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Trac Multiple Projects

Hosting Multiple Projects

For instructions on configuring Trac to host multiple projects, see the appropriate documentation for the method you use to run Trac:

See also: TracGuide, TracInstall, TracMultipleProjectsWindows, TracMultipleProjectsSVNAccess

Multiple projects handling for Trac 1.0+

There are ideas and proposals about the way Trac could better handle multiple projects, for example in the infamous ticket #130 (now #11025) and on the following pages:

As a continuation to TracMultipleProjects/SingleEnvironment#ProposedImplementation, I'm now working on TracDev/Proposals/MultipleProject. — cboos

See also: TracForgePlugin, SimpleMultiProjectPlugin and for some ideas Launchpad bugtracking highlights.

Features they have implemented:

  • Multiple project creation and management using Trac and linked Subversion repos
  • Dynamic theming support via Deliverance
  • Integrated pastebin support via ClueBin
  • Integrated time-tracking via ClueTimer
  • Integrated Bazaar support via ClueBzrServer
  • Integrated PyPi compatible egg server via ClueReleaseManager
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