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Nov 28, 2006, 8:22:21 PM (16 years ago)
Christian Boos

Now with r4370, the syntax proposed in comment:4 is implemented.

With this and the ability to quickly go to the actual changes from the displayed version using the Last Change link, I don't think it's still worth to have an explicit TracLinks syntax for accessing the differences directly… this seems a bit overkill.

Now, what can eventually be adapted is what should we preferably show when clicking on a "WikiStart@2" link: that given version (as it is currently done in r4370) or the diffs from that version to the previous one? In either case, the other view is one click away…

So let me know if you prefer the alternative or if things are now OK like that.

(Sorry stevegt about the choice of "@" over ".": I favored consistency. Besides, this keeps open the possibility that one day we'll support digits and dots in WikiPageNames, i.e. #425)


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  • Ticket #2635 – Description

    initial v9  
    11Currently you can refer to particular versions of wiki pages using #,
    2 eg TracLinks#16 (although this is not documented in TracLinks and is
     2e.g. TracLinks#16 (although this is not documented in TracLinks and is
    33inconsistent with the @ syntax now used for source links).
    44However, I am not aware of any way to link to the changes made to a wiki
    55page at a particular version. This would be useful to be able to refer to
    66from tickets in the same way that we can already refer to source changesets.
     9'''Note:''' I think what's really important in this request is the ability to identify some particular change to a wiki page.
     11Therefore I think that being able to specify a given revision (using "@", not "#" as written above) is what really matters here.