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Trac Hosting & Commercial Services

If you provide Trac hosting services, feel free to add yourself to this list. Please limit your entries to a link and optionally a short note about your services and how they are related to Trac.

These services are not officially supported or endorsed by the TracTeam or EdgewallSoftware.


These sites provide Trac and Subversion/Git/Mercurial/Bazaar hosting for various types of projects.

Free for Open Source

  • Trac Hacks: hosting for open-source Trac plugins, macros, and other customizations;
  • mysvn.ru: simple svn & Trac hosting in Russia with free hosting of 20Mb;
  • USLA (Free Software Users Argentina): svn, hg, git, bzr & Trac hosting for Argentina free software projects;
  • SourceForge.net: single Trac instance per project through Hosted Apps offering. "Browse Source" support only Subversion repositories (but SourceForge also offer Git/Mercurial/Bazaar repositories). Export/backup, XMLRPC. Used Trac version Offer retired on 2014-06-19.
  • altraNet: free Trac-hosting for Italian Free Software projects;
  • opensvn.ru: free svn & trac hosting for Russian opensource projects;


comfortable webdeveloper surrounding

  • devZing.com: Trac, Subversion, Bugzilla & MantisBT hosting - fast support, instant deployment.
  • lcube-webhosting.de: Subversion, Trac, Jira, Redmine, Bugzilla, Subversion Hooks and much more. Starting at 2,49 EUR/month. Hosting made in Germany!
  • ProjectHut: Reliable Subversion, Trac & WebDAV hosting. Affordable plans with hourly off-site backups.
  • CVSDude: Specializing in Professional SVN & CVS Hosting; Subversion+Trac+Bugzilla (forwards to cloudforge).
  • ProjectLocker: SVN + enhanced Trac, instant setup, free 200 MB plan, paid plans starting at $19/month
  • SVNRepository.com: Affordable professional Trac / Subversion / Bugzilla hosting.
  • wush.net: Professional hosting and support for SVN + Trac.
  • DevGuard.com: Professional Subversion and Trac hosting. Easy to use web Control Panel.
  • Hermann Husen (Germany): Managed hosting for Trac and Subversion.
  • RepositoryHosting.com: "No Nonsense" Trac, Git, Subversion, and Mercurial hosting for $6/month, with unlimited projects, users, and repositories. Includes 2GB, SSL, and unlimited free backups. Note: No public "register" function available.
  • SaaS-Secure.com: Subversion and of course Trac Hosting. Start at 0.99€/month, with unlimited projects, users, and repositories. Many useful features optional available.
  • XP-Dev.com: Free and commercial Trac Hosting integrated with SVN.
  • rt-labs.com: Swedish company offering a hosted environment for embedded software development. Based on Trac, Subversion and Bitten. Eclipse based desktop frontend.
  • RoseHosting.com: Our Linux virtual servers are perfect for your Trac software. Our Trac Hosting provides everything you need, including a free installation of Trac to get your website up and running in no time.
  • Freepository: SVN + Trac. Built on top of Trac.
  • subversion-server.de Subversion, Trac, Bugzilla, hooks and individual hosting plans. Starting at 3,00 EUR. German hoster~~
  • A2 Hosting — Use the exclusive A2 Quickinstaller to install Trac to your CentOS or Fedora VPS fast.
  • Akiri Solutions — All-in-one Trac and git source control repositories with easy all-web UI, auto backup, file sharing and authentication.
  • Assembla - Instant Trac+Subversion plus complete services for building and managing distributed software teams. Allow Trac and Subversion import. Help and Video Tutorials
  • Devolver.hu — Fully automatized SVN/Trac hosting (the frontend is currently accessible only in hungarian)
  • ElasticHosts - CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu cloud servers with swift Trac install
  • IT Future AG Germany — Hosting and Consulting for Trac and Subversion
  • Nine Internet Solutions AG (Switzerland) — Subversion and Trac Hosting with SSH and WebDAV Access.
  • DevjaVu - Killer integrated Trac and SVN. Awesome premium plans as well as free account
  • iinix - Installation, configuration and customization support for Trac, as well as hosted solution.
  • Wikihosting.nl - Managed TracWiki hosting on shared hosting, virtual servers and dedicated servers. Packages starting from €11,95 per month. Managed SVN optionally hosted on request.
  • DreamHost - "One-Click" Trac+Subversion, including mod_dav_svn. Manual Trac setup has been possible in the past, via very flexible web administration or SSH administration options.

Virtual/Shared hosting

These are general hosting providers where users have successfully installed Trac.

Note: entries added to this section should contain a link to site-specific instructions for setting up Trac.


Companies providing development of custom Trac features and enhancements.

  • klicap - ingeniería del puzle: We want to help you for all your needs related to Trac (custom plugin development, skins, integration of different third party applications and learning).
  • rt-labs.com - Swedish company offering a hosted environment for embedded software development. Based on Trac, Subversion and Bitten. Eclipse based desktop frontend.
  • THR Support: We will install, update, configure, maintain and support Trac for your company. We'll build custom plugins, we'll migrate your Trac and we can provide consulting for your Trac plans and workflow. We offer everything-Trac. Contact us for a free quote.
  • Linux Stans Support: We provide Trac installation, configuration, maintenance, security, and 24/7 support. For Linux servers only.
  • Wikihosting.nl — Development of plugins and skins. Building of complete development environments with a staging and production environment.

Virtual Appliances

Companies providing virtual appliances for Trac.

  • BitNami: ready-to-use: Apache + Python + Trac + SVN
    • as Native stack (Windows, Linux, Mac), in a VMware box or in the Amazon EC2 cloud - Bitnami Trac Stack
    • at no charge
    • including Babel for internationalization
    • fast & good email support
    • Commercial service with BitNami Cloud Hosting, free developer plan available.
  • TurnKey Linux: Preconfigured Trac instance with support for Git, Bazaar, Mercurial and Subversion.

See also: TracSupport, TracUsers

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