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Installing Trac on Mandriva Linux

tracd with Mandriva Linux 10.2 LE 2005

As stated TracOnMandrakelinux, Trac can be installed by simply acquiring the needed packages via urpmi. Trac is then being installed as the Standalone Version (though it took installing apache2 to see anything in the Browser - just installing, nothing else). It can then be configured via the /etc/sysconfig/tracd config file.

To get multiple projects running all using authentication, your tracd-file can look like this:

# see http://projects.edgewall.com/trac/wiki/TracStandalone
# PORT : port to be used by tracd ( option -p )

# AUTH : file to use for authentication
# format :  project,digestfile,realm
AUTH="project1,/path/to/project1.htdigest,project1 --auth project2,/path/to/project2.htdigest,project2 --auth project3,/path/to/project3.htdigest,project"

# PROJECT : list of project to serve, you can place more than one project.
# PROJECT="/path/to/project1 /path/to/project2"
PROJECT="/var/trac/project/project1 /var/trac/project/project2 /var/trac/project/project3 "

Note: according to the Trac Mailing-List tracd must be invoked with "first all the —auth options, then (after all options) the list of environments". It took a little fiddling around to get the AUTH-String in the config file to play with tracd.

It is possible to reuse the same htdigest file, e.g. using 'common' for the realm:

AUTH="project1,/var/trac/common.htdigest,common --auth project2,/var/trac/common.htdigest,common --auth project3,/var/trac/common.htdigest,common"

Remember to service tracd restart your Trac-Server, this must run without errors (of course!).

trac-cgi with Mandriva Linux 10.2 LE 2005

The alternative to the Trac standalone installation above is to install Trac as CGI (as described in TracCgi). For Mandriva, this frontend is also available, the package name is trac-cgi. For the installation type the following as privileged user:

# urpmi trac-cgi

This should install the necessary components, which is in fact only a separate configuration for apache (trac.conf in the apache webapps directory) and the trac.cgi itself to /var/www/cgi-bin.

In addition the Apache configuration is reloaded.

After creating your project environment (see TracInstall) you will need to customize the trac.conf to fit your needs.

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