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Trac Hosting & Commercial Services

If you provide Trac hosting services, feel free to add yourself to this list. Please limit your entries to a link and optionally a short note about your services and how they are related to Trac.


These sites provide Trac and Subversion/Git/Mercurial/Bazaar hosting for various types of projects.

Free for Open Source

  • Trac Hacks: hosting for open-source Trac plugins, macros, and other customizations;
  • WebFaction: free Trac and Subversion or Git hosting for active, open-source Python projects;
  • mysvn.ru: simple svn & Trac hosting in Russia with free hosting of 20Mb;
  • USLA (Free Software Users Argentina): svn, hg, git, bzr & Trac hosting for Argentina free software projects;
  • SourceForge.net: single Trac instance per project through Hosted Apps offering. "Browse Source" support only Subversion repositories (but SourceForge also offer Git/Mercurial/Bazaar repositories). Export/backup, XMLRPC. Used Trac version Offer retired on 2014-06-19.
  • altraNet: free Trac-hosting for Italian Free Software projects;
  • opensvn.ru: free svn & trac hosting for Russian opensource projects;


  • demobereich: Subversion and Trac for free and a lot of additional services for a comfortable webdeveloper surrounding
  • devZing.com: Trac, Subversion, Bugzilla & MantisBT hosting - fast support, instant deployment.
  • lcube-webhosting.de: Subversion, Trac, Jira, Redmine, Bugzilla, Subversion Hooks and much more. Starting at 2,49 EUR/month. Hosting made in Germany!
  • ProjectHut: Reliable Subversion, Trac & WebDAV hosting. Affordable plans with hourly off-site backups.
  • SourceHosting.net, LLC: Providing Subversion repositories and Trac hosting, technical support and professional services to software development teams.
  • CVSDude: Specializing in Professional SVN & CVS Hosting; Subversion+Trac+Bugzilla (forwards to cloudforge).
  • ProjectLocker: SVN + enhanced Trac, instant setup, free 200 MB plan, paid plans starting at $19/month
  • SVNRepository.com: Affordable professional Trac / Subversion / Bugzilla hosting.
  • WebFaction: See how Trac and Git/SVN install with one click. $9.50/month or less in USA, EU, Asia. 60-day unconditional guarantee.
  • hosted-projects.com: Company specialized in Subversion + Trac + Bugzilla project hosting and Services.
  • wush.net: Professional hosting and support for SVN + Trac.
  • CodeResort.com: Secure project environments for corporate and community source projects.
  • ProSVN.org: Subversion and Trac Hosting with also free account available (en/fr).
  • DevGuard.com: Professional Subversion and Trac hosting. Easy to use web Control Panel.
  • Hermann Husen (Germany): Managed hosting for Trac and Subversion.
  • RepositoryHosting.com: "No Nonsense" Trac, Git, Subversion, and Mercurial hosting for $6/month, with unlimited projects, users, and repositories. Includes 2GB, SSL, and unlimited free backups. Note: No public "register" function available.
  • SaaS-Secure.com: Subversion and of course Trac Hosting. Start at 0.99€/month, with unlimited projects, users, and repositories. Many useful features optional available.
  • XP-Dev.com: Free and commercial Trac Hosting integrated with SVN.
  • rt-labs.com: Swedish company offering a hosted environment for embedded software development. Based on Trac, Subversion and Bitten. Eclipse based desktop frontend.
  • RoseHosting.com: Our Linux virtual servers are perfect for your Trac software. Our Trac Hosting provides everything you need, including a free installation of Trac to get your website up and running in no time.
  • Freepository: SVN + Trac. Built on top of Trac.
  • subversion-server.de Subversion, Trac, Bugzilla, hooks and individual hosting plans. Starting at 3,00 EUR. German hoster~~
  • A2 Hosting — Use the exclusive A2 Quickinstaller to install Trac to your CentOS or Fedora VPS fast.
  • Akiri Solutions — All-in-one Trac and git source control repositories with easy all-web UI, auto backup, file sharing and authentication.
  • Assembla - Instant Trac+Subversion plus complete services for building and managing distributed software teams. Allow Trac and Subversion import. Help and Video Tutorials
  • Devolver.hu — Fully automatized SVN/Trac hosting (the frontend is currently accessible only in hungarian)
  • ElasticHosts - CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu cloud servers with swift Trac install
  • IT Future AG Germany — Hosting and Consulting for Trac and Subversion
  • Nine Internet Solutions AG (Switzerland) — Subversion and Trac Hosting with SSH and WebDAV Access.
  • DevjaVu - Killer integrated Trac and SVN. Awesome premium plans as well as free account
  • iinix - Installation, configuration and customization support for Trac, as well as hosted solution.
  • Wikihosting.nl - Managed TracWiki hosting on shared hosting, virtual servers and dedicated servers. Packages starting from €11,95 per month. Managed SVN optionally hosted on request.
  • DreamHost - "One-Click" Trac+Subversion, including mod_dav_svn. Manual Trac setup has been possible in the past, via very flexible web administration or SSH administration options.

Virtual/Shared hosting

These are general hosting providers where users have successfully installed Trac.

Note: entries added to this section should contain a link to site-specific instructions for setting up Trac.


Companies providing development of custom Trac features and enhancements.

  • hosted-projects.com: Custom plugin development, migration services and general Trac consulting.
  • klicap - ingeniería del puzle: We want to help you for all your needs related to Trac (custom plugin development, skins, integration of different third party applications and learning).
  • rt-labs.com - Swedish company offering a hosted environment for embedded software development. Based on Trac, Subversion and Bitten. Eclipse based desktop frontend.
  • Wikihosting.nl — Development of plugins and skins. Building of complete development environments with a staging and production environment.

Virtual Appliances

Companies providing virtual appliances for Trac.

  • BitNami: ready-to-use: Apache + Python + Trac + SVN
    • as Native stack (Windows, Linux, Mac), in a VMware box or in the Amazon EC2 cloud - Bitnami Trac Stack
    • at no charge
    • including Babel for internationalization
    • fast & good email support
    • Commercial service with BitNami Cloud Hosting, free developer plan available.

Speaking of "jumpbox", I've just seen this in the "Ads by Google" sidebar:

Installing Trac Sucks

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  • Clinker Virtual Appliance: Integrated Software Development Ecosystem. Based on Open Source tools like Subversion, Git, Trac, Jenkins, Nexus and Sonar.
  • TurnKey Linux: Preconfigured Trac instance with support for Git, Bazaar, Mercurial and Subversion.
  • http://www.akirisolutions.com — All-in-one Trac and git source control repositories with easy all-web UI, auto backup, file sharing and authentication. Download and up and running in 2 minutes.

These services are not officially supported or endorsed by the TracTeam or EdgewallSoftware.

See also: TracSupport, TracUsers

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