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This page documents the 1.4 (latest stable) release. Documentation for other releases can be found here.

Wiki Page Names


Wiki page names commonly use the CamelCase convention. Within wiki text, any word in CamelCase automatically becomes a hyperlink to the wiki page with that name.

CamelCase page names follow these rules:

  1. The name must consist of alphabetic characters only; no digits, spaces, punctuation or underscores are allowed.
  2. A name must have at least two capital letters.
  3. The first character must be capitalized.
  4. Every capital letter must be followed by one or more lower-case letters.
  5. The use of slash ( / ) is permitted in page names, where it typically represents a hierarchy.

If you want to create a wiki page that does not follow CamelCase rules. you can use the following syntax:

 * [wiki:Wiki_page], [wiki:ISO9000],
   and with a label: [wiki:ISO9000 ISO 9000 standard]
 * [wiki:"Space Matters"]
   and with a label: [wiki:"Space Matters" all about white space]
 * or simply: ["WikiPageName"]s
 * even better, the [[WikiCreole link style]]
   and with a label: [[WikiCreole link style|WikiCreole style links]]

This will be rendered as:

It is possible to link to a specific version of a Wiki page as you would do for a specific version of a file, for example: WikiStart@1.

You can prevent a CamelCase name from being interpreted as a link by quoting it with an exclamation mark: !CamelCase. See TracLinks#EscapingLinks.

As in the example above, you can append an anchor to a Wiki page name to link to a specific section within that page. The anchor can be seen by hovering the mouse over a section heading, then clicking on the ¶ sign that appears at its end. The anchor is usually generated automatically, but it is also possible to specify it explicitly: see WikiFormatting#using-explicit-id-in-heading.

There are a few options that govern the rendering of WikiPageNames:

  • CamelCase linking to missing pages can be disabled with the ignore_missing_pages option. Linking to missing pages is enabled by default.
  • The split_page_names option, when enabled, will split CamelCase words when rendering a link. For example, WikiStart will be rendered as Wiki Start.

See also: WikiNewPage, WikiFormatting, TracWiki, TracLinks

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