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Who Uses Trac?

This is a list of companies, organizations, projects, and individuals using Trac in some fashion.
If you use Trac, don't be hesitant to add yourself to the list, but please observe the guidelines detailed at the end of this page.

You can also create a case study for others to learn.

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Open Source projects using Trac

Project Description Trac Version Reviewed

The home of the Trac project (you're here).

Besides Trac itself, several other projects are also hosted here as different Trac instances running development versions (trunk (0.13dev) for trac.edgewall.org, 0.12-stable for [Babel:], 0.11-stable for Genshi).

various 2011-01-20
Trac-Hacks.org A site with lots of plugins and additions for Trac. 0.10.6dev 2011-01-04
Adium Adium is a multiprotocol im client for OS X. We use Trac to support our community. 0.12 2011-01-04
BeWelcome BeWelcome is a non profit and open source based travel/hospitality network. We use Trac as project management platform to assist development of our volunteer driven project. 0.12 2011-01-04
Boost Boost is a collection of free, peer-reviewed C++ libraries. 0.12 2011-01-04
BuildBot The BuildBot is a system to automate the compile/test cycle required by most software projects to validate code changes. 0.12.1 2011-01-04
Chaostreff Dortmund A German community doing - not only - computer related stuff. Trac is used as their central information platform, and they do some Trac related software development too. 0.12.2dev2011-01-09
CherryPy CherryPy is a Pythonic, object-oriented HTTP framework. 0.9.4 2011-01-04
DeepRoot Linux We develop the deepOfix Mail Server and the EasyPush Server Manager (our server management system) to simplify day-to-day server administration and monitoring tasks. Trac is used for milestone and ticket tracking and as documentation wiki. 0.11.62011-01-11
Django Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. We use Trac/Subversion to manage our tickets and source code. 0.11.? 2011-01-04
Wordpress The Wordpress publishing platform uses Trac for ticket management and as a source browser 0.12.1 2010-01-16
Dojo Toolkit The Dojo Toolkit is an open-source JavaScript toolkit for building great web applications. 0.11b2 2011-01-04
dsource.org dsource.org uses Trac for managing our hosted projects' content, tickets, code browsing, etc. In general, the site hosts open source projects for the D Programming Language. For those who are wondering about D, see the Digital Mars website. 0.10.5dev 2011-01-04
EVEMon We develop an opensource Character Management Tool for the popular space based MMORPG EVE-Online. We use all aspects of TRAC to manage our development work. 0.13dev2011-01-11
Forge.n7mm We use Trac for our internal projects, and recently we have started to offer a free hosting service of Trac projects. We are just hobbyist, but we do the maximum to offer the best service possible. 2011-01-16
FreeNAS FreeNAS is an embedded open source NAS (Network-Attached Storage) distribution based on FreeBSD, supporting an impressive number of data transfer protocols. 0.122011-01-07
freesmartphone.org freesmartphone.org is a modern service-based middleware platform for Linux-based embedded systems. FSO is completely free software and i.e. used in mobile devices like the Openmoko™ Neo FreeRunner phone. Trac is dedicated to development project coordination and issue tracking here. 0.11.12011-01-11
GALgen Trac is used (together with Mylyn) for developing an open source cross-platform photo gallery management system written in Python. Features used: SVN integration, ticket system, roadmap, wiki. 0.11.3 2011-01-04
GoodRobot A project aimed to remotely control Robot, via a web page, Twitter, Pachube and other means. 0.11.? 2011-01-04
Haiku We use a customized Trac version for task and bug tracking as a replacement for the ugly and complicated BugZilla system. Our primary customizations are support for hierarchical components and UI simplifications for end-users (they only see what they need). 0.11.7 2011-01-04
ICU The International Components for Unicode open source project has migrated from Jitterbug and CVS to Trac and SVN. 0.12.1 2011-01-04
JOSM JOSM is an Java editor for OpenStreetMap. Trac is used for bug tracking, wiki and online help. A lot of site specific plugins are used to provide editor specific services. 0.12.1 2011-01-04
jQuery jQuery uses a lightly modified version of Trac. 0.12 2011-01-04
MacPorts The MacPorts Project is an initiative to design an easy-to-use system for compiling, installing, and upgrading open-source software on the Mac OS X operating system. 0.11.? 2011-01-04
MadWifi We recently switched away from sf.net+CVS to Trac+SVN and LOVE it. The project uses nearly all aspects of Trac to support both the community and our developers. Thanks for this great tool! 0.10 custom 2011-01-10
Midgard Midgard is an Open Source Content Management Framework. Trac is used for project coordination, issue tracking and enables web access to the repository containing code in multiple programming languages. 0.10.4 2011-01-04
Neo-Layout.org (ergonomically optimized keyboard layout for the German language) We use Trac as end-user front-end and ticket-reporting system. 0.11.7 2011-01-16
NHunspell The Open Office Hyphenation and Spell Checker for the .NET Framework is free and open source. Trac is used for issue tracking and project management. 2011-01-04
NixDev.Net OpenSource solutions for life. Use Trac to support many development project. 0.11.52011-01-09
numpy The standard multidimensional numeric package for Python. 0.11.32011-01-04
OLPC The One Laptop Per Child uses Trac to manage bug tracking and source code. 0.112011-01-04
Openmoko™ Openmoko™ is a project dedicated to delivering mobile phones with an open source software stack. It is selling the Neo FreeRunner phone. Trac wiki and bug tracker is used for documentation and development. Side-by-side there is a second Trac system dedicated to administation and infrastructure.
Open Source Initiative The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is a California public benefit corporation, with 501©3 tax-exempt status, founded in 1998. The OSI Board members are the stewards of the Open Source Definition (OSD) and the community-recognized body for reviewing and approving licenses as OSD-conformant. Trac is used as the Open Source Initiative's issue tracker and wiki to complement the official opensource.org website and as a way for the community to share information, submit ideas, and escalate issues for consideration by the OSI Board. Issues raised on the mailing lists are turned into tickets that are managed by a team of volunteer Trackers, just as the wiki content is managed by the OSI Editors. 0.11.6 2011-01-05
OpenStreetMap.org OpenStreetMap creates and provides free geographic data such as street maps to anyone who wants them. Trac is used for bug tracking. 0.11.7 2011-01-04
Pidgin Pidgin is a multiprotocol im client. The project also creates libpurple and Finch, a library that provides the core of Adium, and a text multiprotocol im client respectively. We use Trac for our developer wiki and ticketing system. 0.11.1 2011-01-04
Plone Bug and feature tracker for the Plone Open Source Content Management System 0.11.7 2011-01-04
Pulse Audio A sound server for posix and win32 systems 0.11.1 2011-01-04
QCubed PHP5 Framework We use Trac as our community project management portal. It serves as a wiki for content, as a file repository for our plugins, as a frontend for our SVN and more. 0.11.1 2011-01-16
Sandia Hosting several projects, i.e. Kitten, a lightweight kernel (LWK) operating system designed to be used on the compute nodes of distributed memory supercomputers. 0.11.? 2011-01-05
scipy Python tools for science, mathematics, and engineering 0.11.3 2011-01-04
SourceForge.net SourceForge.net is an open source software development web site. Uses multiple instances of Trac. 2011-01-04
Sugar Labs The Sugar learning platform uses Trac for bug tracking. 0.11.7 2011-01-04
Tahoe-LAFS Tahoe-LAFS is an open source distributed, encrypted, filesystem. We use Trac with darcs to manage the Tahoe project itself, and operate Trac instances for numerous smaller projects, both our own and other people's projects. 0.12.1dev 2011-01-05
TiddlyWiki TiddlyWiki is a reusable non-linear personal web notebook that's used by many thousands of people to organise and share information. 0.11.5 2011-01-04
Transifex The Open translation platform - We use Trac to manage the development of the project (tickets, roadmap) and as our wiki. 0.11.62011-01-11
Twisted An event-driven networking engine written in Python. 0.11.6 2011-01-04
WikkaWiki Trac powers our SVN repository and issue tracker 0.11.5 2011-01-04
WLAN Ljubljana Open wireless network. We use Trac for our main home page and development. 0.11.? 2011-01-04

Companies using Trac

Project or Company Description Trac Version Reviewed
agile42 We use Trac to develop all our projects, we implemented Agilo for Scrum which is an "agile" extension of Trac, specialized in supporting the Scrum process. Agilo extends Trac in many parts to support the Backlog concept, the Sprint as a part of a Release (Milestone) and introduces also the concepts of Team and Team Members. Agilo adds a real Ticket Type System completely configurable and Linking between tickets, the semantics of the links and the rules are also completely configurable. 2011-01-05
Proyecto Alba Usamos Trac para administrar nuestro proyecto de Software Libre para Gestión Educativa 0.122011-01-06
assembla.com They offer hosted Trac workspaces as well as alternate packages that include their own ticketing, code browser, and wiki tools. 0.112011-01-06
bjoern hahnefeld IT Trac is used for documentation, as knowledge-base with snippets and issue tracking and project management. 2011-01-06
Boreste - Embedded Systems We combine Trac and MPS.BR (Brazilian Software Process Model) to develop embedded systems. See more details in our use case report. 0.122011-01-07
EngageMedia We use Trac both for our Plone development and non-tech related project management aspects. 0.122011-01-11
ESE Software We are a software company which develops online systems for financial markets; online trader and backoffice systems. We use Trac for bug tracking and project management. 0.11.7 2011-01-16
Evenion Evenion is an online group travel agency. We use Trac for our booking engine as bug tracker, timeline and svn. 0.12.1 2011-01-04
Interlegis We are using Trac since 2005 to organize our developers and users communities. 0.11.4 2011-01-16
konplan gmbh We're using Trac for managing software projects of several embedded linux driven medical devices. unspecified 2011-01-16
Ntrip OpenSource The project hosts bug tracker, wiki and SVN for the Ntrip related software development of the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy in Germany. 0.12.1 2011-01-04
PowerFolder Our project is using Trac as main bug, feature and task tracker as well as a roadmap for our end users and a wiki for our developers. 0.12.12011-01-06
Open Knowledge Foundation A UK based not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting open knowledge in all its forms. We use Trac in our KnowledgeForge service and the associated KForge software - as well as to manage many of our projects. 0.11.5 2011-01-04
Nainwak's World We use Trac for managment of our Free Internet Game 0.12.1 2011-01-20
Open Planet Software We're a UK based Mac and iPhone software development company and Trac is installed internally on one of our development servers. It's hooked up to our Open Directory for authentication and to our SVN repository. We use the roadmap and ticketing system the most. We find Trac to be very simple, efficient and effective compared to what we were using before. 0.11.42011-01-06
Qype We've used Trac since day one to build Qype sites across Europe! The SVN integration is great. 2011-01-11
SolDevelo We are using Trac to manage our internal processes as well as our open source projects: DAC 0.11.? 2011-01-04
SIXNET We use Trac as a task management, project management, and bug tracking system for our software and firmware development0.11.62011-01-04
Strangecode Internet Consultancy Strangecode <heart> Trac! We use Trac for all own custom web applications. We also offer Trac and Subversion to all our web hosting customers — Strangecode + Trac = happy developers! 2011-01-09
true global communications GmbH This company generously does free hosting of the server running trac-hacks.org and madwifi-project.org . They use Trac internally for several purposes too. 2011-01-11
Unixservice.com We provide DNS, Mail, HTTP, RADIUS, SQL and other mission critical cluster systems for ASPs, corporate WANs or ISPs. As well as custom C/C++ programming. We use Trac to manage all our projects, ISP maintenance and support, development like mysqlBind, etc. 0.11.32011-01-05
WebLOQ, Inc We have been using Trac+SVN for the past year and a half and love it. It was so easy to setup and is now vital to our development process. We track every detail of our environment on the Wiki. We also use the Trac bug system and reference all Trac checkin through SVN in our checkin mails. 2011-01-09


  • TrustedPlaces — we use Trac for issue tracking and project documentation.
  • Cambrian House — Home of Crowdsourcing. The home for you to develop ideas, to grow business ventures, to contribute to projects, and to earn your just rewards. Trac powers our wikis and is used to facilitate project management.
  • EmailXT — We use Trac to manage the development of the next-generation e-mail for the internet, EmailXT
  • Tools to Make Tools — we open-source our code and our lives through Trac + SVN
  • Dogon Guide — We are using subversion and Trac
  • Ireadnews — We use Trac with subversion to manage all our software projects include ithis.
  • DevjaVu — Free, simple hosted Trac and Subversion. It's no bullshit project hosting ;)
  • UrodaIn our computer forum and portal, we use Trac for resolv our problems with the beta software we use
  • Dhimahi — We use Trac to manage our software projects. It works great.
  • Evolve Studio — We use Trac with subversion to manage all our software projects (websites and management tools).
  • Nattguidenhttp://www.nattguiden.no/ - A community based pop-culture site Oslo (Norway). Trac is used for handling development and technical issues between the editorial staff and technical crew.
  • Beryl Projecthttp://www.beryl-project.org/ - The Beryl Project (a fork of Compiz, providing a free, open source desktop experience to the community that reflects the wishes of the users) uses Trac in combination with Subversion to manage the open source project development.
  • papaya CMS / papaya Software GmbH http://www.papaya-cms.com/ — Our development of our Open Source CMS (papaya CMS) is made a lot easier and more structured - thanks to Trac :-)
  • Spikefinhttp://www.spikefin.comUsing Trac to manage development of Spikefin Gobius, our food & hospitality POS and enterprise management software.
  • Insideable.com — we use Trac for planning game and tracking user's stories in the projects.
  • IT-PROJECTS.comhttp://svn.it-projects.com uses Trac to maintain their subversion hosting developments, which includes Trac, Bugzilla and Testopia.
  • Pikaba Social Shoppinghttp://www.pikaba.com - For our internal development we use Trac+SVN. And love them very much. It is very easy to setup and use. We track every detail of our environment on the Wiki.
  • PowerSpike — it is possible to make to support Trac with already existing a Subversion program
  • Instadiahttp://instadia.com/ — We use the workflow sandbox, the QA is crucial for us. Trac completely covers change and configuration management, as well as supporting the planning/scheduling. We use Trac across the organization to provide efficient workflow and communication.
  • Zomp.nlhttp://www.zomp.nl — I use it for organising the development of the open source weblog system Zomplog.
  • Ark Linuxhttp://www.arklinux.org/Ark Linux is a Linux distribution focusing on ease of use. We've tested Trac on various subprojects such as dvdrtools and untrap, and are planning to migrate all our projects to Trac over the next couple of weeks.
  • Teamtrachttp://teamtrac.org/Teamtrac is an open source tool to correlate different sources of information regarding the software engineering process. It provides the glue between issue tracking systems (e.g., Trac), time tracking tools and code repositories.
  • MundoBIPhttp://mundobip.comIn our computer forum and portal, we use Trac for resolv our problems with the beta software we use
  • dm-phttp://www.dm-p.deFor tracking issues and software development we use Trac and Bugzilla - two amazing kinds of software we only can recommend.
  • ACM@UIUChttp://www.acm.uiuc.edu/trac/We use Trac for development of many award-winning projects at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery.
  • Ataris Technologieshttp://www.ataris.co.za/Ataris Technologies is a small consulting company, based in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Arenalogichttp://arenalogic.comMultiplayer Combat flight simulator game. We use Trac to support our comunity based developement
  • Codes & Conceptshttp://www.codes-concepts.comOur internally development and project management is supported by Trac. Many thanks for this great application
  • Chronos World Editor Projecthttp://chronos.digitalsentience.com/The Chronos project is an attempt to produce a highly flexible 3D content creation tool. It is currently aimed at producing content for the Axiom and Ogre3D engines, but is designed such that it could conceivably be used to generate content for any engine or format. It is written in C#. We use Trac for design outlines, milestone and ticket tracking, and documentation.
  • CMS Made Simplehttp://www.cmsmadesimple.org/Trac and subversion together are a very powerful tool. We use it for all aspects of our project development.
  • Kofotohttp://kofoto.rosdahl.netThe Kofoto (an image organizer/viewer program) project uses a Trac installation as its project site.
  • Interact S.A.http://www.interact.lu/A communication agency with an important IT department. We use Trac on more than 10 projects at the moment, both internal and external.
  • OpenSistemashttp://www.opensistemas.com/Linux and Free Software development company from Spain. We use Trac / svn on every project we develop.
  • HTP, Inc.http://www.htp-inc.com/Healthcare Transaction Processing solution providers. We use Trac / svn for our PPO Router product development.
  • Voluna Software Limited / Xinit Systems Limited, UKhttp://www.voluna.com/ and http://www.xinit.com/We are a Linux-based server and storage vendor company (Xinit Systems). We are spinning off a new company called Voluna Software which uses Trac during development of its opensource storage management project called Openfiler which is available under the GNU GPL license.
  • dju`http://dju.elegiac.net/I use Trac for personal projects developement and management of documents as well as bugs/wishes lists. I also try to spread it at my company.
  • TracTuxhttps://tractux.bulix.org/A project hosting platform based on Apache2/trac/Svn, currently in developpment (Maxime Petazzoni)
  • LCD4Linuxhttp://lcd4linux.bulix.org/A Liquid Crystal Display management utility that grabs information from the kernel and some subsystems and displays it on the LCD
  • TIG : Test Image Generatorhttp://tig.bulix.org/TIG is a small program that creates high quality test images for monitors and V sets in arbitrary resolutions
  • El Derecho Editoreshttp://www.elderecho.com/We've switched from VSS and no bug-tracking to Subversion and Trac for our internal development, and quite happily too.
  • Prelude Hybrid IDS projecthttp://www.prelude-ids.org/Prelude is an innovative Hybrid Intrusion Detection system. Prelude is commited to providing an Hybrid IDS that offers the ability to unify currently available tools into one, powerful, and distributed application.
  • Trigraph, Inchttp://www.trigraph.comWe find Trac to be a very useful tool and are using it along with subversion internally.
  • BFG: Firefighting Edition, UIUChttp://bfg.cs.uiuc.edu/The BFG course at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is using Trac as the portal for their effort to develop a firefighting simulation.
  • Netrino.nethttp://www.netrino.net/We use Trac to make our development process more efficient and able to respond to client needs quickly. We love it.
  • Texas State Universityhttp://www.txstate.edu/Trac is awesome! It sits behind two of of our instructional technology development projects, plus an informal knowledge base.
  • TrimPathhttp://trimpath.com/projectWe use Trac to maintain our open-source software projects, including the JavaScript Templates (JST) engine.

  • Sector 31http://sector31.czFor our web development we started using Trac shortly after switching to Subversion.
  • Endev Softwarehttp://www.endev.co.nzWe use Trac for all internal and external client projects. Our developers and clients love it - we couldn't do without it
  • Lopez Foods Inchttp://www.lopezfoods.comWe moved from VSS to Subversion. We have now incorporated Trac for internal development.
  • InfoSaucehttp://www.infosauce.com/We'd been using SVN for our SCM and we came across Trac when looking for a nice web interface for our repository. It definitely fills that need, as now I feel crippled when using SVN with-out having access to Trac, but we don't just use that functionality - we also use it for almost all of our project management.
  • Exa-Omicronhttp://www.exa-omicron.nl/We develop custom software for our clients. Since one month, we use subversion and Trac as a pilot on one of our projects. But we're going to use it with all our projects in the near future.
  • NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratoryhttp://www.jpl.nasa.gov/We use Trac & SVN to manage various deep-space and near-space projects.
  • NASA's FUN3D Teamhttp://fun3d.larc.nasa.gov/We use Trac to provide lightweight project management for our Agile software development environment.
  • EECS Department of Case Western Reserve Universityhttp://www.eecs.cwru.edu/We provide Trac and Subversion to all of the computer science students (and anyone else interested).
  • CEA Technologieshttp://www.cea.com.au/Using it for management of embedded software projects - subversion integration is very useful for us.
  • marcapo GmbHhttp://www.marcapo.com/We use Trac for bugreporting, FAQ, managing development projects and dokumentation.
  • Ischus Limitedhttp://www.ischus.co.uk/We use Trac with Subversion for internal projects and seperately with each project for different clients. We have made a small patch to Trac so that several copies run simultaneously on the same server.

  • FlyMinehttp://www.flymine.org/The FlyMine project is building an integrated database of genomic, expression and protein data for Drosophila and Anopheles and making this available to the worldwide research community via web and bioinformatics interfaces. We use Trac internally and hope to make it a public resource in the near future.

I'm using Trac for my open-source Java projects. XJConf allows you to map any XML document to a structure of Java objects by defining rules for the mapping using an XML application. Event Dispatcher helps you creating event-centered applications in Java.

  • Online Kredit Index - http://www.online-kredit-index.de/We use Trac for our backend. With the open source version we try to improve our backend system like the knowlegebase our our crm system.
  • SpectSofthttp://www.spectsoft.com/ We are using Trac in a couple of ways. First for our programmers, who use it in conjunction with subversion and second for all documentation and website creation. We wrote a script that crawls thru our documentation in the wiki and creates pages for our site. The new site is scheduled to go live Sept 1st. Take a look at our site now and after the first and feel free to comment.
  • Gwyddion Intelligent Deviceshttp://www.gwyddion.com — We've been using Trac to control our internal projects for more than one year now, based on the Trac infrastructure we adopted and adapted a lot of good pratices for software development based on ExtremePrograming (XP), like: Code Specification, Personal Branches, Code Review, etc. Our main product is a Framework for Interactive Telemetry through GPRS, which includes lot of embedded C code for MSP430, and Python/Twisted code for the network infrastructure and distributed clients. Trac is our only tool for: documentation, bug tracker, implementation guides, FAQ and a lot of other features related to a large software/hardawre project.
  • GCoders.nethttp://www.gcoders.netOur internally development and project management is supported by Trac. Also as our community development. Thanks guys, keep up this great work.
  • Clayesmore Schoolhttp://www.clayesmore.netUsing the ticket system to manage our IT support department job list, and the combined wiki for user-guides to the network. Best software for the job I've ever used!
  • CakePHPhttp://trac.cakephp.orgCake is a rapid development framework for PHP: a structure of libraries, classes and run-time infrastructure for programmers creating web applications. Our primary goal is to enable you to work in a structured and rapid manner within a framework - without loss of flexibility.
  • DanyelZanhttp://traclog.blogspot.comQuick install guide in spanish for Trac Win. Guía Rápida de instalación de Trac en Windows en Español.
  • CINSim Projecthttp://pdv.cs.tu-berlin.de/CINSimCINSim is a component-based interconnection network simulator for Linux environments. We use Trac to manage the whole development process. Great software!
  • Valve Media Ltdhttp://www.valvemedia.co.uk/We use Trac internally as both a bug-tracker and front-end to Subversion enabling us to successfully manage and collaborate on all our product and system development.
  • Linbox FAShttp://linbox.org — support web site for the Linbox Rescue Server gpl edition - a complete software hardware asset management software (imaging, file backup, inventory, remote control, soon automatic software installation). We use Trac internally on numerous projects. After internal tests of different solutions, Trac was chosen due to its easyness (setup, customisation, maintenance).
  • Recovinylhttp://www.recovinyl.comWe use Trac internally to set the goals for each week of development (extreme programming), repository browsing is also used by the people involved in the project
  • Hybrid Perceptionhttp://www.hybridperception.comWe use Trac internally for three major projects and for many one-to-one or many-to-many customer relationship management. Trac allows to show our customers realtime achievement of their projects and up to the second interaction with them. We also integrate it on some of our customers' development platforms.

  • sense.labhttps://systemausfall.orgAt the moment we use Trac for two projects. On the one hand for improving the service we offer with our web platform and on the other hand we use it for the CryptoBox project, a Debian/Linux based live-CD that works as a secure filestorage server.
  • LiteStep Development Projectshttp://dev.litestep.com/We use Trac to host the LiteStep core and user created projects for the community.
  • XIQIT GmbHhttp://www.xiqit.de/ — XIQIT develops custom web applications and uses Trac for everything from server configuration and issue tracking to project-specific repositories and ticketing.
  • EdGCMhttp://dev.edgcm.columbia.edu — The EdGCM Cooperative uses Trac for development of it's desktop/educational/research global climate model (GCM).
  • Openmailadminhttp://www.openmailadmin.org — Trac is used on openmailadmin.org for coordinating the community of the IMAP server administration frontend.
  • Cobweb Information Ltdhttp://www.cobwebinfo.com — Providers of business information in the UK. Subversion and Trac are used in the management and documentation of our portal & CMS systems.
  • Bluewire Technologieshttp://www.bluewire-technologies.com — Providers of healthcare solutions for medium to small healthcare organisations. Based in Bristol, UK. We use Trac for bugtracking, feature requests and project documentation.
  • Digital Design Corporationhttp://www.digidescorp.com — We have many projects using Trac, which range in scope from FPGA and PCB design to software and web development.
  • Visual Assaulthttp://www.visual-assault.org — A small webdesign firm that uses Trac for collaboration, ticketing, repository management, project management, and systems configuration management.
  • The Turing Studio, Inc.http://www.turingstudio.com — We use Trac for all of our development projects, opensource or commercial. Trac + SVN are the most productive combination I've come across. Amazing work.
  • niekom.dehttp://www.niekom.de — We use Trac for all of our development projects and look for integration with CMS TYPO3.
  • DWT's Heavy Industrieshttp://dwt.de.vu/ — Homepage for me and my open source Projects, it's a testimony to how easy it is to bend Trac to what you want to do it. (Whitch means for me to include a Blog, complete with commenting facility etc..)
  • jsolaithttp://jsolait.net — I am using Trac for managing jsolait, an open source JavaScript framework built to help WebApplication developers with simple OOP and modularisation and a set of packages implementing things like XML-RPC, JSON-RPC, …
  • X13http://www.x13.com/ — Database hosting company. Based in Denver, CO, US. We use Trac for bugtracking, feature requests and project documentation.
  • For Sale By Owner.comhttp://www.forsalebyowner.com — We use it for bug/enhancement tracking, the wiki, and Subversion integration for work in online Real Estate.
  • Renxo Mobile — Renxo's site, a leading mobile content provider in Argentina. The site automatically adapts to user's taste and always offers the most relevant content. We use Trac to Trac our CR and bugs integrated with subversion, it's really useful.
  • piAccess — We use Trac both internally for software development & project management, and publically for customer technical support.
  • IBA JV [offshore outsourcing]http://iba.by — At least one of the company's teams use Trac
  • ANIENIBhttp://anciens.enib.fr/We use Trac both externaly as an extensible wiki engine, and internally to track down incidents and help use developing the web site applications and scripts
  • websmshttp://www.websms.co.nz/We use Trac and subversion to manage all aspects of development on our proprietary SMS Platform.
  • Dallas Freemanhttp://www.dallasfreeman.com — I must say that I will never do another project without using Trac, easy to collaborate and share ideas, work and resources.
  • UBShttp://ubs.com — We use it to probably replace Serena RTM for collecting requirements and couple it with the company wide SVN repository.
  • Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Aucklandhttp://www.ece.auckland.ac.nz — We use it for all sorts of things, from projects which use only the Wiki to do FAQs, to having people subscribe to the RSS timeline feed so they can keep track of system changes, and doubtless other interesting things my users are doing that I'm not aware of.

  • Gandi.nethttp://www.gandi.net — Gandi is a famous Registrar with good people in it :) . We use it for our knowledege database, ticketing system and Code view.
  • Fotobuch-XXL.dehttp://www.fotobuch-xxl.de — we use it for our closed source project management like tickets, documentation and maybe also the sources in future.
  • MegaLogikahttp://megalogika.lt — We use it to manage all our projects: tickets, ideas, documentation, source
  • CME Resource/NetCEhttp://www.netce.com — We are a continuing education provider for medical professionals. Trac is essential to many of our workflows, not just for programming but also educational content development, employee reference, and even facility maintenance. Out website mentioned before was developed and is still maintained with the assistance of Trac.
  • Hruskahttp://www.hruska.si — We use Trac for development and coordination of out projects as well as maintaining documentation and knowledge database.
  • SysCPhttp://www.syscp.de — SysCP, the System Control Panel is a server administration tool. They use Trac both externaly as an extensible wiki engine, and internally to track down incidents and help use developing the web server administration tool.
  • SAThttp://www.svnadmin.org/SAT is a Subversion Administration Tool under GPL. Trac is used as documentation tool and of course for ticketing etc.
  • AntSVKhttp://www.antsvk.org/ — Ant SVK is a Ant Task for the integration of SVK calling in the famous Java build tool Ant.
  • OpenWengohttp://openwengo.org/ — Wengo is a VoIP provider from France and you can find it on voip providers site… …This website serves as a hub to our Open Source projects. Currently our main offering is WengoPhone, a GPL-licensed multi-platform softphone.
  • Easy-Procurehttp://www.easy-procure.com/ — We are using Trac for our software development process. We use tickets, svn integration and documentation. Never used a better tool before - great work!
  • Pijlhove ICT Solutionshttp://www.pijlhove-ict.nl — Trac is our strength in combining subversion, basic project management, ticketing and cruisecontrol. We use it in all our J2EE, Logistics and Loftware projects.
  • NexTune, Inc.http://www.nextune.netInternally, Trac allows us to effectively manage our version control systems, provide an easy gateway to specifications and documentation, and ease the flow of tasks and bugs even when we aren't all in the office. Thank you, Trac team!
  • Mentor Graphics - Embedded Systems Divisionhttp://www.mentor.com/We're using Trac to manage some of our embedded networking products (Nucleus Middleware). Trac has given us an excelent and fun-to-use development environment. Thanks TracTeam!
  • Ben Kazezhttp://www.benkazez.com/ — I'm using Trac to manage the development of Widget Boss, a Cocoa application for Mac OS X. It's so streamlined that I sometimes forget it's there.
  • Modulix (Web Agency)http://www.modulix.com — We use a Trac instance for each of our projects, and we're on our way to extend it as a general project management tool. Great tool BTW.
  • MvBloghttp://dev.mvblog.org — We use Trac to manage the development of MvBlog opensource weblog tool. Before Trac this was a mess, now it simply works.
  • Sound Evolutionhttp://www.soundevolution.com.au/ — Using Trac and SVN to track a number of projects in development (creating technology solutions for use in audio production for film, television, music and radio). It's a great way to keep track of files, documents, milesones, tasks, changes, etc, etc, etc. Go Trac, Go TracTeam!
  • KForgehttp://www.kforgeproject.com/ — KForge is an open-source (GPL) system for managing software and knowledge projects. It re-uses existing best-of-breed tools such as a versioned storage (subversion), a tracker (Trac), and wiki (Trac or moinmoin), integrating them with the system’s own facilities (projects, users, permissions etc). KForge also provides a complete web interface for project administration as well a fully-developed plugin system so that new services and features can be easily added.
  • Piermont Web Designhttp://piermontweb.comWe use Trac and Subversion to manage all our web development projects.
  • ZapZaraphttp://www.zapzarap.net — We switched form Wikiclone wackowiki to Trac because of the ticketing-system and the integration of SVN - and we love it! - great work! thank you!
  • F+P Engineering GmbHhttp://www.fplusp.comWe use Trac to manage the internal software development of our motion control products.
  • Pointstone Softwarehttp://www.pointstone.comWe use Trac to plan and manage the development of most of our projects. I only wish we had found Trac sooner.
  • X2 Studios, Ltdhttp://www.x2studios.com/ — "We use Trac to manage development of our Print Accounting line of products (checkBox and logSheet) for Mac OS X and Windows"
  • Norfello Oyhttp://cmms.norfello.com/cmms/NorfelloCMMS OS is a powerful web-based CMMS application. It offers asset based functionality for managing work orders, reports, file attachments and asset information.
  • Sensational AGhttp://www.sensational.ch/ — We use Trac for more and more of our projects. Like SVN before, this really changed our life. I will never be able to work on a project again if I'm not able to use Trac. This tool truly rocks!
  • Anachronhttp://www.anachron.org/ — Anachron is a development team in the Game Development Club of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. We use Trac to manage and organize our projects. The rest of our club has since begun to use it as well.
  • Syronexhttp://www.syronex.com/ — We use this fantastic tool to manage our software projects, and I personally also use it to organize my research.
  • YouOShttp://www.youos.com/ — YouOS is a web-based OS and development platform. It uses Trac to manage 'tickets', displays the client-side source code with it, and the wiki is the primary documentation source.
  • System Services Development Team — Masaryk University —- http://www.muni.cz/ — team devoted to development of system tools and services on the Microsoft Windows NT(tm) platform.
  • Leafyhosthttp://www.leafyhost.com/We're a linux-based shared hosting provider. We use Trac for managing development of our control panel, Leafypanel. Of course, we support Trac and encourage our users to take advantage of it.
  • GLPI Projecthttp://www.glpi-project.orgWe use Trac for managing development of the GLPI project and both all our (Indepnet) open source projects.
  • BigersNethttp://www.bigers.netWe use Trac for managing development of the SI project and both all our (Indepnet) open source projects.
  • Cactus Softwarehttp://www.cactus-soft.net/Usamos Trac+svn para el seguimiento de control de versiones y un espacio para compatir documentos entre los miembros del equipo de desarrollo
  • Pakel d.o.o.We use Trac and SVN to manage our projects. Excellent combination of version control and bug/requirements managment. Thank you Trac team.
  • Truelite S.r.l.http://www.truelite.itAll our free-software projects are managed with Trac and Subversion. We love this tool!
  • EyeWonder, Inchttp://www.eyewonder.comMost of our software development is done using Subversion and Trac. It's an amazing tool that has improved productivity since it was deployed in a limited fashion in January, and definely since going into full-blown usage over the past few months.
  • S2G Limitedhttp://www.s2g-limited.comWe use Trac internally for our web-based software development, and on our consulting implementations as well.
  • CertAlert Software, Inc.http://www.certalertsoftware.comWe use Trac internally for our engineering project management, coupled with Selenium, jUnit, SVN and CruiseControl. This provides an outstanding platform for engineering innovation.
  • SynaptiCAD Inchttp://www.syncad.comWe use Trac and SVN for all our software projects. We use a common source base across Windows, Linux, Solaris, and HPUX.
  • Happy Tuesdays Productions, LondonTrac is used for a variety of aspects in our day to day tracking of requests and bugs. Helps with our Joomla developments also (must look at SVN when I get a moment!)
  • Browsershotshttp://browsershots.org/Trac for everything: documentation, code management, development plan, request tracker, blog.
  • OnRamp Accesswww.onr.com Using it as designed - to allow customers to report issues, ask questions, and just keep track of what's going on. Added a custom field for Test Status, and created a script to initialize the Trac defaults - milestones, components, and so forth.
  • Cali'Zone Knowledge Basehttp://kb.calizone.net:8000 or on IPv6Using it for personal purposes and to keep Trac of my projects and to publish some information. A few nice additions to Trac would make it perfect, such as support for multiple products in the Ticket system for example.
  • Jupehttp://jupe.binaervarianz.de — Jupe is a UML Plugin for Eclipse. It provides support for the creation of UML class diagrams, Java code generation and reverse engineering. Jupe is based on the GEF and UML2 frameworks and supports Eclipse 3.2.
  • Famundo LLC - http://www.famundo.com — a hosted family management application with all development happening exclusively on Trac. The team is working from different parts of the world, accessing a secure version of Trac.
  • BESSY - http://www.bessy.de — A research lab (accelerator) running 24/7. We use Trac as a trouble ticket system between the facility operators and the device responsibles.
  • MythTV - MythTV is a popular program that records TV shows and plays them back. They use Trac for their bug tracking system: http://cvs.mythtv.org/trac
  • Collective Insight - Collective Insight LLC provides Web software that leverages social networks, unleashes collective intelligence, and reduces information overload. http://collectiveinsight.net. They are happy to use Trac & SVN.
  • CCP is a persistent world developer. We currently have one world in operation, EVE Online. Our setup consists of Apache, mod_python, Python 2.4, Perforce and MSSQL. A great tool with promising future developments.
  • BSDRadius BSDRadius is open source RADIUS server targeted for use in Voice over IP (VoIP) applications. Developers of BSDRadius use Trac for full project management and are very statisfied with it's simplicity and power.
  • Metrored We are a data & voice carrier in Valencia, Spain. We use TRAC to manage all our internal development projects.
  • GSyC/LibreSoft We are Libre Software research group in Madrid, Spain. We use TRAC to manage all our projects, including our Open Source European projects and also some national and internal projects. You can see the activity of the projects in our activity planet that syndicates the timelines of all of them.
  • Lazy Search is a plugin for the open source SlimServer music server. Trac is used to allow the management of documentation, downloads, enhancement requests and problem reports from within the user community and it works very well.
  • Broadway Technologyhttp://www.broadwaytechnology.com/ — We use Trac for all of our project management and issue tracking. Its clean integration with SVN allows our developers to spend more time focusing on technical challenges, rather than dealing with administrative processes.
  • HfbK School of Fine Artshttp://www.hfbk-hamburg.de/ — Trac is our documentation, help-ticket, extended memory and seminar-softwareproject system.
  • Jelix PHP5 frameworkhttp://developer.jelix.org — we use Trac to help us to manage bugs, roadmap, write documentation for jelix contributor etc..
  • CivicActions — We use multiple Trac instances to manage our F/OSS online professional services development for clients as well as for internal projects.
  • Seegrid Corp. — We use Trac internally for managing the software development effort. We also use it externally for several integration projects (currently just for ticketing, wiki, and roadmap components).
  • http://www.vrom.nl/wkpb — Used Trac for complete develeopment cycle, coordination between development and test team while working according to TDD, and most essential (through adding a custom duration attribute to Tickets) providing a real time view of project progress. Essential was that everybody invloved used Trac as their central information repository.
  • WordStream, Inc.http://www.wordstream.com/ — We're using Trac and git internally to manage a globally distributed team of developers. As a part of our distributed agile development model, we use Trac Tickets and Wiki provide our primary medium for collaboration and workflow.
  • AlternChttp://www.alternc.org/ — We use Trac for this gpl hosting control panel software suite. We will soon use Trac for the alternc website himself … This tool is an essential one for our project. Thanks all.
  • BaseSoft B.V. — We use Trac for internal project management, release management, ticketing and support.

  • Oxford Instruments Molecular Biotools — We use discipline-specific (hardware, software, etc.) milestones to manage all the incoming tickets (both bug reports and feature requests) of a few multidisciplanary projects. Planning and tracking is done in a separate Excel sheet.
  • CNWCNW is a consulting company, based in Karlstad and Norrköping, Sweden.
  • Cocoatech — we use Trac for development of Path Finder, a file manager for OS X written in Cocoa / Obj-C. We tried a lot of solutions before but Trac is the best so far :)
  • Sell@Market - http://www.sellatmarket.com — We use Eclipse + Trac + Subversion to develop Sell@Market - a web-based service that monitors stocks in real-time and recommends when to sell shares.
  • SUNCOM Systems - http://www.suncom.info/ — We are a software consulting company and use Trac on inhouse and on customer projects.
  • FourD Development - http://www.fourddev.com/ — We develop AJAX based systems for public safety applications. We use Trac internally and with our customers and have integrated Trac with our Jabber MUC to get real-time notifications of SVN checkins and Trac ticket changes.
  • Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit (UCL)http://www.gatsby.ucl.ac.uk — Used internally for svn managed software projects and as a general IT help-desk facility (documentation & trouble-ticketing).
  • FIRE Solutionshttp://www.firesolutions.com — We use Trac + Subversion for developing and managing all of our compliance products for the financial services industry.
  • Wifidoghttp://dev.wifidog.org - We use Trac to manage the development of our premier Open Source captive portal solution, Wifidog.
  • National HPCC Software Exchangehttp://www.nhse.org - NHSE is a distributed collection of software, documents, data, and information of interest to the high performance and parallel computing community.
  • Tattertoolshttp://dev.tattertools.com - One of the largest open source projects in South Korea. We develope a web-based publishing platform, currently a blog tool.
  • Peerwater.orghttp://www.peerwater.org - Peer Review and Networked funding model to solve water problem of the world. A effort of Blue Planet Run foundation.
  • mVerify Corporationhttp://www.mverify.com - We use Trac for development of MTS — our automated testing product for end-to-end mobile application testing.
  • A P Corphttp://www.a-p-c.de - We use Trac for development of customer purposes in combination with bugzilla.

  • Networked Concepts, LLChttp://www.networkedconcepts.com/ - A new media startup which specialize in interactive rich media streaming and "social" entertainment. Our flagship project is waves.tv
  • Thomas SEO Internet Marketinghttp://www.xiuk.de - We use TRAC to develop our projects and our ideas and we also recomend it to our clients. Generally we are very satisfied with it. thanx and keep the great work up
  • Jajukhttp://jajuk.info - Jajuk is a powerful GPL Java Jukebox. Trac strongly improved our project management and is a key factor for quality
  • The Monk Studiohttp://www.themonkstudio.com - Trac has been implemented for internal source control, interface to svn repository and developer tasks management
  • GTI Treffenhttp://www.gti-treffen.com - Trac is in use for internal source control mainly on your car tuning site. Is there a way to support Trac in a way of donations. waiting for contact my the admins.
  • svndigest — We use subversion and Trac to maintain the development of svndigest: a tool for calculating statistics on a subversion repository. It works great. Thanks guys!
  • Verek Ltd.http://www.verek.com — We are not using Trac yet but it's pretty cool and I think that we will use it soon.
  • BoonEx Development Zonehttp://www.boonex.net/ — BoonEx Community Software Experts uses Trac as a special place to report bugs, suggest features and participate in beta testing of the upcoming versions of BoonEx community software. Our customers are taking part in BoonEx product development, informed on the development progress and know what's coming and when.
  • SableCChttp://sablecc.org — We use Trac along with TracMercurial to host the development of SableCC 4. We also use GNU Mailman to host a special registration mailing-list which allows us to provide automated account creation with email verification. Trac is terrific!
  • websHoX.orghttp://trac.webshox.org/ — The german websHoX team uses Trac for coordinate the software development of serveral programms, like Globby, our phpBB2 Mods and some others, they aren't released yet.
  • Webstandrds — Trac turns out to be suprisingly efficient bug tracking system and because of its ease of use it is highly recommended.
  • Futchers Companyhttp://futchers.com — We use Trac in all our WEB projects. Professional Software Development
  • FGV - Fundação Getúlio Vargashttp://epge.fgv.br/ — We use Trac as an documentation and developing companion to keep our research projects under control.
  • Machinalis — We use Trac to organize our life as a company, both for our developments and for our internal organization, tracking tickets and documenting with the wiki tool.
  • i-net software - http://www.inetsoftware.de — We started using Trac in January 2007, for internal development planning for our reporting product i-net Crystal-Clear. It has since helped us immensely to get a better overview over open feature requests and milestone planning.
  • Access Control Systems - http://www.kronwerk.ru/ — We use Trac 0.10.4 and subversion to manage our development. We success migrate from Bugzilla3.0 & CVSNT on Jul 2007 to Trac 0.10.4 and subversion 1.4. NewWorkflow very necessary function.
  • Fluminense Federal University (UFF) - http://dev.id.uff.br/projetos — We use Trac and subversion to manage our development and to make easy for everyone to see about our projects.
  • Textfyre, Inc. — Uses Trac for task, issue, bug tracking and subversion browsing.
  • University of California, San Diego (UCSD) — Uses Trac internally in several groups and departments on campus dealing with a range of systems. Using OpenID, we've integrated Trac into our single sign-on system.
  • Nutrun.com — We use Trac for project management and will extend its usage to general file and doc management
  • reasonsolutions.com — We use Trac for project management and will extend its usage to general file and doc management
  • LIP6 — We use Trac internally for all kind of projects: master thesis, Ph. D., papers, etc.
  • Mobio — Mobile Application Development firm. Uses Trac internally to manage development issues. Eagerly awaiting the official release of 0.11!!!
  • Lazyheads Webdesign — We use Trac to host and maintain our LazyCMS and projects we work on for our clients.
  • ArcherMind — We integrate Trac, Drupal and JProject to support software outsourcing.
  • Kayano, Australia — Use Trac for all development projects as well as integrated into software for automated bug reporting. Also used for day to day management of non development projects within the company.
  • Wired Logic IT Solutions — We use Trac for all project management tasks and now starting to allow client access. We find the Subversion integration very helpful.
  • Byte-Code srl — Byte-Code, a Red Hat and JBoss Partner in Italy, uses Trac for internal (and - soon - external) project management and bug tracking. We also evangelize customers on Trac usage.
  • Eratex Djaja, PT — We use Trac for for internal software development management and bug tracking. We like the Subversion and Wiki Integration.
  • SEAD and SEFAZ - Estado do Piauí - Brazil — We use Trac for for internal software development management and bug tracking. The easiness with the use of plugins is wonderful.
  • BlackTrac and GAL Frameworkhttp://blackhex.no-ip.org— Blackhex's personal and project's page and project with aim to modernize GRASS GIS module development.
  • Triblerhttps://www.tribler.org/ — Tribler is a social community that facilitates filesharing through a so called peer-to-peer (p2p) network.
  • Loopo Ltdhttp://support.loopo.co.uk/loopo — We are a web and database development company, and we are using Subversion & TRAC for project management and client support on 7 different projects. We love it, especially now we've got it hooked up to MySQL 5.
  • Iki media managerhttp://code.iki-project.org — We are using Trac for anything but sourcecode for the moement (because we use git and/or a remote subversion server). It's hosted shortbrain which hosted more Trac instance, everything working like a charm with mod_wsgi. Trac is really a killer application.
  • Thales UK — Trac is used internally for development, work-package assignment, problem tracking, progress reporting, a document repository and a knowledge-base for a site consisting of ~100 people and is helping to modernise our software development methodologies. Using 0.11 with custom workflow and extensions.
  • Xyratex — Xyratex designs and manufacturers automation technology for producing data storage devices. We are using Trac to aid the development

  • Centre for Development of Telematics,India — we are using it for our NMS projects.After 0.11 planning to use ticket system also.
  • Tecan — we use it for several SW development projects
  • TAMS @ PriceWaterHouseCoopers We use Trac for our SW projects.
  • Poezii si Arta prin Poezie — We use Trac with subversion for the development projects of our foundation, including the development of the proprietary content management system used for our web interface.
  • Bombardier Aerospace — We use Trac and subversion to manage all of our Digital Media Group projects.
  • Academic Management Systems — We use Trac and Tortoise SVN to manage all our academic software and webware projects.
  • ISART Digital — We are a french game design school, and use Trac and Subversion for the management of students' graduation projects.
  • Systemvaruhuset — We develop software and are specialized on incident management and chip-based payment cards and use Trac to support our development projects.
  • Testuffhttp://www.testuff.com — On-demand software tests management service that integrates with Trac and use it as bug tracker. We also use Trac to manage our development.
  • Orange & Bronze Software Labs — We use Trac internally to help us collaborate on projects as well as internal operations such as finance and marketing. We also make use of Trac as our main wiki with the reporting and repository modules disable.
  • ISB Information und Kommunikation GmbH & Co. KG — We are a german software company. We use miltiple Trac instances for our software projects.
  • Vergic.comhttp://www.vergic.com — Efficient Technology. We use multiple Trac instances for our open source based customer software projects.
  • Panline.net ISP — Internet service provider in Novi Sad, Serbia - we use Trac and subversion for internal users accounting software project management (Java, Oracle PLSQL, GWT) as well as keeping documentation up-to-date .

  • Fachhochschule Kärnten - Medical Information Technology — example link SCALA Project — We are using Trac and Subversion for the management of our student projects and also for project handling with our industrial partners. Current running Trac Version 0.13dev
  • Copix - PHP Frameworkhttp://svn.copix.org/ — We use Trac since the 3rd version of Copix. This was a revolution for us, Trac is a fantastic tool to know exactly what you have to do on your project, and when.
  • RavTrackRavTrack is a gps fleet tracking software company. We use Trac for project management with offsite team members.
  • ABC Gift Basketshttp://abcbasket.com/ — We use Trac for online store software and for bug tracking in web applications
  • Vermont Department of Taxes — We use Trac as a systems administration tool. We document our servers and how to configure the installed applications with the Trac wiki, we store some shell scripts in subversion repositories and use tickets to keep track of systems administration tasks. We also use Trac to track issues with and document our in-house applications.
  • Sheriff Ratings — Sheriff Ratings has used Trac from the beginning to plan our development cycle with excellent SVN integration.
  • Objexx Engineering — Uses Trac with Mercurial to manage scientific and engineering software projects built with C++, Python, Qt/PyQt, and Fortran
  • Enomaly Labs — Uses Trac with Subversion to manage a large number of client projects, as well as internal development. Trac has made project management a lot easier and more intuitive.
  • Rant Media — Uses Trac as a general purpose wiki and generic project management tool without integrating with a source code control system. The mod_python deployment and ease of integration with external authentication made up our minds for this one. Authenticating against smf forum for SSO.
  • Manish Wadhwa — Uses Trac to track documents, effectively communicate project documents and plans with the team.
  • Z2 — Uses Trac to track development of embedded linux & automation products.
  • Askia Uses Trac and Subversion for project management, reporting, bug tracking, and documentation.
  • Conzerv Systemshttp://www.conzerv.com — We use Trac to track software product development as well as bug tracking and documentation.
  • Zurich University of the Arts — We manage several free and non-free software projects with our Trac server, and we like keeping end user information pages and documentation available through the Trac built-in wikis too.
  • Verticus — Uses track in iPyramid.bizlogic CRM and iPyramid.system content management system development process
  • Firestorm Development Group Internationalhttp://www.fsdev.net/ — Despite being a little slow on CGI, it's a great platform and hosts all of our big features - Wiki, Repository Integration, and Forum - all integrating into simple authentication files which we can use to easily integrate with any number of other software tools! It's truly a Godsend! - Lord Sauron, Webmaster, FSDEV
  • MAngbandhttp://mangband.org/developer — MAngband is a free online multiplayer real-time roguelike game, derived from the single player game Angband. We use TRAC with Subversion (on Debian) for it's great svn integration, project management, bug tracking and wiki.
  • GPI Argentinahttp://trac.gpi.com.ar/sopp — GPI Argentina is a j2ee consulting and software factory company, we use Trac for all of our development projects and internal organization (the ticket subsystem), we use subversion on ubuntu and mysql database server. Also we use a lot the wiki subsystem for technical documentation and white papers (private) .
  • The Open Planning Projecthttp://trac.openplans.org/openplans and http://projects.opengeo.org — TOPP is a nonprofit that creates open-source virtual tools to affect real-world change through local activism and geospatial data. Trac is becoming an increasingly important part of our workflow, and is being used for our upcoming developers' center.
  • PKG.frhttp://www.pkg.fr and http://source.pkg.fr — French consultants specialized in OSS support, we use a french Trac translation (source availability in the site) to promote our OSS contribution, manage dedicated and secured client relation sites and our own public wiki.
  • Inceptu — Inceptu uses Trac to give its software project customers complete visibility of project progress. We use, support and promote a tightly bound environment of Trac, Subversion and Eclipse. We encourage the development community to get smarter about being creative!
  • Deviant Creations — Our team use Trac to distributed development this and other projects.
  • Tech Solutions USA, Inc. — Our team uses Trac to manage Delphi & PHP development in Arizona.
  • ccServices GmbH, Vienna, Austria — We use Trac for our software development projects and have extended it to fit our needs.
  • JiWai — We use Trac (and various other oss) to help building this micro-blogging and nextgen im/sms service.
  • Concept, Milan, Italy — We are using Trac to develop our main product 'myK' and also for our business intelligence consulting activities.
  • iSharp Solutions, Denmark — We use the power of Trac in all of our projects (software development). The ticket system, milestone and built-in wiki are the parts that have proved most valuable to us.
  • Doyouspeak, UK — We use Trac to manage our workloads across our language learning website projects, coupled with svn it is a must for any internet technology business.
  • University Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France — We use Trac to host our Boxtream free, autonomous, and versatile audio and video streaming solution, as well as some other non-publicly accessible software.
  • Symora — We use Trac for our products. We have modified Trac to manage multiple products and have a client facing module for support tickets and defect tracking. Internally, Trac works as product management and defect tracking tool.
  • Venkat Mangudi Consulting — We are a strategy consulting firm and Trac comes in very handy during our enterprise implementation projects. We use it to track bugs, enhancements, tasks and as a support tool as well.
  • SimBA — Trac is being used to host the development of SimBA, a BACnet device simulator.
  • Quadkey — We use Trac internally for development of our human resources software. We're quite fond of Trac because it allows us to manage our bugs, wiki, and SVN repository from one convenient location.
  • Beyond3D — We use Trac internally for development of our website and tools codebases, and its centralised approach to issue and ticket management, code viewing and documentation.
  • Comat Technologies — We use Trac to manage all our projects in the gorural wing. We have also modified one instance of Trac so that it just acts as a ticketing system for our technical helpdesk.
  • Indizen Technologies — We use Trac to organize, manage and share projects information. We use it for teleworking projects where online information is a very important issue.
  • Famoco Inc. — Use it and love it.
  • NetAngels (hosting provider) — We use Trac to drive our multiple projects (custom control panel, server management software, etc.), tracking issues and managing knowledge base (wiki). We're using multiple mercurial repos with TracMercurial backend on top of multirepos branch.
  • OSHEAN, Inc. (communications provider) — http://nautilus.oshean.org — We use Trac to manage our Nautilus and Periscope projects. Nautilus is a security appliance developed by OSHEAN to provide OSHEAN members with powerful tools for monitoring their networks. Periscope is a rewrite of the popular free-software project IP-Audit in Common Lisp.
  • Bearstech (hosting provider) — http://forge.bearstech.com/ — We use Trac to manage all our client projects, from application development to production. We've been using it for more than 2 years, have 50 heavy instances, and happily migrated to 0.11 recently.
  • Sterch ltd. (Zope 3 software development) — All our software projects are managed by Trac. The comany began to use it at May 2008. We are satisfied with this solution. We use 0.10 and it is a lack of i18n support. Maybe we'll migrate to 0.11.
  • OTTOTECNICA s.r.l. (manufacturing) — We use Trac to manage our internal software developement projects. We use it also as a ticket-only system to keep track of issues with our management software and report them to the software supplier.
  • Reo Coordination Language (research project) — http://reo.project.cwi.nl/ — We use Trac to manage the development of our Eclipse-based tools and as a wiki for our research project.
  • NAV CANADA — We use Trac to manage development of some internal projects.

  • Vision Point Systems — We use Trac on all of our development project as well as internal processes.
  • Server ltd. — We use Trac for our website development.


  • Please don't insert URLs other than links to public accessible Trac installations.
  • If your Trac sites are not publicly available, please only leave a description of how you use Trac.
    • As we can't verify them, please update such entries at least every 3 years or they will be deleted.
  • Keep description short.
  • Any entries not complying to this policy will be deleted, as there have been too many abuses.
  • If your entry has been removed by a developer, adding it again is a good way to get banned.
  • Keep that note at the bottom of the page and insert your entry above.

Thanks for using Trac!

Editors corner

Deletion suggested

Following entries have been almost withdrawn from the page. They're still there for double-checking. Anyone up to do a second look at those is welcome to finally delete or edit and move entries according to own knowledge. Salvaging entries from here should be documented in editor comments or in our thread regarding cleanup of this wiki page at the trac-dev mailing list. Thank you for cooperation.

  • Top Quality Programming — We use Trac+SVN for all of our projects, including the Wing Flex project, an Accounting program, which we are currently working on. The users all quite like the ease with which they can see the bug histories and roadmap using the Trac system.
    (reason: no online-reference/evidence of existance, unable to make contact for verification)
  • ImkerOnline — Uses Trac subversion browsing, we will try to use it for bugtracking too.
    (reason: no online-reference/evidence of existance, unable to make contact for verification)
  • FakturaI and my team use Trac as bug tracker for ruby on rails
    (reason: no online-reference/evidence of existance, unable to make contact for verification)
  • Acid & Cancer DiseasesWe use Trac with subversion to manage all our software projects include Acid & Cancer diseases blog.
    (reason: no online-reference/evidence of existance, unable to make contact for verification)

Undecided, inquiry pending

Following list is managed by shoffmann to track personal inquiries for each of the entries. Please notice me prior to own edits in this section.

  • General Dynamics - We use Trac for development and documentation of spacecraft structural analysis projects.
    (without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-15)
  • Schiffsbeteiligungen Aktuell - We use Trac for several software development projects.
    (without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-15)
  • Cooperativa Venezolana de Tecnologías Libres — Estamos usando Trac, para manejar multiples proyectos, desde proyectos de desarrollo, pasando por proyectos de documentación, hasta proyectos de implementación de soluciones y soporte, versionando los ficheros de configuración, y usando el plugin de TimeTracking, estamos llevando el soporte.
    (http://trac.covetel.com.ve/ is dead; without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-16)
  • webteam - We use Trac for our inhouse project management and have successfully managed several software projects with Trac installations connected to SVN repositories. As a web development company we like Trac a lot for its simplistic approach allowing us to integrate external developers worldwide without great effort into productive teams.
    (this could even be webteam.ch or webteam.de; anyway, without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-16)
  • Tecnologia Plexus - We are using Trac on several projects. We are a IT consultancy and solutions company in Brazil and Trac is a important tool to made the work more easy.
    (http://eusou.tecnologiaplexus.com is dead; without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-16)
  • Purple Squirrel Group, Inc We are an IT consultancy that provides managed services, software development services and web site design. We use Trac and subversion for bug tracking and source code control for our applications and web sites. We also use Trac internally to maintain a collaborative knowledge base for our technicians and to document company policies and procedures.
    (without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-16)
  • Lunar Logic Polska — We use Trac for both bug tracking and for user story management. Since we work with teams in several continents and, being an agile offshore development company, we work closely with clients on a daily basis, Trac and Skype are our most important tools.
    (without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-17)
  • Kewill Systems — We use Trac+SVN in the UK as a replacement for proprietary SCM tools like VSS and PVCS VM / PVCS Tracker and as part of our continuing commitment to improving our software engineering practices.
    (Impressive solution provider; anyway without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-17)
  • Synovus Financial Corp.Having a Trac instance for each Subversion repository facilitated defining Enterprise Configuration Management (ECM) in a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment delivering IT services.
    (looks suspicious, what does a financal and ensurance trader with IT services? without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-17)
  • aForge -Sylvain RABOT — I use Trac as bug tracker for PHP Classes projects
    (maybe a private/one-person venture; but without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-17)
  • Smedia GroupWe use Trac+SVN for bug tracking in some developments
    (could be smedia.com.au or SMEDIA Group S.A. BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA - smedia.com; whatever, without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-17)
  • DunamisystemsWe use Trac to manage all our projects now. It's been especially helpful in the area of task and client management.
    (without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-17)
  • MusicZone — Uses Trac for bug tracking and reporting
    (without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-18)
  • AngielskiWe use Trac as bug tracker for PHP
    (without feedback from angielski.cc most probably to be deleted after 2011-01-19)
  • Monvia Inc.Web 2.0 Technology Accelerator. Trac helps our experienced product managers manage globally diverse engineering teams. Along with its subversion integration, Trac is an invaluable resource.
    (without feedback from monvia.com most probably to be deleted after 2011-01-19)
  • Sabre Holdings GCSC — Global Customer Support Center. The Montevideo IT Team uses Trac for in-house developed tools, project management for webapps and bug tracking system.
    (without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-19)
  • 4PM Property Management — 4PM property management system.
    (without feedback from 4pm.ie to be deleted after 2011-01-19)
  • 0AM ArtikelverzeichnisUses Trac for bug tracking and reporting
    (without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-19)
  • NHS Connecting for Health — The UK National Health Service uses Trac to support some internal development projects.
    (without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-21)
  • VShopWe use Trac for our open source project VShop. VShop is running since 1997 in C / C++ with it’s own script engine. We changed from CVS to Subversion, and from different Bugtracks and Ticketingsystems to Trac, and we are really happy with that.
    (without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-21)
  • CLC bioWe use Trac for pretty much everything. Source control, resource management, product management, web development, blogs, networking, you name it
    (without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-21)
  • Exploding Box ProductionsWe use it for a wide range of our projects from Visual Studio solutions to Internet Solution projects. It has increased our communication with clients and minimised timelines due to client's inputs through Trac.
    (without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-21)
  • dmpcda.de For development and control purposes we use TRAC and bugzilla.
    (without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-21)
  • Neurowork For internal development and integration with subversion we use Trac in several projects
    (without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-21)
  • Girokonto (Girokonto) — www.girokonto.us — We use Trac for the backend. With the open source version we try to improve our backend system like the knowlegebase or our crm system.
    (without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-21)
  • Billigstrom (Billigstrom) — www.billigstrom.net — Trac is very useful and helps us to manage our backend. It saves a lot of time and is keeps up the encouragement of the team.
    (without feedback to be deleted after 2011-01-21)

Request feedback?

(Steffen, I imagine you have setup a procedure for that… I leave it up to you)

  • TimeFilerWe use Trac for internal bug tracking and shared issue management with some clients.
  • Portolan Commerce Solutions GmbH (Financial Software and Consulting) — We use Trac to manage most of our internal development projects (Java and RPG). We're evaluating to use Trac for customer projects. We've developed some scripts to create tickets out of Excel sheets automatically.
  • Uninfo Sistemas — Softcom ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) — We use Trac to manage the development of the projects
  • Zymeworks Inc. — We use Trac 0.11 (with a LOT of plugins) for all of our software development projects and internal documentation. Our researchers also use it for collaborative report writing and documentation. We use the ticket system extensively for not only software bugs but also to manage all sorts of other tasks.
  • Hunt & Jacobs Ideas We use Trac for all our project management needs and creating documentation on our projects. Loyally using Trac since 2005.
  • Software Pearls BVBA — After Eclipse, Trac is the center of our universe.
  • ANECON — we use Trac to organize the development of some test automation projects
  • General de Software de Canarias — We are using Trac since 2006.
  • TheFind — We moved from bugzilla to Trac last year. We use Trac to track software product development as well as bug tracking and documentation. In general we are very happy with Trac, except the search part.
  • SolutionTech — We are a brazilian software development company and use Trac since 2008 for several software development projects.
  • bo-tech — We are a german it full-service company and use Trac since many years for most of our development projects. Since some months we are also using the Mercurial integration. We love Trac!
  • Cloudsca.pe — We are a UK-based web application development company and use Trac for all of our development projects.
  • Cássio Landim — I use this when I'm leading projects in software development.
  • MEKANISM - We're using Trac for software development project — http://www.TakePart.com/ —.
  • Test Maschinen Technik GmbH - Trac is the project management system that drives all our software projects. We are developing eddy current systems for non destructive testing of diverse parts from heat exchanger tubes (eddyMax-tubeMax) to storage tank floors (SLOFEC).
  • the PYXIS innovation - We use Trac for managing the entire software development lifecycle for WorldView.
  • Michael Wirtzfeld — I use this for all software development tasks. An excellent tool for clean, well documented software development.
  • TechCollective - A worker-owned tech support co-op. We use Trac to manage our repair queue. We also make use of the wiki as a collaboration tool and knowledge base.
  • GOYAX — We're using Trac since 2007. It's very helpful for our developers to view diffs of their source code (stored in subversion) in a web browser and Trac is the knowlege base for our editorial staff.
  • Tecom We are using Trac on several software project management. It's so great! Thanks!
  • iinix We use Trac to manage everything from development projects to marketing campaigns. More importantly, we install and provide full-support for it to our clients
  • PhysioSonics, Inc.We are a medical device manufacturing startup company developing a blood flow monitor for neurological applications. We use Trac and Subversion for configuration management and change control for the development of an FDA regulated device. We are currently using over 50 plug-ins and macros. Trac acts as a central portal to project management, build management, file sharing, and code documentation. We are integrating new features and expanding the use of Trac each day. In the near future I hope to integrate code review, more extensive project management, agile tools, parts management, and inventory management applications into Trac. Trac is the best application I have come across for integrating applications into a highly customized environment.
  • EDM Studio We're a museum-exhibit design company that specializes in large-scale digital interactives. Our programming team uses Trac for all custom software development.
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