)

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