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Automatic builds

Automatic builds for the Linux, MacOS and Windows platforms are run on GitHub Actions. The configuration is defined in trunk/.github/workflows/build.yml:

Build status
Build status
Build status
Build status

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The status of the continuous integration services can be checked on GitHub Status

Static code analysis is run on Code Climate:



Notes: notifications from GitHub Actions are not currently sent to trac-builds mailing list.

Trac-Builds is a mailing list for build failure notifications and announcements about changes in the automated build infrastructure. This list is read-only. Archive

Previous automatic builds

Trac was previously built on Travis CI and Appveyor.

Trac was previously built on BuildBot, coordinated through Bitten and the Python Community Buildbots. This is described in a previous version of this page. See also the Buildbots section of the Unit tests page.

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