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Installing and Running Trac on NetBSD

epg has kindly added Trac to the NetBSD package collection (pkgsrc). It should install without trouble.

Optional Packages

If you need the functionality of the optional packages, install these first.

  • Sphinx in textproc/py-sphinx
  • Pytz in time/py-pytz

Trac's dependencies are encoded in pkgsrc, so building or installing www/trac will also result in the installation of the following:

  • python
  • subversion
  • sqlite

Webserver Related

  • mod_wsgi is located in www/ap2-wsgi see the installation document
  • For fastcgi native support by trac manual add the www/py-flup package from pkgsrc

Note that Trac's global config file on NetBSD is at /usr/pkg/share/trac/conf/trac.ini.

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