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Documenting API changes since 1.2.x

The next stable version of Trac will be named 1.4 and will contain the cumulative changes made in the successive 1.2.x releases.

These notes reflect the current status for 1.3.1, in trunk.

Proposed changes are prefixed with an OPEN mark and the paragraph is written in italics.


  1. Prerequisites
    1. Modified Dependencies
      1. jQuery and jQuery UI (bundled)
      2. Babel (optional)
      3. Jinja2 (mandatory)
      4. Genshi (optional, deprecated)
      5. Databases
      6. Other
      7. Compatible Distros
    2. Deprecated Modules and APIs Removed
    3. New Dependencies
  2. Detailed List of Developer Visible Changes
    1. In Trac 1.3.1
    2. In Trac 1.3.2
    3. In Trac 1.3.3
    4. In Trac 1.3.4
    5. In Trac 1.3.5
    6. In Trac 1.3.6
  3. Other Modifications made to the 1.2 API
    1. Modified Interfaces
      1. IAttachmentChangeListener (1.3.2)​ (1.2)​
    2. Uncategorized Changes
  4. New in the 1.3 API


Only Python version 2.7 is supported.

The following language features introduced in Python 2.7 can now be used and the related clean-ups can be done:

  • OrderedDict
  • Set literals
  • Set and dictionary comprehensions

TODO List supported browsers. Consider using jQuery's list.

Modified Dependencies

See gmessage:trac-dev:nkMUY_8ILF0/rg1rsArDIewJ for a discussion about what dependencies we'll support in Trac 1.4.

jQuery and jQuery UI (bundled)


  • jQuery to 1.12.4
  • jQuery UI to 1.12.1
  • jQuery Timepicker to 1.6.3

Babel (optional)

Jinja2 (mandatory)

Jinja2 ≥ 2.9.3 is required.

Genshi (optional, deprecated)

Genshi support is deprecated as the templating library, having been replaced by Jinja2. Genshi ≥ 0.6 is still needed to use many plugins.

The goal is to remove Genshi support during the 1.5.x development cycle, at the latest, so plugin developers will be urged to do the switch as well, as explained in PortingFromGenshiToJinja.


SQLite ≥ 3.0
PostgreSQL ≥ 9.1.0
MySQL / MariaDB ≥ 5.0
Database Bindings
pysqlite ≥ 2.6.0 (version provided by Python 2.7)
psycopg2 ≥ 2.0
PyMySQL Any version, but 0.7+ is recommended


Package Req or Opt? Version supported
SetupTools Required ≥ 0.6, 5.4 - 5.6 are not recommended.
Git Optional ≥ 1.5.6
Subversion Optional ≥ 1.6
DocUtils Optional ≥ 0.3.9
Textile Optional ≥ 2.0
Pygments Optional ≥ 1.0
passlib Optional Windows only

Compatible Distros

The supported dependencies were determined by aiming to be compatible with the versions provided by the package managers on the following distros.

Package Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu 14.04 Debian 9.3 Debian 8.8 Debian 7.8 CentOS 7.4 openSUSE 42.1
Python 2.7.12 2.7.5 2.7.13 2.7.9 2.7.3 2.7.5 2.7.9
Python3 3.5.2 3.4.0 3.5.3 3.4.2 3.2.3 n/a 3.4.1
Babel 1.3 1.3 2.3.4 1.3 0.9.6 0.9.6 1.3
Genshi 0.7 0.7 0.7 0.7 0.6 n/a 0.7
SQLite3 3.11.0 3.8.2 3.16.2 3.8.7 3.7.13 3.7.17
PostgreSQL 9.5.3 9.3.6 9.6.6 9.4.12 9.1.15 9.2.23 9.4, 9.3.11, 9.4.6
MySQL 5.7.13 5.5.41, 5.6.19 n/a 5.5.55 5.5.41 n/a 5.6.30
MariaDB 10.0.25 5.5.41 10.1.26 10.0.30 n/a 5.5.56 10.0.22
psycopg2 2.6.1 2.4.5 2.6.2 2.5.4 2.4.5 2.5.1 2.6
PyMySQL 0.7.2 0.7.10 n/a n/a
SetupTools 20.7 3.3.1 33.1.1 5.5.1 0.6.24 0.9.8 18.0.1
Git 2.7.4 1.9.1 2.11.0 2.1.4 1.7.10 2.6.6
Subversion 1.9.3 1.8.8 1.9.5 1.8.10 1.6.17 1.7.14 1.8.10
DocUtils 0.12 0.11 0.13.1 0.12 0.8.1 0.11 0.11
Textile 2.2.2 2.1.5 2.3.5 2.1.5 2.1.5 n/a n/a
Pygments 2.1 1.6 2.2.0 2.0.1 1.5 1.4 1.6
Apache 2.4.18 2.4.7 2.4.25 2.4.10 2.2.22 2.4.6 2.4.16
mod_wsgi 4.3.0 3.4 4.5.11 4.3.0 3.3 3.4 4.4.8
mod_python 3.3.1 3.3.1 3.3.1 3.3.1 3.3.1 n/a 3.5.0
Nginx 1.10.0 1.4.6 1.10.3 1.6.2 1.2.1 n/a 1.8.1
Last Updated 2018-02-13 2017-05-25 2018-02-13

Deprecated Modules and APIs Removed

New Dependencies

Detailed List of Developer Visible Changes

In Trac 1.3.1

Component: admin/console (1 match)

Ticket Summary
#12242 TracAdmin "permission add" command should be atomic
API Changes

PermissionSystem.grant_permission raises PermissionExistsError rather than IntegrityError when the user already has the action or is a member of the group.

Component: database backend (1 match)

Ticket Summary
#12496 Include PostgreSQL version in environment_info table
API Changes
  • Added get_system_info to IDatabaseConnector interface.
  • DatabaseManager implements ISystemInfoProvider to return the database version. MySQLConnector, PostgreSQLConnector and SQLiteConnector no longer implement ISystemInfoProvider.
  • Moved IEnvironmentSetupParticipant and ISystemInfoProvider from trac.env to trac.api.

Component: general (2 matches)

Ticket Summary
#11874 Allowing logger to be extended with different handlers
API Changes
  • EnvironmentStub logs to a MemoryHandler and a list of (debug_level, message) tuples can be retrieved through the log_messages property.
  • logger_handler_factory no longer returns the handler as the second return parameter. The handler can be accessed through Environment.log.handlers[0].
  • Added function trac.log.shutdown for cleaning up logger handlers.
  • Added dictionary LOG_LEVEL_MAP in trac.log module, for mapping string log levels to integer log levels.
#12558 Add contextmanager for Popen
API Changes

Added context manager for Popen to trac.util.compat. The code is copied from the Python 3.2 implementation.

Component: search system (1 match)

Ticket Summary
#11748 Disabling SearchModule does not remove search box
API Changes

PermissionSystem.get_user_permissions returns only defined permissions, unless the undefined parameter is True. The default value of undefined is False.

Component: wiki system (1 match)

Ticket Summary
#9612 `WikiPage` doesn't need the `ipnr` attribute
API Changes

Added upgrade_tables method to DatabaseManager class. Added method to Table class for removing columns: remove_columns.

In Trac 1.3.2

Component: admin/console (2 matches)

Ticket Summary
#11419 More user-friendly error message from trac-admin console commands when IntegrityError in database
API Changes
  • Added ResourceExistsError, which is raised when inserting a resource that already exists.
  • Fixed Cached fields returned by TicketSystem.get_ticket_fields were not updated when milestone due or completed dates were changed.
#12667 Make test case in trac.admin.tests.console reusable by plugins
API Changes

Added base class TracAdminTestCaseBase to trac.admin.test, for implementing console admin test cases in Trac packages and plugins.

Component: attachment (1 match)

Ticket Summary
#12870 Add API to rename attachments
API Changes
  • Added Attachment.move. Attachment.reparent is deprecated and will be removed in 1.5.1.
  • Added IAttachmentChangeListener.attachment_moved. IAttachmentChangeListener.attachment_reparent is deprecated and will be removed in 1.5.1.

Component: database backend (1 match)

Ticket Summary
#12643 Check for table existence in DatabaseManager.upgrade_tables
API Changes
  • DatabaseManager.upgrade_tables checks table existence before migrating data for a table, allowing new tables to be specified in schema.
  • Added has_table method to DatabaseManager and ConnectionBase.
  • get_column_names and drop_columns of DatabaseManager raises an OperationalError when the given table is missing.

Component: general (5 matches)

Ticket Summary
#11317 Allow navigation items to be added through the mainnav or metanav sections
API Changes

Added the deregister entry to the ComponentMeta class. This is mainly useful in tests for removing a component with extension points from the cache so that's it's not visible outside of the test case in which it is used.

#12231 Add is_authenticated property to Request class
API Changes

Added is_authenticated method to Request class.

#12649 Simplify configuration parsing in svn_authz module
API Changes
  • Refactored svn_authz module to use UnicodeConfigParser.
  • Added ignorecase_option to UnicodeConfigParser (applied to 1.2-stable).
#12684 _RequestArgs.get should alias getfirst
API Changes

_RequestArgs.get aliases getfirst, so req.args.get will no longer return a list when there are duplicate keys in the parameter string. This change is not backward-compatible.

#12812 Move test helpers to test.py modules
API Changes

Ticket test helper methods can be found in the trac.ticket.test module.

Component: i18n (2 matches)

Ticket Summary
#12348 Now button in datetime picker use wrong time when timezones are different between Trac and browser
API Changes


  • jQuery to 1.12.4
  • jQuery UI to 1.12.1
  • jQuery Timepicker to 1.6.3
#12852 extract_messages command failing without Genshi
API Changes

Error is raised when extracting messages from Genshi template if Genshi is not installed.

Component: query system (1 match)

Ticket Summary
#11723 Call ticket manipulators during batch modify
API Changes
  • Ticket manipulators are called for a batch modify request.
  • Added validate_comment method to the ITicketManipulator interface. The method is optional for classes implementing ITicketManipulator.
  • Moved attributes max_comment_size, max_description_size and max_summary_size from TicketModule to TicketSystem. The TicketModule has accessors for backward compatibility, to be removed in 1.5.1.

Component: rendering (2 matches)

Ticket Summary
#12639 Integrate Jinja2 branch
API Changes

Major changes in trac.util.html, trac.web.Chrome, trac.web.RequestFilter to support Jinja2. trac.web.ITemplateStreamFilter is deprecated.

#12680 TypeError: wiki_page_changed() takes exactly 7 arguments (6 given)
API Changes

Improved exception trapping and logging when executing ExtensionPoints: IEnvironmentSetupParticipant, INavigationContributor and ITimelineEventProvider. Added context managers for wrapping execution of extension point methods:

  • Environment.component_guard in trac.env, which logs a TracError at warning level, and a Exception a error level with a traceback.
  • component_guard in trac.web.chrome, which executes Environment.component_guard and also renders a warning.

Component: report system (2 matches)

Ticket Summary
#11550 folding.js not available on report pages
API Changes

folding.js is included in all Trac views.

#12704 TypeError: unicode argument expected, got 'str'
API Changes

Report.insert and Report.update raise a TracError when query is empty (1.2.1).

Component: ticket system (2 matches)

Ticket Summary
#11865 Workflow macro could read files from the repository
API Changes

Added method read_file_by_path to RepositoryManager, which returns the contents from the specified repository-scoped file at the specified revision, or HEAD revision if no revision is specified.

#12807 Make it easier to customize the allowed owners for a ticket
API Changes

Added get_allowed_owners method to ConfigurableTicketWorkflow class, which returns the allowed ticket owners that will populate the assign-to select. The allowed ticket owners can be programmatically controlled by subclassing ConfigurableTicketWorkflow and overriding the get_allowed_owner method.

Component: version control (1 match)

Ticket Summary
#12653 git support under "Bash for Ubuntu for Windows"
API Changes

Added trac.util.native_path utility.

Component: wiki system (1 match)

Ticket Summary
#9487 Control the default wiki page through trac.ini
API Changes

Extracted variables in WikiModule for the start page and title index page, so they can be overridden by a plugin.

In Trac 1.3.3

Component: admin/console (1 match)

Ticket Summary
#12891 Refactor do_initenv method
API Changes
  • Environment.create raises a TracError if the base directory of the path does not exist or the path is not an empty directory.
  • RepositoryManager.get_real_repositories returns a sorted list rather than a set.

Component: attachment (1 match)

Ticket Summary
#12905 Make it easier to get file upload from request
API Changes

Added getfile and getfilelist arguments to req.args.

Component: general (2 matches)

Ticket Summary
#12879 Use consistent styling for reporter and owner property changes
API Changes

Values in owner, reporter and CC property changes are decorated with trac-author-* classes (by Chrome.authorinfo).

#12915 Add method to PermissionSystem for retrieving user groups
API Changes
  • Added PermissionSystem.get_permission_groups(username), which returns a sorted list of all groups that username belongs to.
  • DefaultPermissionStore implements IPermissionGroupProvider.
  • Added skip argument to PermissionSystem.get_actions_dict, for skipping an IPermissionRequestor, for consistency with PermissionSystem.get_actions method arguments (applied to 1.0-stable).

Component: web frontend (1 match)

Ticket Summary
#13042 Request.send_error shouldn't load and render the error template
API Changes

Moved error template rendering from Request.send_error to trac.web.main. Request.send_error has a new signature that sends a rendered template.

Component: wiki system (1 match)

Ticket Summary
#12847 TypeError: unicode argument expected, got 'str'
API Changes

Fixed TracHTMLSanitizer raising exceptions and decoding refs twice in title attributes.

In Trac 1.3.4

Component: ticket system (1 match)

Ticket Summary
#13044 Clone button is missing if the description is empty
API Changes

CoffeeScript 1.x should be used for compiling. The Makefile returns an error if CoffeeScript version is not 1.x.

In Trac 1.3.5

Ticket Summary
No tickets found

In Trac 1.3.6

Component: wiki system (1 match)

Ticket Summary
#13056 Allow macros to be hidden from documentation
API Changes

Macros can be hidden from the MacroList index by setting WikiMacroBase.hide_from_macro_index to True or returning None from IWikiMacroProvider.get_macro_description.

Other Modifications made to the 1.2 API

Modified Interfaces

IAttachmentChangeListener (1.3.2) (1.2)

Attachments can now be renamed, so attachment_moved(attachment, old_parent_realm, old_parent_id, old_filename) has been added to allow plugins to be notified of this.

Uncategorized Changes

New in the 1.3 API

Be sure to have a look at the new ApiDocs (for latest trunk).

This is a work in progress - coverage is still not yet complete.

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