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Loads of information on how to accomplish particular tasks with Trac already exists in forum posts, blogs, third party web pages, and even the Trac documentation. However, this non-centralized information can sometimes be hard to find, especially if the "answer" is buried in forum threads. Often the prerequisites for the answer - conceptual, hardware or software - are missing. And there is no guarantee that the solution will actually work.

A "recipe" is a clear and reliable set of instructions that have a high probability of working under a broad range of conditions. Recipes should also be complete and self-contained.

A good "recipe" will be a complete how-to, so that one should be able to end up with the desired goal at the end of the steps, with all prerequisites and all intermediate steps. Ideally, the "why" for the steps should be included.

Can I submit a recipe?

Sure, go ahead! However, make sure the recipe is valid, such as describing a successful deployment start to end. If you go halfway and get stuck somewhere, get help and feedback first, before writing up the recipe. See also InstallationIssue for what to do in this case.

Sources for Recipes

The cookbook is open to both suggestions for recipes as well as the recipes themselves.

The wiki:CookBook/<topic> page itself can be used as an index. It can contain links to sub-topics or the recipes themselves. If the index grows too big, sub-topics can be created. Also, links to external recipes could be referenced from the index page, and notes and appreciation for the recipe could be written there.

Some suggestions for broad topics are:

— cboos

See also: SeaChange/DocumentationRequests

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