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Swedish Trac Terms

This is the Swedish translation of some terms used in Trac.

Translation of Trac to sv was first made in 0.12, but is still in-progress, please see #5487 and the change proposals section below. Contributions can also be provided through Transifex.

Comments are welcome.

Translation conventions

Many English words and terms used by Trac may in general be expressed in several ways in Swedish.

The following translation conventions are therefore applied to the Swedish locale of Trac 1.0 to give the user a consistent, clear and professional impression.

See also Transifex Swedish Glossary.


English Swedish Comment
action åtgärd
attach File bifoga fil (0.12: Bifoga bilaga)
attachment bilaga
available tillgänglig
author författare
blame ändringar per rad Ref: TSVN translation
branch gren Ref: TSVN translation
browse bläddra
browse source arkiv (0.12: Förrådet, Visa förrådet)
browser webbläsare
changeset ändring
colon-separated kolonseparerad
comma-separated kommaseparerad
committer "den som ändrar i arkivet"
completed avklarad When used with milestones
default förval, förvald, förinställning, förinställd, förinställt, standard Context dependent translation
default repository standardarkiv
delete radera Only for "Delete" alone
delete … ta bort …
directory katalog
disable inaktivera
drop down menu rullgardinsmeny
due förfallodatum When used with milestones
edit redigera
e-mail, email e-post See http://www.sprakradet.se/2455#item104400
enable aktivera
entry post
environment variable miljövariabel
environment Trac-miljö The word "Environment" often denotes the Trac env. Be explicit about that in Swe version
fold kollapsa Fold directory: Kollapsa katalog (0.12: Fäll ihop katalog)
grant bevilja
Help/Guide Hjälp/Guide Perhaps the appropriate translation is "Hjälp/guide" (no capital in "Guide"). Does anyone have a preference here?
hide dölj
history historik
invalid ogiltig
irreversible oåterkallelig
line rad
login logga in
manage hantera
mapping mappning
matches träffar The context of this word is "counting hits"
merge sammanfoga (0.12: Slå samman)
merged sammanfogad(e) (0.12: Sammanslagen)
milestone milstolpe
modify ändra
new ticket nytt ärende
notification avisering
operation åtgärd
option alternativ
path sökväg
permission behörighet
plugin insticksmodul
preferences inställningar
preview förhandsgranska
privileges rättigheter (0.12: crappy translation)
progress bar förloppsindikator
properties egenskaper Tickets: Uppgifter
recent changes senaste ändringar
remove ta bort
rename byt namn
reporter reporter (Same word is appropriate Swedish)
repository arkiv (0.12: Förråd)
repository browser arkivbläddrare (0.12: Förrådsvisare)
revoke återkalla (0.12: Häva)
roadmap tidsplan See http://www.sprakradet.se/2113#item100800
resolution utfall When closing a ticket (0.12: Lösning)
revision ändring
search sök
settings inställningar
severity allvarlighetsgrad
start Page startsida
submit spara
syntax highlighting syntaxmarkering
tabular tabellformat (0.12: Tabell)
tag(s) märke(n) Ref: SVN translation
tagged markerad Ref: TSVN translation
ticket ärende
timeline tidslinje Tidslinje is used by Facebook (0.12: Händelser)
toggle dölj/visa
unified diff "unified diff" (Not translated since this denotes a named format)
update uppdatera
valid giltig
view tickets visa ärenden
wiki wiki
wildcard jokertecken


English Swedish Comment
… does not exist … finns ej
…: expected …, got … …: förväntade …, erhöll …
…: expected one of …, got … …: förväntade en av …, erhöll …
… has been deleted … har tagits bort
… not found … hittades ej
… (which is the default) … (vilket är standard)
About Trac Om Trac
changed <relative time> by … ändrad för <relative time> sedan av …
changed <absolute time> by … ändrad den <absolute time> av …
could not … kunde ej …
blank line tomrad
default … standard… Two words in English, typically translated to one composed word in Swedish. Example:
Default repository — Standardarkivet
reached milestone avklarad milstolpe
white space blanktecken

Change proposals for Trac 1.0

The table below summarizes change proposals of the Swedish translation, currently part of Trac 0.12.3, to be implemented in 1.0.

You are invited to add your own suggestions, or just vote, in the table below.


English 0.12.3 1.0 Comment Vote ±
Browse Source Visa förrådet Visa källkod -1: See here for arguments +1/-1
Source Förråd Källkod -1: See here for arguments +1/-1


English 0.12.3 1.0 Comment Vote ±

References to other Swedish translations

Subversion (SVN)
TortoiseSVN (TSVN)
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