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Most Frequently Reported Bugs in Trac

We have lots of tickets and lots of users, so some bugs will be reported multiple times. Here's a short list of the issues with a pathologically high duplicate rate:

#3446: OperationalError: database is locked (see all)

This used to be an issue when using Trac in combination with the SQLite database. The problem has been fixed in Trac version 0.12 and above.

However if you continue to see the issue in later versions of Trac you will need to switch to MySQL or PostgreSQL. See DatabaseBackend#DatabaseConversion for more information.

More information on this issue can be found on the following pages:

A more scary variant of this issue is #4929, where the lock situation seems to persist and needs a server restart. This situation is rare, however.

#3839: Authentication information not available. (see all)

This message indicates that no authentication information has been setup for the server. How to actually set it depends on the actual form of the deployment, as mentioned in the FAQ.

This issue and its troubleshooting steps are documented in TracInstall and other places.

#3371: RuntimeError: instance.__dict__ not accessible in restricted mode (see all)

A problem inherent to the SWIG-based Subversion bindings when they are used from multiple Python interpreters in the same process. That situation can happen when the Trac server front-end is mod_python or mod_wsgi. See TracSubversion#instance-dict-restricted-mode for the mod_python instructions and IntegrationWithTrac for the mod_wsgi instructions.

#4365: "HTMLParseError: bad end tag" (see all)

SilverCity has a bug which is fixed in its version 0.9.7. SilverCity support has been removed as of Trac 1.1.3.

#6976 TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'NoneType' objects (see all)

This is a bug in the th:GitPlugin for Trac on nonexistent paths, see th:ticket:2671.

#9403: ValueError: timestamp out of range for platform time_t (see all)

This is not a bug, but an installation issue. This is typically seen when upgrading a Trac installation to 0.12 then downgrading to 0.11 again. During the upgrade, the timestamps previously stored as number of seconds since Unix epoch were converted to microseconds. If the Trac 0.11 code sees that database again, it won't be able to deal with these larger values correctly and will throw this error.

Make sure you're using Trac 0.12, or at worst, revert to the backup database generated during the upgrade.

#5028: TracError: Unsupported version control system "svn" (see all)

This is an installation issue. The error means that for some reason, the Python bindings to the Subversion libraries couldn't be found or loaded. The error message has been improved, so this issue is less frequently reported now (#6796).

The TracSubversion page provides detailed troubleshooting information. If this problem happens in Trac 0.11, it will only be reported as a warning for non-repository related pages.

#4311: 'cStringIO.StringO' object has no attribute 'len' (see all)

Attaching files won't work with Trac < 0.10.4 and Python 2.5. This was a compatibility issue with Python 2.5, which was reported and fixed. Upgrade to the newest version of Trac.

#11345: 'AttributeError: NullTranslationsBabel instance has no attribute 'isactive' with Babel 1.3 (see all)

This issue is fixed for Trac 1.1.2/1.0.2/0.12.6 and above.

#791: Login/logout, authentication, and authorization (see all)

After clicking "Logout", the user is still logged in, which is a browser issue and not under Trac's control. The root cause is with the HTTP authentication scheme itself, and there is no fix in Trac that can be implemented. There is currently no workaround (JavaScript or other) that works with all major browsers. Use ​th:AccountManagerPlugin or ask your users to use a different browser.

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