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Basic Multiproject under Litespeed

This document specifies how to modify an existing Trac setup to work with Litespeed. It assumes you have a working Trac install which can serve single Trac projects using the tracd server.

This document assumes some default paths for the basic Trac installation, such as:

  • /usr/share/trac/
  • /usr/lib/python-[ver]/site-packages/trac/

This document also assumes you wish to setup Trac to use a dedicated subdomain. It should be trivial to change this behavior however.

Allowing project-based URL's in Trac

Edit the Trac main.py file. On Linux this file can be found in /usr/lib/python-[x.y]/site-packages/trac/web/main.py where [x.y] is replaced with your Python version (such as 2.4).

Replace the line:

env.href = Href(req.cgi_location)


env.href = Href(req.base_url)

This modification allows Trac to generate URL's based on the project path rather than the CGI path.

Edit the trac.ini file. Under [trac] add:

base_url = /projects/[projectname]

The following example will make the 'test' project accessable at http://yourdomain.tld/projects/test:

base_url = /projects/test

Creating the Litespeed Config

Using the Litespeed configuration panel:

  • Create a Trac virtual host
    • Enable scripting and Symlink Following support
  • Enable URL rewrite support
  • Insert the following rewrite rules
    RewriteRule ^/projects/([[:alnum:]]+)(/?.*)	/trac.cgi$2 [S=1,E=TRAC_ENV:/trac/$1,E=TRAC_URI_ROOT:/projects/$1]
    RewriteRule ^/projects/(.*)			/index.html
  • Add a Static context with the following:
    • URI: /trac.cgi/chrome/common
    • Location: /usr/share/trac/htdocs
    • Accessible: Yes
    • Enable Expires: No
  • Create a CGI context with the following:
    • URI: /
    • Path: /usr/share/trac/cgi-bin/
  • Save and reload Litespeed

This will make project accessable through the address:


Basic Security

To set up a basic catch-all security net for your projects, simply follow this guide:

  • Create a new security realm using the Litespeed config and point it to your Password file.
  • Assign the security realm to the Trac CGI context.
  • Trac will be able understand this security context.

See also: BloodHound

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