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Time Tracking

Support for basic time tracking is an oft requested feature (#710), but is not implemented in Trac. Time tracking functionality can be added to Trac however, and this page is an overview of working solutions.

  1. PluginList#ProjectTimeManagementTicketSystemExtensions recommends to use a combination of plugins, each covering time tracking functionality.
  2. There is also a more comprehensive list of time tracking plugins.

The most popular time tracking plugins are:

The Timing And Estimation Plugin provides a ticket change daemon that allows you to add time and display the total. Also see the demo version, so you can try and decide if it is right for you, as well as report bugs.

The TracHours plugin provides a different approach to time tracking. Instead of adding hours via a ticket field, separate views are available for adding and reporting hours.

The BudgetingPlugin provides splitting the work-effort for a ticket in several smaller pieces. You can configure tasks (for example implementation, documentation, etc.) and assign users.

The WorkLog Plugin provides the ability to 'clock in' and 'clock out' and displays which users are currently working on tickets. If either the TimingAndEstimationPlugin or TracHoursPlugin is used, the spent time will be recorded to a ticket when the user 'clocks out'.

The EstimatorPlugin allows you to enter upfront estimations of the remaining time to completion of a ticket.

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