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Ideas and suggestions for Trac Attachments

This page collects ideas and suggestions for enhancing the attachments pages or summaries.

If you have a small nice idea but don't feel like starting a discussion on the MailingList or creating a new ticket, this is the place!

Overview on existing tickets

component "attachment"

Change attachment description
attaching file to wiki page does not register as changed page
trac-admin wiki dump doesn't include attachments
attachment revision history
Upload more than one attachment at a time
Preview attachments in main ticket (or wiki) window
commit after adding attachments to tickets
Pre/Post processing of the attachments (compression,virus-check,etc)
File attachment 'added' time is incorrect
Allow user provided mime-type for attachments
Allow non-authenticated users to replace their attachments
Drag and drop attachments
backtrace in attachment description
Allow IAttachmentManipulator to easily check on the uploaded attachment's file data
Attachments do not change Last Modified Time
Resizable textarea for the attachment description
Undocumented/unintended? Max preview size limited by wiki max page size
Can't download attached file when filename contain 'space'.
Add download link in attachment section
Cannot link a attachment with the name started with a hash character
Attachment example on TracFineGrainedPermissions page is incorrect
Attachment title in search results does not render closed ticket with strikethrough
Attachment table primary key not unique when migrating from SQLite to MySQL
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '700/'
Paginated attachment index
Attachment notifications despite Never notify: I update a ticket

keyword "attachment"

browse source - edit feature?
Confusing formatting for attachments in Timeline
Full text search in attachments
Existing attachments can be overwritten without warning when uploading through trac-admin
Sending email on ticket attachments with "Replace existing attachment of the same name"



User interface guidelines

Other glitches

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