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Installing Trac on FreeBSD

Trac is in the FreeBSD ports collection under the name www/trac.

To install Trac on FreeBSD as a binary package:

$ pkg_add -r trac

Trac installs into the directory /usr/local/share/trac/. The latest release will be installed in so far it has been updated, see Freshports.

Ensure that the ports collection is up to date prior to doing this.

For more information:

Tip 1: If you don't want the version of Trac available in the ports tree, install the port anyway to have the proper dependencies automatically installed. Uninstall the port, but leave the Trac dependencies installed and then install your chosen version of Trac.

Tip 2: After installing from ports, you should change Trac's environment owner to www:www or the user your web server/tracd uses.

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