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A Sea Change for Trac

"Full fathom five thy father lies, Of his bones are corals made, Those are pearls that were his eyes, Nothing of him that doth fade, But doth suffer a sea change, into something rich and strange, Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell, Ding-dong. Hark! now I hear them, ding-dong, bell." Ariel, from William Shakespeare's "The Tempest"

These pages are used for collecting information about problems with the Trac community, in order to fix them. By community we mean Trac administrators, plugin developers, end users and core developers.

  • WhatUsersWant lists the most frequent requests for major features (you can vote there!)
  • WhatDevelopersWant is used as a blackboard between developers to exchange ideas about future directions.
  • DocumentationRequests defines the Trac approach towards documentation and lists topics that should be documented, as a starting point for new developers.
  • CompetitionSurvey shows some of the cool stuff other similar projects are doing.
  • DevelopmentProcess contains some discussion about the development process itself.

Also, it could be worth looking at other wikis, BugTrackingSystem and repository browsers, and see what the users can expect from competitor systems. Note that since the success of Trac integration model (well, CvsTrac's model actually), some of the other bug tracking systems are evolving towards more integration as well, most notably by having an integrated wiki and/or source code browser.

Other wild ideas

Mozilla / Firefox / Thunderbird Extensions

Being able to conveniently access tickets in a Firefox and/or Thunderbird extension would be kinda cool. — DanielLundin

Answer: Use the Sage RSS sidebar and you have everything in your sidebar that you want.

Timeline and Reports output in alternate formats

Having options (through URL arguments presumably) to render RSS, iCal and XML versions of the timeline and reports, rather than the default HTML/web page output, could be quite useful, and open some interesting possibilities. — DanielLundin

Actually, the Timeline (and, I think, reports as well) already have an RSS version.

I was inspired by a simple chart tool as well. You take a Timeline RSS feed, transform it with my xsl which creates the chart data which you can then render in a web page.

Rst for everything

Add a configuration option to use reStructuredText as default markup for all pages, tickets and commit messages. This would mean a rewrite of all the default wiki pages to reStructuredText, probably some changes to the special pages such as RecentChanges and a lot of small stuff here and there. Also change the default role for reStructuredText to be Trac, so that wiki links could simply be written as:

A link to `SandBox`, ticket `#1`, changeset `[1]` and report `{1}`. Or even as `[wiki:SandBox the sand box]`

Eclipse Integration

Anyone fancy implementing a plug-in for Eclipse? There's currently an effort going on to provide Bugzilla integration, apparently extensible to other issue tracking systems. Such an effort would probably depend on us getting some kind of web-service layer working.

Answer: The Trac Connector for Mylyn does exactly this. See also th:MylynTracConnector.

Continuous Integration

Provide integration with Continuous Integration tools.

Answer: A well tested CI tool is Buildbot and integrated with Trac as TracBuildbotIntegration and BuildbotPlugin. Also see other CI tool plugins. Christopher Lenz's Bitten plugin has been discontinued.

RPC Interface

Via SOAP or XML-RPC (recommended for utter simplicity!), export the user interface functions to allow integration with proprietary Intranets and so forth. This would also allow some developers to write for example an AJAX interface to Trac.

In particular, the ability to retrieve reports would make a lovely addition to my Intranet homepage. :) — DavidWilson

Related Tickets: #217, #250.

Answer: The XML-RPC plugin at trac-hacks does exactly this.

SVN Edition

Currently, the only way to put a new revision from/to svn is with a check out and commit. Why not provide online integration, and this form I can edit source from repository without download and upload the code, only with an embedded text editor and a couple of buttons.

Answer: #2956: Upload files to the repository — cboos

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.