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Who Uses Trac?

This is a list of companies, organizations, projects, and individuals using Trac in some fashion.

If you use Trac, please do add yourself to the list, but observe these guidelines:

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  • If your Trac sites are not publicly available, please only leave a description of how you use Trac.
    • As we can't verify them, please update such entries at least every 3 years or they will be deleted.
  • Keep the description concise.
  • Any entries not complying to this policy will be deleted, as there have been too many abuses.
  • If your entry has been removed by a developer, adding it again may get you banned.

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Open Source projects using Trac

Project Description Trac Version Reviewed

The home of the Trac project (you're here).

Besides Trac itself, other projects are also hosted here as different Trac instances running development versions (trunk for trac.edgewall.org, 0.12-stable for [Babel:]).

1.2, 1.4, 1.1-dev 2022-09-10
Trac-Hacks.org A site with lots of plugins, themes and additions for Trac. 1.2.6 2022-09-10
Adium Adium is a multiprotocol instant messaging client for OS X. We use Trac to support our community. 1.0.1 2019-10-13
APRS4R APRS4R is a free APRS digipeater or gateway software for embedded devices written in Ruby. 0.12.52015-03-26
AROS The AROS Research Operating System is a lightweight, efficient, and flexible desktop operating system. 1.0.22015-03-27
aubio aubio is a tool designed for the extraction of annotations from audio signals. 1.0.22016-02-06
asterisk-soap Asterisk Soap API to provide simpler access to core features. 0.11 2015-03-27
asterisk-web Web frontend to the asterisk-soap project. 0.11 2015-03-27
bbPress bbPress is forum software, made the WordPress way. 1.0.1 2015-09-15
BuddyPress BuddyPress is a powerful plugin that takes your WordPress.org powered site beyond the blog with social-network features like user profiles, activity streams, user groups, and more. 1.0.1 2015-09-15
BuildBot BuildBot is a system to automate the compile/test cycle required by most software projects to validate code changes. 0.12.1 2015-03-27
Cafu Engine The Cafu Engine is an open-source game and graphics engine for multiplayer, cross-platform, real-time 3D games and graphics. 1.0.1 2015-03-27
Chaste Cancer, Heart and Soft Tissue Environment, an open-source project for computational biology, headed by the University of Oxford. 1.0.1 2015-03-27
CKeditor CKEditor is one of the most popular browser-based WYSIWYG editors in the world. 0.11.x (?) 2015-03-27
CppCheck Cppcheck is a static analysis tool for C/C++ code. 1.0.1 2015-04-03
Cyberduck Cyberduck is a libre FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, S3, Backblaze B2, Azure & OpenStack Swift browser for Mac and Windows. 1.x 2017-02-17
DD-WRT DD-Wrt, a Linux based firmware for WLAN routers and embedded systems, uses Trac since 2007 with over 5'000 tickets. 1.1.3 2016-09-20
Django Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. We use Trac to manage our tickets and source code. 1.02015-04-09
DjangoBB DjangoBB is a quick and simple forum which uses the Django Framework. 1.02015-03-27
Dojo Toolkit The Dojo Toolkit is an open-source JavaScript toolkit for building great web applications. 1.0.92016-02-14
DotClear Dotclear is open-source web publishing software. Using Trac since 0.6, it rocks! 0.11.? 2016-02-06
DownThemAll A powerful yet easy-to-use Mozilla Firefox extension that adds new advanced download capabilities to your browser. 0.11.72015-03-27
dsource.org dsource.org uses Trac for managing our hosted projects' content, tickets, code browsing, etc. In general, the site hosts open source projects for the D Programming Language. For those who are wondering about D, see the Digital Mars website. 0.10.5dev 2015-03-27
FFmpeg FFmpeg is a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. 1.0.92019-10-13
FileZilla FileZilla, the free FTP solution, an open source client and server. Trac provides tickets. 0.11.7 2015-04-02
GeoGebra GeoGebra, a free dynamic mathematics software. Uses Trac for development. 1.0.1 2018-08-07
GHC The Glasgow Haskell Compiler is a state-of-the-art compiler for the language Haskell. Using Trac since 2005 with over 10'000 tickets, extensive developer wiki, integrated Git repositories and blog. 1.0.1 2015-03-29
GlotPress A free and open source accounting and inventory software. It is a web application which facilitates book keeping aimed at replacing Tally and its limitations. 0.12 2016-02-06
GRASS GRASS is a free Geographic Information System (GIS) software used for geospatial data management and analysis, image processing, graphics/maps production, spatial modeling, and visualization. This official project of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation uses Trac wiki and ticket system for its development as well as the Trac browser for viewing the SVN repository. 1.2.1dev2017-02-19
Haiku We use a customized Trac version for task and bug tracking as a replacement for the ugly and complicated BugZilla system. Our primary customizations are support for hierarchical components and UI simplifications for end-users (they only see what they need). 1.4 2019-10-13
HandBrake HandBrake is a GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder. 1.0.22015-04-14
HTTPS Everywhere HTTPS Everywhere is a browser extension developed by The Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). 1.2 2019-07-28
I2P The Invisible Internet Project (I2P) is an anonymous network layer for censorship-resistant peer-to-peer communication. 1.2.3 2019-07-28
ICU The International Components for Unicode open source project at http://icu-project.org has migrated from Jitterbug and CVS to Trac and SVN. 0.12.5 2015-03-28
Jelix PHP5 framework (Discontinued) We use Trac to help us to manage bugs, roadmap, write documentation for jelix contributor etc. 0.12.52015-03-28
JOSM JOSM is an Java editor for OpenStreetMap. Trac is used for bug tracking, wiki and online help. A lot of site specific plugins are used to provide editor specific services. 1.6 2023-12-28
jQuery jQuery uses Trac with a theme and several plugins. 1.0.11 2016-05-10
jQuery UI jQuery UI uses Trac with a theme and several plugins. 1.0.11 2016-05-10
KForge KForge is an open-source (GPL) system for managing software and knowledge projects. It re-uses existing best-of-breed tools such as a versioned storage (subversion), a tracker (Trac), and wiki (Trac or moinmoin), integrating them with the system’s own facilities (projects, users, permissions etc). KForge also provides a complete web interface for project administration as well a fully-developed plugin system so that new services and features can be easily added. 1.0.1 2015-03-29
Kodi Kodi (formerly XMBC) is an award-winning free and open source (GPL) software media player and entertainment hub for digital media. 1.0.3 2015-04-02
KVIrc KVIrc is a free portable IRC client based on the excellent Qt GUI toolkit. 0.12.52015-03-27
Lazy Search Lazy Search is a plugin for the open source SlimServer music server. Trac is used to allow the management of documentation, downloads, enhancement requests and problem reports from within the user community and it works very well. 1.0.12015-03-29
LibSourcey LibSourcey is a collection of LGPL open source protocol implementations written in C++11 for real-time media streaming and networking applications 1.0.1 2015-03-29
Linbox FAS Support web site for the Linbox Rescue Server gpl edition - a complete software hardware asset management software (imaging, file backup, inventory, remote control, soon automatic software installation). We use Trac internally on numerous projects. After internal tests of different solutions, Trac was chosen due to its easiness (setup, customization, maintenance). 0.10.32018-01-27
liveusb-creator The liveusb-creator is a cross-platform tool for easily installing live operating systems on to USB flash drives. 0.12.52015-03-28
LyX Issue tracking for LyX - the document processor 0.12.5 2018-01-27
MacPorts The MacPorts Project is an initiative to design an easy-to-use system for compiling, installing, and upgrading open-source software on the Mac OS X operating system. 0.11.? 2015-03-30
MadWifi (Discontinued) We recently switched away from sf.net+CVS to Trac+SVN and LOVE it. The project uses nearly all aspects of Trac to support both the community and our developers. Thanks for this great tool! 0.10 custom 2015-03-30
Midgard Midgard is an Open Source Content Management Framework. Trac is used for project coordination, issue tracking and enables web access to the repository containing code in multiple programming languages. 1.0.4 2015-03-30
Midnight Commander GNU Midnight Commander is a visual file manager. Trac provides tickets, wiki and Git browser. 0.12.5 2015-04-02
MPlayer MPlayer is a free software media player that uses Trac for wiki pages and tickets. 1.0.9 2019-10-13
TracMonotone TracMonotone is a Trac plugin for the Monotone VCS. 0.12.5 2015-04-16
mythTV mythTV, a free open source software digital video recorder (DVR), uses Trac since 2005 with over 12'000 tickets. 1.0.2 2016-09-20
Neo-Layout.org (German) Ergonomically optimized keyboard layout for the German language. We use Trac as end-user front-end and ticket-reporting system. 1.0.1 2015-03-30
Nginx Modern, fast and scalable open source web-server and reverse proxy server uses Trac as an issues tracker, repository viewer, and roadmap planner. 1.0 2015-03-30
OpenGuides A free software project developing a wiki engine for building city guides. We love Trac - productivity is skyrocketing. Thanks! 0.12.52015-03-30
OLPC The One Laptop Per Child uses Trac to manage bug tracking and source code. 1.0.12015-03-31
Openmoko Openmoko™ is a project dedicated to delivering mobile phones with an open source software stack. It is selling the Neo FreeRunner phone. Trac wiki and bug tracker is used for documentation and development. Side-by-side there is a second Trac system dedicated to administation and infrastructure. 0.12.5 2015-03-31
OpenStreetMap.org OpenStreetMap creates and provides free geographic data such as street maps to anyone who wants them. Trac is one of the systems used for bug tracking (apparently limited to some components now). 1.2 2019-02-18
OpenVPN OpenVPN is a full-featured open source SSL VPN solution. 1.0.1 2015-04-02
OpenWrt OpenWrt, a Linux distribution for embedded and wireless devices, uses Trac since 2005 with over 19'000 tickets. 1.0.1 2015-04-02
OSGeo OSGeo uses Trac for collaborative development of open source geospatial software like GDAL, GeoTIFF, PostGIS and many more. 1.2.1 2017-12-14
Pidgin Pidgin is a multiprotocol IM client. The project also creates libpurple and Finch, a library that provides the core of Adium, and a text multiprotocol IM client respectively. We use Trac for our developer wiki and ticketing system. 1.0.2 2015-08-11
Plone Bug and feature tracker for the Plone Open Source Content Management System. 0.12.2 2015-03-31
PowerDNS We use Trac for all our bug reports and wiki needs at the PowerDNS Community Page. 0.11.72015-03-31
PunBB (Discontinued) Trac is used as a bug tracker and frontend for SubVersion for !PunBB, a fast and light-weight PHP-powered discussion board. 0.11 2015-03-31
PyGreSQL PyGreSQL is an open-source Python module that interfaces to a PostgreSQL database. It embeds the PostgreSQL query library to allow easy use of the powerful PostgreSQL features from a Python script. 1.0.13 2018-01-27
QCubed PHP5 Framework We use Trac as our community project management portal. It serves as a wiki for content, as a file repository for our plugins, as a frontend for our SVN and more. 0.11.7 2015-04-01
Qutecom Wengo is a VoIP provider from France and initial developer of this GPL-licensed multi-platform softphone. 1.0.1 2015-04-01
RasDaMan Rasdaman ("raster data manager") extends standard relational database systems with the ability to store and retrieve multi-dimensional raster data (nD arrays) of unlimited size through an SQL-style query language. The Petascope component of rasdaman provides service interfaces to geospatial datasets based on the OGC WCS and WCPS standards. 0.12.5 2015-04-01
RPM The RPM Package Manager is a powerful command line driven package management system capable of installing, uninstalling, verifying, querying, and updating computer software packages. RPM is a core component of many Linux distributions, and the RPM format is part of the Linux Standard Base. 0.10.52015-04-01
SageMath SageMath (short name Sage) is a system for doing mathematics by computer. Trac is used for both bugs in Sage and ideas for features to add to Sage. 1.2 2022-09-05
Singular Singular is a computer algebra system for polynomial computations, with special emphasis on commutative and non-commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, and singularity theory. 1.0 2019-07-28
South (Discontinued) South provides schema and data migrations for Django. 0.12.3 2015-04-01
Smartmontools smartmontools project develops utility programs to control and monitor storage systems using the Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology System (SMART), uses Trac as a wiki, ticket system and code browser. 1.6 2024-01-08
statnet statnet, network analysis, simulation and visualization software, uses Trac as a wiki for installation instructions, tutorials and developer resources. 1.0 2016-09-20
Sugar Labs The Sugar learning platform for the One Laptop per Child XO-1 netbook uses Trac for bug tracking. 1.0.1 2015-04-02
svndigest We use subversion and Trac to maintain the development of svndigest: a tool for calculating statistics on a subversion repository. It works great. Thanks guys! 0.12.1 2015-04-02
Symfony Symfony is a web application framework written in PHP which follows the model-view-controller (MVC) paradigm. The symfony community wiki is hosted with Trac as well as tutorials and other documentation, a source browser and bug reports from the Trac ticket system. 0.10.42015-04-02
Tahoe-LAFS Tahoe-LAFS is an open source distributed, encrypted, filesystem. We use Trac with darcs to manage the Tahoe project itself, and operate Trac instances for numerous smaller projects, both our own and other people's projects. 1.0.1 2015-04-02
Tango Open Source project using D programming language, heavily modified theme. ? 2015-04-02
Tor Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security known as traffic analysis.1.22018-01-27
TRex We use Trac for our TRex project website. TRex is a refactoring and metrics tool for TTCN-3. 1.0.1 2015-04-02
Twisted An event-driven networking engine written in Python. 1.0.1 2015-05-18
VLC The VLC media player by VideoLAN uses Trac since 2005 with over 17'000 tickets due to its good support for custom fields. 1.2 2019-10-13
Warewulf Warewulf is a scalable systems management suite originally developed to manage large high-performance Linux clusters. 0.12.1 2018-08-18
WebKit WebKit is an open source web browser engine. Trac provides a Wiki and Git browser. 1.2.3 2019-10-13
WebLion WebLion is a collection of plugins that help fit Zope and Plone into Penn State's IT environment in particular and higher-ed situations in general. 1.0.1 2015-04-02
Wifidog We use Trac to manage the development of our premier Open Source captive portal solution, Wifidog. 0.11.7 2018-01-27
WLAN Ljubljana Open wireless network. We use Trac for our main home page and development. 0.11.? 2018-01-27
WordPress The WordPress publishing platform uses Trac for ticket management and as a source browser. There are also WordPress translations and WordPress.org website development. 1.0.1 2015-09-15
WordPress Plugin Repository A rich environment for developers to create and share their work on WordPress-related plugin development. 1.0.12015-09-15
WordPress themes The WordPress publishing platform uses Trac for ticket management and as a source browser. 1.0.1 2015-09-15
wxWidgets wxWidgets is a C++ library that lets developers create applications for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other platforms with a single code base. 1.0.2 2015-11-04
0 A.D. 0 A.D. is a free and open-source, real-time strategy game under development by Wildfire Games. 1.2.3 2019-07-28

Education and Governments using Trac

Institution or Authority Description Trac Version Reviewed
ANUGA We use Trac here at the Australian National University, Canberra. 2011-01-29
Bergische Universität Wuppertal The CINSim project is a simulator for Linux, designed to simulate and evaluate various types of network architectures based on atomic components such as switches and buffers. The first versions of CINSim have been developed at the Technische Universität Berlin. Since early 2009, its further development has been moved here, where the software is also hosted now. We use Trac to manage the whole development process. Great software! 0.122011-02-06
Brecht Schule Hamburg GmbH We use Trac in combination with email2trac internally to provide teachers and others with a ticket system for their complaints 1.0.13 2017-11-07
Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) DESI is a new instrument funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science and will enable an experiment to probe the expansion history of the Universe and the mysterious physics of dark energy. 1.0 2016-09-20
Fachhochschule Kärnten - Medical Information Technology Example link SCALA Project — We are using Trac and Subversion for the management of our student projects and also for project handling with our industrial partners. 1.0rc1 2011-02-04
Liberty Science Center We use Trac for our institutional wiki and all trouble tickets. 0.12 2012-11-11
Marquette University Student Media Student Media Interactive manages web services for all of Marquette Student Media and Trac is an excellent tool to keep our developers and Student Media Department managers in sync. 0.11 2011-07-01
University of Munich Trac is used for hosting a number of Trac plugins, among which the TracSVNAuthz plugin. 0.10.5 2015-05-01
NASA Langley Research Center We use Trac internally to provide lightweight project management coupled with SVN for our FUN3D (fun3d.larc.nasa.gov), LAURA, and HARA physics-based simulation codes. 2011-02-06
National Taiwan University (NTU), Taipei and National United University (NUU), Lienda There is a Trac installation hosted by NTU Physics department on behalf of the High Energy Group of NTU and NUU, that holds several projects with a main wiki at http://dayabay.phys.ntu.edu.tw/tracs/env . 0.11 2011-06-12
Ntrip OpenSource The project hosts bug tracker, wiki and SVN for the Ntrip related software development of the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy in Germany. 1.0.1 2013-07-08
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute RPI in Troy/NY/USA has several Trac applications running, i.e. for Tetherless World Constellation research focusing on the World Wide Web and its future use and some projects at The Computer Science Department. 0.11.3
Sandia National Laboratories Hosting several projects, including Acro and DAKOTA (software for optimization and uncertainty quantification), Pyomo (packages supporting optimization within Python), Kitten (a lightweight kernel (LWK) operating system for supercomputers), and the TicketModerator plugin for Trac. 0.11.7.snl3 2015-04-05
University Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France We use Trac to host our Boxtream free, autonomous, and versatile audio and video streaming solution, as well as some other non-publicly accessible software. 0.10.42011-01-29
University of Oxford Phoebe, a web application designed to provide inspiration and practical support for learning design, has been developed by a team from the Technology-Assisted Lifelong Learning unit (TALL) at Oxford University and Oxford University Computing Services (OUCS) with funding from the JISC Design for Learning programme. It is a Trac application, like seen in wiki docs and even has a separate site documenting the project itself. 0.12.22015-04-05

Companies using Trac

Project or Company Description Trac Version Reviewed
Advanced Network Devices (our devices are marked with the logos IPSpeaker.com and IPClock.com) Trac is used extensively in our product development and customer support workflows. 0.12 2011-11-02
Agile42 We use Trac to develop all our projects, we implemented Agilo for Scrum which is an "agile" extension of Trac, specialized in supporting the Scrum process. Agilo extends Trac in many parts to support the Backlog concept, the Sprint as a part of a Release (Milestone) and introduces also the concepts of Team and Team Members. Agilo adds a real Ticket Type System completely configurable and Linking between tickets, the semantics of the links and the rules are also completely configurable. 2011-01-05
Arenalogic Multiplayer Combat flight simulator game. We at arenalogic.com use Trac for wiki and project management on some of our projects. 2011-02-04
assembla.com They offer hosted Trac workspaces as well as alternate packages that include their own ticketing, code browser, and wiki tools. 0.12.32015-04-06
Bearstech (hosting provider) We use Trac to manage all our client projects, from application development to production. We've been using it for more than 2 years, have 50 heavy instances, and happily migrated to 0.11 recently. 0.12.22015-04-06
BCZ.com (Directory & Free Website Creation) We use Trac for deployment of software development for our clients. Trac offers a very solid option compared with other project management software out there and has proven to be very reliable under heavy frequent use. 0.12.22015-08-16
BitNami Provider of application stacks - integrated software bundles that include a web application and all of its required components in a native installer. Available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X they endorse the use of open source web applications. bitnami.org/stack/trac delivers Trac including SQLite, Subversion 1.7.1, Pygments 1.4, and Apache 2.2.21 . There are pre-configured virtual machine images based on a minimal Linux installation and a BitNami Stack, available for VMWare and the latest version of VirtualBox as well as BitNami Cloud Images for Amazon EC2, with planned support for additional 0.12.32012-02-08
bjoern hahnefeld IT Trac is used for documentation, as knowledge-base with snippets and issue tracking and project management. 2011-01-06
Bluetab Solutions We use Trac as a project management tool for ticketing, collaborative documentation, code browsing and planning for internal projects and customer projects. 1.0.92015-11-04
bo-tech We are a german it full-service company and use Trac since many years for most of our development projects. Since some months we are also using the Mercurial integration. We love Trac! 2011-01-29
Boreste - Embedded Systems We combine Trac and MPS.BR (Brazilian Software Process Model) to develop embedded systems. See more details in our use case report. 0.122011-01-07
coderesort.com The project will be used to share part of the code we write to build and operate CodeResort.com - some of it completely free and open, some shared as a service to our customers and the community. ??? 2015-06-22
codesion.com Free, simple hosted Trac and Subversion. It's no bullshit project hosting. 0.11.42011-01-31
Computer Science and Education Group Learning We use Trac and associated visualisations to support group work both in Computer Science programming projects and Education elearning. 0.10.4 2011-01-30
Coherent, Inc. We use several instances of Trac to manage internal software and hardware projects. Where appropriate we connect it to VisualSVN. 1.02014-05-06
Conseil Internet & Logiciels Libres, France We use Trac to host the development website of our PyKota, Tea4CUPS, pkpgcounter, pkipplib and PyKotIcon print accounting and printing-related software. 0.11rc12011-01-29
Coveros At www.coveros.com this company offers SecureCI™, an open-source continuous integration solution that combines "best of class open source products for source code control, build management, automated testing, security analysis, defect tracking, and project management", where Trac is responsible for project management. 0.11.52011-10-28
Digital Design Corporation We have many projects using Trac (over 150 Trac instances, though not all currently active), which range in scope from FPGA and PCB design to software and web development. Trac is an integral part of our quality process. We use a customized ticket workflow, ticket validation (plugin) and actually quite a few other plugins. 0.12 2011-11-02
DigitaleHeimat GmbH We use Trac for various self-coded Wordpress plugins on the website, have helped fixing current WP-Trac plugins, and use it in our internal project-management system. 0.12 2014-09-16
dm-p.de For tracking issues and software development we use Trac and Bugzilla - two amazing kinds of software we only can recommend. 2011-02-04
Dogon Guide We are using subversion and Trac, have been using it i.e. for the creation of our website dogon-guide.com . 2011-02-01
Drug and Alcohol Test We provide Florida Government regulated online drivers education course to 30,000 students every year. We use Trac and associated visualizations to design, develop and manage such a complex course and as well as providing support our students in elearning. 0.12.2 2013-01-11
DWT's Heavy Industries Homepage for me and my open source Projects, it's a testimony to how easy it is to bend Trac to what you want to do it. Which means for me to include a Blog, complete with commenting facility etc. 0.11.6 2011-03-08
Egosoft GmbH We're using Trac in combination with VisualSVN internally to provide us with a simple overview of our daily code changes during development. 0.12.2 2011-11-16
EngageMedia We use Trac both for our Plone development and non-tech related project management aspects. 0.122011-01-11
ESE Software We are a software company which develops online systems for financial markets; online trader and backoffice systems. We use Trac for bug tracking and project management. 0.11.7 2011-01-16
Exa-Omicron We use Trac and Subversion for every software project we develop for customers. We've setup a multi-site Trac and give the customer access to his own project. 0.11.5 2011-02-07
Exite We use Trac and Subversion in the development of our Smarty based CMS. 0.12 2011-02-05
Exoweb Agile Software Development based on Open Technologies 0.11.1 2011-02-05
FlyMine.org The FlyMine project is building an integrated database of genomic, expression and protein data for Drosophila and Anopheles and making this available to the worldwide research community via web and bioinformatics interfaces. We use Trac internally and hope to make it a public resource in the near future. 0.10.52011-01-30
forium.de We use Trac offered by assembla.com to manage our new development of Car Catalogue 0.11 2011-02-01
Gateworks We use it for ticket issuing, informational guide about our product, and our open source project hosting 0.12.2 2013-08-09
GipatGroup.org We just use it! 0.10.32011-01-29
hosted-projects.com alias svn-hosting.com We offer Trac as part of our project hosting solutions and our custom plugin development service is also available for non-customers. 2011-01-28
Insideable.com We use Trac for game planning and tracking user's stories in projects related to Neko, a high-level dynamically typed programming language which can also be used as an embedded scripting language, i.e. at http://trac.stickr.com/yousticker/ (access restricted). 0.11.62011-02-02
Interlegis We are using Trac since 2005 to organize our developers and users communities. 0.11.4 2011-01-16
Ischus Limited We at ischus.com use Trac with Subversion internally and accessible on the internet by our clients at http://www.ischus.net via a login page. We use the wiki for recording important information about the project, the ticketing system to control the software writing and some clients access the SVN repository using Trac. We've made a small patch to Trac for complete isolation of our clients so that they cannot even see each others existence. 0.8.42011-02-11
JavaParty Java's Companion for Distributed Computing allows easy porting of multi-threaded Java programs to distributed environments such as clusters. The public area of the site exposes Trac tickets, wiki for documentation, and provides some Trac customizations and plugins like TracRedirect, maintained by Thomas Moschny, as well. 0.10.52011-07-25
Just Dial Pvt. Limited Just Dial is India's No.1 Local Search Engine. We use Trac for Change Management, Bug Tracking & Task Management 0.12 2011-03-02
konplan gmbh We're using Trac for managing software projects of several embedded linux driven medical devices. 2011-01-16
Math2Market GmbH We use Trac with SVN for developing the GeoDict Software 1.2.5 2022-11-08
Mediaup Crossmedia We use Trac for the backend. With the open source version we try to improve our backend system like the knowledge base or our crm system. 2011-01-28
Neodata Group We use trac for all maintainace in our adserver platform [ad.agio]. 0.11.7 2012-04-18
Netrino.net We use Trac to make our development process more efficient and able to respond to client needs quickly. We love it. 2011-02-11
Neurowork.net For internal development and integration with subversion we use Trac in several projects. Actually we create a Trac for each internal customer to develop the projects and we have promoted Trac in several projects in the past with a lot of partners and we have used in projects with companies as Vodafone, Telefonica, Cenatic, etc. 2011-01-28
Norfello Oy NorfelloCMMS OS is a powerful web-based CMMS application. It offers asset based functionality for managing work orders, reports, file attachments and asset information. 0.10 2011-07-24
Sofortkredit We use Trac for managment of our Free Credit Lead-system. 0.10 2013-02-22
PowerFolder Our project is using Trac as main bug, feature and task tracker as well as a roadmap for our end users and a wiki for our developers. 0.12.12011-01-06
Nainwak's World We use Trac for managment of our Free Internet Game 0.12.1 2011-01-20
Online Kredit Index We use Trac for kreditexperte.net's backend. With the open source version we try to improve our backend system like the knowlegebase or our CRM system. 2011-02-11
Open Planet Software We're a UK based Mac and iPhone software development company and Trac is installed internally on one of our development servers. It's hooked up to our Open Directory for authentication and to our SVN repository. We use the roadmap and ticketing system the most. We find Trac to be very simple, efficient and effective compared to what we were using before. 0.11.42011-01-06
OpenSAF OpenSAF is an open source project established to develop a base platform middleware consistent with Service Availability™ Forum (SA Forum™) specifications, under the LGPLv2.1 license. 0.11.72012-10-28
OSHEAN, Inc. (communications provider) We use Trac to manage our Nautilus and Periscope projects. Nautilus is a security appliance developed by OSHEAN to provide OSHEAN members with powerful tools for monitoring their networks. Periscope is a rewrite of the popular free-software project IP-Audit in Common Lisp. 0.11.12011-01-29
PhysioSonics, Inc. We are a medical device manufacturing company developing a blood flow monitor for neurological applications. We use Trac and Subversion for configuration management and change control for the development of an FDA regulated device. We are currently using over 50 plug-ins and macros. Trac acts as a central source for documentation, project management, issue tracking, source control and build management. 1.0.9 2016-02-15
Island Ink-Jet Use Trac within our Help Desk to provide customer technical support. 2013-05-30
PKG.fr French consultants specialized in OSS support, we use a french Trac translation (source availability in the site) to promote our OSS contribution, manage dedicated and secured client relation sites and our own public wiki. See http://source.pkg.fr too. 0.11.7 custom2011-01-29
PetaMem RCS for our own AI software development (mostly Perl) using Trac and Subversion 0.12.x2012-10-12
Chemistry IYC 2011 Trac is used internally for software development & project management 2013-05-30
ProjectLocker We host over 100,000 instances of Trac for software development teams around the world. 0.11.7, 1.0.1 2014-10-08
Qube Software We are using Trac to manage development for all our projects at qubesoft.com, including the Q Engine and Lego Digital Designer. We've even passed on this habit to some of our customers, including Earthsim (earthsim.tv) and Near (nearglobal.com). 2011-02-04
Qype We've used Trac since day one to build Qype sites across Europe! The SVN integration is great. 2011-01-11
Reo Coordination Language (research project) We use Trac to manage the development of our Eclipse-based tools and as a wiki for our research project. 0.11.12011-01-29
Reset We use Trac as bug tracking system for all our software developments. 1.0.12 2019-03-07
Riomar, Henrik He uses a public Trac wiki for documenting own experiences with Debian, OpenBSD and Ubuntu and even for own software (simpleproxy). 0.11.12011-02-12
SaaS Web Internet Solutions GmbH We use Trac for some of our internal projects but also propose a hosted Trac product for software development companies based on the SaaS model 2014-05-02
SamaSoft Co. Ltd. We use Trac & mercurial for internal CI and software development. 0.122011-07-19
Sector 31 For our web development we started using Trac shortly after switching to Subversion and continue to use it at s31.cz for internal project documentation. 2011-02-06
SoftwareEntwicklung Beratung Schulung We offer Trac/Subversion/GForge Hosting opportunities. 2011-01-29
SolDevelo We are using Trac to manage our internal processes as well as our open source projects: DAC 0.11.? 2011-01-04
SIXNET We use Trac as a task management, project management, and bug tracking system for our software and firmware development0.11.62011-01-04
SpectSoft We are using Trac in a couple of ways. First for our programmers, who use it in conjunction with subversion and second for all documentation and website creation. We wrote a script that crawls through our documentation in the wiki and creates pages for our site. custom2011-02-06
soXes GmbH We are an individual software development specialist. We use Trac including a number of Trac-Hacks and SVN as light-weigh PM-TOOL for all our projects which we implement according to xRum (our own flavour of scrum)1.02012-11-23
spmpt.org They sell easily deploy-able Mac OS X packages of Subversion with web server, apache modules, python binding and SVN client, using Trac with MySQL database backend as bug tracker, repository browser and wiki. 0.12.22012-01-22
Strangecode Internet Consultancy Strangecode loves Trac! We use Trac for all own custom web applications. We also offer Trac and Subversion to all our web hosting customers — Strangecode + Trac = happy developers! 2011-01-09
64 Studio Ltd. Our PDK, the 64 Studio Platform Development Kit (PDK), is a Free Software tool that we use to automate the production and maintenance of several different projects. PDK is a kind of version control system for distributions, allowing us to create and manage many different custom products based on Debian and Ubuntu sources. It has been started after the closure of Progeny Linux. 0.11.72011-01-31
TechCollective A worker-owned tech support co-op. We use Trac to manage our repair queue. We also make use of the wiki as a collaboration tool and knowledge base. 2011-02-02
Test Maschinen Technik GmbH Trac is the project management system that drives all our software projects. We are developing eddy current systems for non destructive testing of diverse parts from heat exchanger tubes (eddyMax-tubeMax) to storage tank floors (SLOFEC). 2011-02-01
true global communications GmbH This company generously does free hosting of the server running trac-hacks.org and madwifi-project.org. They use Trac internally for several purposes too. 2011-01-11
TVfacts.de We use Trac for our developers as well as bug tracking and ticketing. 2011-01-25
Vodacom Internal Software Development 1.0.1 2013-08-29
Unixservice.com We provide DNS, Mail, HTTP, RADIUS, SQL and other mission critical cluster systems for ASPs, corporate WANs or ISPs. As well as custom C/C++ programming. We use Trac to manage all our projects, ISP maintenance and support and development. 0.11.32016-02-14
Voluna Software Limited / Xinit Systems Limited, UK We are a Linux-based server and storage vendor company (Xinit Systems). We are spinning off a new company called Voluna Software which uses Trac during development of its open source storage management project called Openfiler, which is available under the GNU GPL license. 0.9.62011-01-30
webfaction.com Offers web hosting with a selection of one-click application installers, including Trac with Git plugin. 0.122012-01-22
WebLOQ, Inc We have been using Trac+SVN for the past year and a half and love it. It was so easy to setup and is now vital to our development process. We track every detail of our environment on the Wiki. We also use the Trac bug system and reference all Trac checkin through SVN in our checkin mails. 2011-01-09
Wetzlmayr We use Trac as a SVN web interface for both our open-source Textpattern plugins and managing customer projects (in a non-public Trac at trac.wetzlmayr.at/) since more than 2 years now. 2011-02-01
Znergis We use Trac+SVN to manage all our software development projects and Trac was nimble enough to work with our adaptive Znergis Assurance Framework. 2011-02-04
Zuercher Technologies We use Trac and subversion internally to manage our development and provide everyone here at zuerchertech.com great visibility into our SVN repositories. 2011-02-06
CEBORA S.p.A. We use Trac from 2010 to manage the development of the firmware of all our power sources. 1.0.1 2014-03-20
Clevertim CRM !Simple CRM for small businesses. Use Trac for internal support and knowledge base. 1.0.12014-05-08
Al-Elm Information Security Company Workforce Mobilisation. Trac has been integral in ensuring that all project documentation/reference data is available and live. We have linked the client, developers, architects and key stakeholders to be able to remotely use Trac to gauge project deliverables making the project delivery truly streamlined. 1.0.02014-05-22

International Organisations using Trac

Project Description Trac Version Reviewed
United Nations Office at Geneva The Information and Communications Technology Service uses Trac and SVN to manage development and documentation. 0.11.3
IRTF / IETF The Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) focuses on longer term research issues related to the Internet while the parallel organization, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), focuses on the shorter term issues of engineering and standards making. 0.12.3 2015-04-02

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