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Note that Bitten is disabled

Automatic builds

For official build status, see the Trac Buildbot. If you would like to contribute a builder, contact us on IrcChannel or MailingList.

Build configurations

The following build configurations are currently set up:

NameOSPythonDatabaseSVN bindingsBuild slave providerComment
UbuntuUbuntu 9.04 amd642.4-2.6SQLite1.5.4TimHatch
OS XOS X py25, py24/26 from python.org
FreeBSDFreeBSD 7.2 amd642.5-2.6SQLite1.6.6TimHatchTesting odd genshi + lxml
win7Windows 7 32-bit2.6SQLite???TimHatchPython issue 6906

This Trac instance would normally be coordinating automatic builds of Trac through a Bitten build master. This caused unusually high database load, so is currently disabled.

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