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1.0 is the current stable version of Trac

These notes reflect the final status.


  1. Prerequisites
    1. Modified Dependencies
      1. jQuery and jQuery UI (bundled)
      2. Babel (optional)
      3. Clearsilver (dropped)
      4. Genshi (mandatory)
  2. Detailed List of Developer Visible Changes
    1. Database API Changes
      1. Environment.get_db_cnx is obsolete
      2. Environment.db_query() and Environment.db_transaction() (1.0)​
  3. New in the 1.0 API


Python 2.4 support has been dropped. Python versions 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7 are supported.

Modified Dependencies

jQuery and jQuery UI (bundled)

The bundled version of jQuery is now 1.7.2 instead of 1.4.4 in Trac 0.12-stable.

See jQuery release notes for the corresponding major updates 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7.

The full minified jQuery UI package is now bundled with Trac. The version is 1.8.21 and includes a custom theme.

Babel (optional)

The internationalization support (i18) for Trac is depending on Babel, preferably version 0.9.6. The trunk version (1.0dev) should work as well.

Clearsilver (dropped)

Support for ClearSilver templates has been dropped. In case your plugin was still using .cs templates, PortingFromClearSilverToGenshi is now mandatory.

Genshi (mandatory)

  • Genshi 0.7dev changed to accepting unicode instances by default, rather than UTF-8 encoded regular str instances. Trac has been updated to override the default back to UTF-8 but plugins that access Genshi directly might raise an error: UnicodeError: source returned bytes, but no encoding specified.
  • Genshi 0.6.x is still supported and will likely be a safer alternative. See #10126 for details.

Detailed List of Developer Visible Changes

Component: database backend (3 matches)

Ticket Summary
#6348 Catch database exceptions in a backend neutral way
API Changes
  • Added the attribute db_exc to Environment to access DB-specific exception types.
  • Added the method get_exceptions() to IDatabaseConnector.
#8575 IntegrityError: duplicate key violates unique constraint
API Changes

trac.db: Added a method update_sequence() to database connections to allow updating table sequences during schema updates. [10114]

#9842 [PATCH] Make database connectors reusable
API Changes

IDatabaseConnector.init_db() now accepts an optional schema string, if not provided it is read from the TracIni.

Component: general (11 matches)

Ticket Summary
#8036 allow IPermissionRequestor to extend existing meta-permissions
API Changes

perm: Made meta-permissions cumulative, so e.g. TICKET_ADMIN can be extended by plugins. [10417]

#8695 generate API documentation
API Changes

make apiref for Epydoc documentation; make apidoc for Sphinx documentation

#9418 Creating instances of Component class is unsafe in multi-thread
API Changes

Ensure that a Component's __init__(self) method is always called before any other.

#9536 Remove Python 2.4 compatibility
API Changes

db API makeover by introducing context managers and a shortcut for query execution; see TracDev/DatabaseApi#Trac0.13API for details

#9777 New option for displaying absolute date/time in ticket
API Changes

Provide pretty_dateinfo function which displays relative/absolute datetime in the user preferences and default_dateinfo_format option.

#9836 Describe trac.ini sections in code
API Changes

config: Added the ConfigSection descriptor to define and document configuration sections. [10341]

#9870 Improve the cache subsystem
API Changes

It is now safe to inherit from classes having @cached properties.

#10165 Upgrade to jQuery 1.7.x
API Changes

Upgraded jQuery to 1.7.2.

#10245 jQuery UI integration
API Changes

trac.web.chrome: add_script_data() now also accepts keyword arguments. add_jquery_ui() adds the jQuery UI Javascript library.

#10427 trac.log: dead code - logger_factory()
API Changes

Removed obsolete trac.log.logger_factory function.

#10644 [PATCH] Allow microseconds in parse_date() input
API Changes

parse_date() now optionally accepts micro-seconds in the date string

Component: i18n (2 matches)

Ticket Summary
#10038 Descriptions of wiki macros should be translated
API Changes

trac.wiki.api: get_macro_description return a tuple of gettext domain and macro description. The gettext domain is used to translate the description.

#10717 js: make it unnecessary to call babel.format explicitly
API Changes

babel.js: it's no longer necessary to call babel.format, one can directly pass formatting parameters to gettext, _ and ngettext (r11068)

Component: rendering (2 matches)

Ticket Summary
#9915 Extend RST to support additional directive types
API Changes

Registered reStructuredText roles and directives can gain access to the Trac environment and rendering context corresponding to the docutils content being processed.

#10538 restructuredtext renderer confused by utf-8 BOM
API Changes

trac.mimeview.api.content_to_unicode will remove the leading BOM character in the content if present (r10967)

Component: roadmap (1 match)

Ticket Summary
#2182 configurable date and time formats
API Changes
  • trac.util.datefmt:
    • format_{date,time,datetime}, parse_date and get_{date,datetime}_format_hint takes optionals locale argument (default to None) [10571]
    • Added user_time helper function for format_* and parse_date functions [10571]
  • trac.web.main: Added lc_time property of Request class for selecting the date format [10571]

Component: ticket system (2 matches)

Ticket Summary
#9935 [PATCH] Make req parameter to Query.execute() optional
API Changes

The req parameter to Query.execute() is no longer required.

#10667 Better HTML tag metadata in page output
API Changes

trac-field-<fieldname> classes added to field changes in the ticket change history [11112]

Component: version control (3 matches)

Ticket Summary
#9607 Rework branch labeling in the timeline
API Changes

versioncontrol: added Changeset.get_tags() [10077]

#10208 AuthzSourcePolicy does not conform to mod_authz_svn rules
API Changes

versioncontrol: use the requested (path, rev) for the identity of a Node instead of (created_path, created_rev) (r10914)

#10712 move svn support to tracopt
API Changes

Subversion specific code is now located in the tracopt.versioncontrol.svn package.

Component: web frontend (2 matches)

Ticket Summary
#7768 add_script & add_stylesheet don't support external scripts
API Changes

trac.web.chrome: add_script() and add_stylesheet() now also accept absolute URLs [10027]

#7774 Allow to set script charset in add_script
API Changes

chrome: add_script takes optional charset argument (defaults to 'utf-8'). [10196]

Component: wiki system (1 match)

Ticket Summary
#8137 TracQuery count as part of a heading
API Changes

Added IWikiMacroProvider.is_inline optional method. If it is present and returns True, then the macro is called even from an inline context (r10905)

Database API Changes

Environment.get_db_cnx is obsolete

Following the deprecation made in 0.12, using Environment.get_db_cnx for obtaining a database connection is now considered obsolete and its use is heavily discouraged, as that method will be removed in Trac 1.1.

One should now only use the context managers for retrieving a database Connection in read or write mode.

  • a read-only Connection can be used to form queries:
    with env.db_query as db:
    a db instance obtained the above way should only be used for executing SELECT queries
  • a writable Connection can be used to modify the database content in a transaction:
    with env.db_transaction as db:
    a db instance obtained the above way can be used to execute INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE queries; they will be committed when the last such automatic transaction in the control flow completes successfully. See DatabaseApi for the full details.

Environment.db_query() and Environment.db_transaction() (1.0)

The @with_transaction(env) / @env.with_transaction() decorators introduced in 0.12 remain available, but they're now deprecated as well, as the with syntax is the one to be used. Those decorators will likely be removed in Trac 1.1 as well.

See #8751 for details and related notes about get_db_cnx deprecation above.

New in the 1.0 API

Be sure to have a look at the new ApiDocs (Sphinx generated documentation for Trac 1.0).

This is a work in progress - coverage for 1.0 is not complete but will be extended in the 1.0-stable branch.

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