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Change History for AgiloForScrum

Version Date Author Comment
15 6 years figaro Further cosmetic changes
14 7 years figaro Added plugin link
13 7 years figaro Cosmetic changes
12 9 years anonymous typo
11 9 years anonymous
10 10 years anonymous
9 12 years anonymous What is Scrum?!? Now you can follow a link to its explaination
8 12 years Martin Häcker <martin.haecker@…>
7 12 years Martin Häcker <martin.haecker@…> added screenshots
6 12 years Martin Häcker <martin.haecker@…> and a different greeting. (sorry for the multi edits)
5 12 years Martin Häcker <martin.haecker@…> forgot an aditional linebreak in the signature at the bottom to make …
4 12 years Martin Häcker <martin.haecker@…> Updated description of agilo as per cboos tip at …
3 12 years Christian Boos added link to Agilo42 Trac
2 13 years Christian Boos add link to corresponding google group, for using the page in …
1 14 years Christian Boos added link to agile42's "agilo for scrum" variant of Trac