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Advanced Notification enhancements

This proposal is partially implemented. See implementation status in the individual #Topics.


The TracNotification system has not kept up with the requirements that users, administrators and developers have. The th:AnnouncerPlugin was developed to provide a more flexible notification system.

An alternative proposal to replace the TracNotification system with the AnnouncerPlugin has existed for some years.


Improve the TracNotification system by:

  • Deprecating the inflexible Notify class hierarchy.
  • Adding new infrastructure (based on AnnouncerPlugin's proven design where appropriate) on a topic-by-topic basis.
  • Adopting some general advanced features.
  • Enabling plugins to provide more experimental or very specific features.

Coexistence with Announcer

This proposal would not integrate or replace Announcer as a whole. Future versions of Announcer would ideally be compatible with new TracNotification system and rebase additional non-core features on the new core infrastructure.

Future versions of announcer could also provide upgrade paths from older versions of the plugin to the new core infrastructure.

Database tables, configuration sections and extensions points adopted in core from Announcer may best be renamed to avoid confusion and upgrade troubles (especially when slightly modified).

See th:ticket:12120


Preliminary refactorings

Extension API for (mail) distribution

Extension API for subscriptions

Modular preference pages

Advanced subscriptions


On-site notifications

Permission filters

HTML emails

Wiki notifications

  • Related tickets: #1660
  • Status:
    • Feel free to start working on this.

Attachment notifications

  • Related tickets: #2259, #6069
  • Status:
    • DONE Independent implementation of ticket attachment notifications from scratch, see #2259.
    • Wiki attachment notifications (#6069) only make sense once wiki notifications are implemented.

Background delivery thread


  • Related tickets: #4931
  • Status:
    • Not ready for integration in Trac, see comments in #4931.
    • Probably obsolete assuming STARTTLS became pervasive.
    • Feel free to start working on this.


  • Related tickets: #8294
  • Status:
    • Not ready for integration in Trac.
    • Feel free to start working on this.
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