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Trac Feature Requests and Discussion

This is the proper place, outside the MailingList, to propose features, functionality ideas and discuss things you would like to see in future versions of Trac.

Please also consider submitting a feature request.

See also: TracTickets, SeaChange.


  • User Session Breadcrumbs above wiki pages that reveal pages the visitor has clicked through.
  • Enable Trac to operate remote from the SVN repository (ie. over the http:// and/or svn:// protocols) This would be ideal. Support for multiple repositories would be great!
  • Drop down menu for view tickets to go directly to the right report
  • Answer by email to email notification gets stored as a comment, attached files as well (see roundup issue tracker http://roundup.sourceforge.net)
  • Ability to subscribe for email notification of changes to a specific wiki page.
  • Tickets should get 'time planned' and 'time spent on ticket' fields, in man hours. Those values should be consulted for a milestone's progress bar. That feature would enable users to use the ticket/milestone system for planning development processes. (seems like there are plugins & custom fields for this kind of thing)
    • (one comment: These could just go in additional comments, no more fields please.)
    • WikiMarkup in CustomFields
    • RequiredFields too. Would be nice to require developers to note the svn changelists for items transitioned to QA.
  • Clarify the Trac ticket system for use as a TODO checklist, instead of a "bug tracker." eg, "normal" severity is currently used for TODO items.
  • provide closed tickets by milestone RELEASE file (xml or otherwise
  • index the source code to make it available to Trac searches
  • Auto-generated CHANGELOG for milestones
  • WatchAPage for email alerts when a page changes.
  • SendEmailToUser from a ticket.
  • CommentsInTimeline would be great to get RSS for comments to tickets.
  • I like to track the milestone in which the issue was reported separately from the milestone which contains the fix. This lets me do some basic reporting on deferral. Would be great to have two dropdown-lists populated from the same list of milestones. (even if I'm storing the data in a separate column)
  • Ability to assign read/write permissions to areas of the wiki based on user name or group.
  • Convert wiki links to full URLs in notification messages. E.g
    [wiki:ExamplePage] to http://base_url/wiki/ExamplePage
  • Revision Log - It would be helpful if the revision log included a column containing the tags associated with each commit.
  • Source Browser - It would be helpful if, while viewing the directory structure for a given commit, the log message and associated tags were displayed at the top or bottom of the page.
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