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Ideas and suggestions for Trac's Search

This page collects ideas and suggestions for enhancing the search capabilities and user interface.

If you have a small nice idea but don't feel like starting a discussion on the MailingList or creating a new ticket, this is the place!

Ideas from tickets

  • Tickets for the search system:
    Search for a revision/ticket/report number should find that changeset/ticket/report
    Ticket searches don't interpret [[BR]]
    Search all projects at once
    search isn't case and accent insensitive
    Link to ticket query page from search page
    Inconsistent search for single-digit tickets
    Full text search in attachments
    Search Results Per Page Variable
    Add search options for "match case" and "match whole word"
    Retrieve search results in RSS format
    'SearchResults doesn't indicate closed by etc..
    Search help output provided by macros
    Query timeouts with PG result in traceback
    Search In Report / Search In Query functionality
    search results won't show matches from ticket comments
    Search within changeset contents(diffs)
    [Patch] Ticket search by query with auto completion
    search ticket does not work when query for both subject keyword and comment keyword
    Search needs option for required words, logical operations, ignore words, etc
    Faceted browsing in Search
    Search in wiki should prioritize title matches and whole word matches above partial word matches
    Search through all text fields
    Obfuscation of email address is not performed on search results
    Limit search realm when using quick search bar
    Backport Bloodhound search API
    Don't quickjump if multiple words in search phrase
    Styling issue on search.css
    Changesets are shown without repository name in search view
    Search word not highlighting when word's length < 3
  • Search keyword on tickets for other components than the search system:
    Ticket Search should (optionally) search only non-closed tickets
    fix changeset search results
    refactor changeset search
    Attachment title in search results does not render closed ticket with strikethrough



User interface guidelines

Other ideas

  • search the change comments in Wiki history, and link to that specific version
  • User preference to enable/disable the quick-jump feature (discussed in #4309).

Other glitches

See also:

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