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Agilo for Trac (formerly known as Agilo for Scrum) is a simple, web-based and straightforward tool to support the Scrum process. It's free and open source and can be extended with a subscription to Agilo Pro for additional features and professional support.

The open source version adds all the features to Trac that are needed to support the scrum workflow. Some highlights are:

  • Full support for all three scrum roles: Developer, Scrum Master and Product Owner, with different features to support their workflows.
  • Hierarchical tickets to nest tasks in stories (and then in requirements if wanted).
  • Traceability from requirements through stories and tasks down to the commit that achieved a feature.
  • Prioritized Backlogs and support to plan stories to sprints.
  • Burndown charts that show exactly when which tasks were completed.
  • Support for contingents, to limit unplannable tasks like support or bug fixes to a time box.
  • Historical statistics about the velocity, commitment and their changes over time.
  • Full configurability to add custom types, custom backlogs (to create for example an impediment backlog or track technical debt cleanup tasks which aren't connected to a user story), use Trac's configurable workflows to adapt to your own process and much, much more.

Agilo Pro extends these features to make the job for the whole Scrum team even more simple, for example by providing a whiteboard that publishes information about the sprint status even more effectively. For more information, see Agilo software.

See also: AgiloForScrumPlugin

Bugs, Help and Feature Requests

Please report issues with Agilo plugins to https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/agilo or at their own Agilo Trac at https://agilo.agilofortrac.com/.

If you were referred to this page from a bug report, then please make sure your Agilo version is up to date and you are running the latest version of Trac. Also please see our Google group to get additional help and report problems there.


Burn down chart

Burndown Chart

Product backlog overview

Product Backlog

Planning board Agilo

better version of the planning board

Have fun and keep the code flowing!

The Agilo Development Team

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