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    3636== Unreviewed ==
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    3842 * '''Open Planet Software''' - We're a UK based Mac and iPhone software development company and Trac is installed internally on one of our development servers.  It's hooked up to our Open Directory for authentication and to our SVN repository.  We use the roadmap and ticketing system the most.  We find Trac to be very simple, efficient and effective compared to what we were using before.
    5660 * '''Open Source Initiative''' The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is a California public benefit corporation, with 501(c)3 tax-exempt status, founded in 1998. The OSI Board members are the stewards of the Open Source Definition (OSD) and the community-recognized body for reviewing and approving licenses as OSD-conformant. Trac is used as the Open Source Initiative's issue tracker and wiki to complement the official opensource.org website and as a way for the community to share information, submit ideas, and escalate issues for consideration by the OSI Board. Issues raised on the mailing lists are turned into tickets that are managed by a team of volunteer Trackers, just as the wiki content is managed by the OSI Editors. Join us at https://osi.osuosl.org/wiki/
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    5867 * '''AWI (Artifitical World Intelligence)''' - We use Trac for tickets, roadmap, timeline, SVN, and pretty much everything else. We try to keep everything inside Trac because of its great flexibility and speed.
    5968 --> http://trac.assembla.com/awi/wiki
    7584 * '''bjoern hahnefeld IT''' [http://www.hahnefeld.de] - Trac is used for documentation, as knowledge-base with snippets and issue tracking and project management.
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