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Change History for TracMultipleProjects/SingleEnvironment

Version Date Author Comment
10 7 years Christian Boos mention #11025
9 7 years fbrettschneider@… mentioned TH:SimpleMultiProjectPlugin
8 7 years anonymous additional motivation via sharing account permissions
7 11 years hdi@… spelling error
6 13 years Christian Boos typo, there's only one for now …
5 13 years Christian Boos Note how things could fit together with GenericTrac and WikiContext
4 15 years Christian Boos Added link to the "multiple repository per project" ticket
3 15 years garyo Added link to TracMultipleProjects/ByProductAndSearch
2 15 years Christian Boos Added some details about different implementation ideas
1 15 years Christian Boos Multiple Projects within a Single Trac Environment