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PyCon is the annual Python convention held in North America in Feb/March. See http://us.pycon.org/ for list of locations, presentations, and further information

Reported by coderanger, 5 of the 8 web frameworks represented at PyCon 2007 use Trac. (One uses a custom system, one is on SourceForge, and another has no tracker.)

Starting with PyCon 2005 (?), we're having an Trac sprint at each conference.

PyCon 2011

A few bugs fixed; the bitesized keyword was useful. And an inactive dev became active again. (At least temporarily… :) )

PyCon 2010

Lots of bugs triaged and bitesized issues identified for new contributors, lots of bugs fixed, new cool features added (e.g. r9270), etc. Please Remy, give some first hand impressions :-)

PyCon 2009

The Trac sprint has been quite successful this year, and as a result, a major improvement to the testing infrastructure has been added to 0.11.5: the possibility to run the tests using the PostgreSQL or the MySQL database backend instead of the default in-memory SQLite backend.

See: log:sandbox/rework-testing@8475, #8169

PyCon 2008

Sign Up for the Trac sprint. There will be an introductory session on Sunday at 4:40pm CDT.

Sprint topics and ideas can be found on the TracSprint page

There will also be a Trac BoF session.

PyCon 2007

We will be having a Trac sprint starting on Monday.

See the PyCon sandbox development area. At that point, the workflow branch was merged into trunk and the sandbox for pycon was cleaned up. That area was deleted in r6003 and will presumably be created anew for PyCon 2008.

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