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    156156|| Advanced Network Devices (our devices are marked with the logos ''IPSpeaker.com'' and ''IPClock.com'') || Trac is used extensively in our product development and customer support workflows. || 0.12 || 2011-11-02 ||
    157157|| [http://www.agile42.com/cms/pages/agilo/ agile42] || We use Trac to develop all our projects, we implemented ''Agilo for Scrum'' which is an "agile" extension of Trac, specialized in supporting the Scrum process. Agilo extends Trac in many parts to support the Backlog concept, the Sprint as a part of a Release (Milestone) and introduces also the concepts of Team and Team Members. Agilo adds a real ''Ticket Type System'' completely configurable and ''Linking'' between tickets, the semantics of the links and the rules are also completely configurable. || || 2011-01-05 ||
     158|| [http://www.agitronic.se Agitronic AB] || We are a software company developing mobile applications; we use trac for our inhouse projects, our homepage, internal wiki and company administration. || 0.12 || 2012-01-16 ||
    158159|| Arenalogic || Multiplayer Combat flight simulator game. We at arenalogic.com use Trac for wiki and project management on some of our projects. || ||2011-02-04||
    159160|| assembla.com || They offer hosted Trac workspaces as well as alternate packages that include their own ticketing, code browser, and wiki tools. ||0.11||2011-01-06||