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Optional component for performing fine-grained permission checks on Trac resources.

In Trac 0.11, this was a sample plugin, located in sample-plugins/permissions/authz_policy.py.

In Trac 0.12, this became an optional component, that doesn't need to be installed but has to be activated explicitly either using the Plugins administrative panel or in the trac.ini:

tracopt.perm.authz_policy.* = enabled

Known Issues

Ticket Summary Keywords Version Milestone
#6211 IPermissionPolicy unable to grant WIKI_VIEW access permissions authzpolicy devel next-stable-1.6.x
#6644 Authz_policy plugin doesn't work with [*] permissions authzpolicy 0.11b1 next-stable-1.6.x
#7650 authz_policy.py - Support Trac groups authzpolicy groups 0.12dev unscheduled
#9355 authzpolicy FineGrainedPermissions: configuration file order matters, but more/less specific patterns don't permissions authzpolicy authz configuration 0.11.6 unscheduled
#9526 Fine Grained Permission possible realms and paths format are not documented. permissions documentation authzpolicy 0.12 next-major-releases
#10203 [PATCH] AuthzPolicy to allow multiple user/group permissions permission policies policy AuthzPolicy authzpolicy patch undecided
#10666 Setting fine grained permissions using AuthzPolicy does not work authzpolicy verify next-major-releases
#10873 authzpolicy.conf can not include a common permission setup authzpolicy inherit undecided
#11078 Perform fine-grained permission checks on resource in get_navigation_items permissions authzpolicy next-major-releases
#11263 AuthzPolicy should allow restricting access to only the most recent version of a resource authzpolicy 1.0-stable next-major-releases
#12461 Move svn_authz or rename to authz_policy permissions authzpolicy
#12596 AuthzPolicy should recursively expand groups authzpolicy permissions next-major-releases

See also: TracFineGrainedPermissions#AuthzPolicy, AuthzSourcePolicy (the other svn-like permission policy, specific to sources)

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