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what you see is what you get, isn't it?

As easy as it is for some people, for others editing text in wiki syntax is an entrance barrier for using wikis. Therefore, it should be also possible to edit texts like you see them afterwards in a "what you see is what you get" manner. Editors include:

wikiwyg integration

the integration could be done the following way:

  • provide a mechanism to identify the wiki text in <div> areas. currently a name or id seems to be missing.
  • include a template into every page which loads the library if it is installed.
  • extend the wikiwyg library by a trac class (a single js file).
  • copy the wikiwyg library somewhere, it consists of:
    • js
    • css
    • images
    • a htc file (html component) to make it also work in iexplore, not just in gecko

the goal is to double click on a wiki area or page, then get a wysiwyg edit field with a few buttons, a save and a cancel, a field for the name, a comment and maybe a "tiny change" checkbox.


there are a few things unclear:

  • what <div> areas to query, areas are:
    • wiki pages (later maybe sections)
    • description of ticket (for those who have the right)
    • milestones
  • should it be on double click an area or with a button
  • if it is on double click in wiki pages, milestones, tickets, how do you reach this with a plugin?



See #1682 for a sketch of the implementation.


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