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Custom Ticket Numeric Fields

This page presents information on adding a new type 'time' to the list of all currently available custom ticket fields.

Alternative approaches

Non I know of right now.

Proposed Implementation

Feature collection

  • allow for proper sorting according to numerical value (i.e. -1, -0.009, 0.2, 98, 100)
  • provide input support for related (i.e. currency|length|time|..) units
  • on-the-fly conversion between related units and unified storage (in pre-defined base unit (i.e. $|meter|hours|..)

Status of Development

There is no substantial plan nor code right now. But certainly it would initially go along the same lines as the proposal for custom time fields for Trac.

It's time now for collection of more common demands and possible use cases. Tell us by

  • chat, I'm around in IRC channel #trac at freenode.net (nickname: hasienda)
  • edits to (the discussion section of) this wiki page
  • announcing work on a publicly reachable repository or sharing code another way


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