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Change History for TracL10N/DiscussionDe

Version Date Author Comment
22 5 years Jörg Schulz <jschulz@…> add page outline
21 9 years Steffen Hoffmann Empfehlung von Felix Schwarz
20 10 years anonymous
19 10 years Felix Schwarz added current state of discussion for l10n/de: annotate
18 10 years Steffen Hoffmann update an external reference
17 11 years Steffen Hoffmann add hint regarding upcoming support for doc strings of options
16 11 years fbrettschneider@…
15 11 years Felix Schwarz l10n/de: added section for blame/annotate
14 11 years Steffen Hoffmann comment moved in from TracTermsDe
13 12 years hasienda <hoff.st@…> add more notes and observations from use of current German translation
12 12 years hasienda <hoff.st@…> added new German PO file info, corrected typos, added another resource link
11 12 years hasienda <hoff.st@…> added question about missing msgctxt
10 12 years hasienda <hoff.st@…> added another suggested translations for ticket and changeset
9 12 years hasienda <hoff.st@…> added another resource for discussion and reference
8 12 years hasienda <hoff.st@…> added term 'ticket' for discussion
7 12 years hasienda <hoff.st@…> did some minor editorial changes, mustly regarding usage of i18n/l10n
6 12 years hasienda <hoff.st@…> added a related wiki pages section
5 12 years hasienda <hoff.st@…> added latest po file commit
4 12 years hasienda <hoff.st@…> corrected some typos, other cosmetic changes
3 12 years hasienda <hoff.st@…> added more history content and more editorial changes
2 12 years hasienda <hoff.st@…> added some details to history section, testing 0.12 wiki advanced wiki …
1 12 years hasienda <hoff.st@…> initial design and content