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Multiple Trac Coordinator

This is a proposal for Trac multiple project support by adding a layer above the current Trac implementation.

Many people would like to use Trac in a multiple project environment but currently this isn't as great an experience as it ought to be. As this proposal wasn't well received (and I can understand why) this document sets out what would be required to coordinate multiple Trac instances.

The following areas need to be covered:

  • Project index - a list of Trac instances by project name
  • Project summary page across selected projects showing:
    • Uncompleted milestones
    • Number of open tickets
    • Number of checkins (over a selectable period?) and who they were made by
    • Number of tickets closed (over a selectable period?) and who they were closed by
  • Tickets:
    • Ticket queries across a selected group of projects (e.g. all tickets assigned to me on all projects)
    • Milestone views of a number of selected projects on one page
    • Move (probably by copy/close) tickets from one project to another
  • Trac management:
    • Manage repositories, and trac instances (e.g. create, delete them)
    • Permissions across selected projects

Many of these points are extracted from e-mails by solo turn and Robin Bowes after my last posting on the subjects of multiple projects.

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