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WorkFlow Examples

Original Trac 0.10 Workflow (original-workflow.ini)

As described in TracWorkflow with all its known quirks:

Basic (basic-workflow.ini)

This is an improved version of the original workflow:

What it means for a ticket to be "accepted" is left open for interpretation.

Simple (simple-workflow.ini)

Very simple workflow, suitable for single user Trac environments:

Trivial (trivial-workflow.in)

A very simple workflow, for illustration purposes only:

OpenSource (opensource-workflow.ini)

Comprehensive workflow which is adapted to the way we work with tickets in the Trac project:

Probably suitable for other open source projects as well, where work must be coordinated between loosely coupled developers.

Enterprise (enterprise-workflow.ini)

Comprehensive workflow with a QA (Quality Assurance) stage:

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