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TracGuide for 0.12

This part of the wiki was dedicated to the preparation of the TracGuide for the 0.12 release.

This preparation phase is now over, the pages are now used to gather contributions specific to the 0.12 version of the pages, as 1.4 is now the default stable version.

Review Guidelines

This was a Q/A session between our main reviewer (big thanks for your thorough work by the way!) and us, which can be kept as a reference for future review processes.

  • mark.m.mcmahon: Would you suggest the following:
    • Review the diff for each page that was copied (spelling, grammar, technical)
    • Review the page as a whole, formatting, etc
      • cboos: Indeed, that would be my preferred way. Spelling and grammar fixes should be done straight ahead, no need to discuss them of course, the same for formatting fixes I suppose. Suggestions for documentation changes, additions or clarifications (or simplifications!) could be done in a variety of ways, just be creative! For example:
        • add a === Discussion section at the bottom, with your remarks or additions
        • add #!div in place with some distinctive style, e.g.
          {{{#!div style="background:#efe"
          Addition: / Rewrite:  / ... 

          Addition: / Rewrite: / …

        • in place italics may not stand out distinctive enough from the original documentation, you could use [[span(style=background:#efe, Also mention...)]] Also mention…
        • … or much simpler, none of the above, just boldly change the documentation if you think you can make an improvement (we'll notice the change and review the differences anyway)
    • does it make sense to log a bitesize, documentation bug for each doc review task?
      • cboos: I don't think so, I think it'll be more effective to collaborate on the document in place
  • rblank: I would suggest starting with the pages under 0.12, proofread whole pages (spelling, grammar, consistency, obsolete text) and fix things as you go along. You may want to open a single "Documentation review" ticket to document your progress for others potential reviewers (and get attribution!).

Note: if needed, this page can still be used to discuss further details regarding the review process for 0.12. For discussing the TracGuide in general there's also the more generic page TracProject/DefaultWikiPages.

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