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Trac Guide Translations

Due to Trac's growing planetary success, there's underway a collaborative effort to translate the TracGuide in various languages:

Note to translators

It is important to keep the following structure:

   Translation<2-letter language code>/<name of the original page>

This way, it will be possible to use the [[TracGuideTOC]] macro (as of [1568]) in the translated pages, for having a Table of Content for the translated guide.

We have also recently introduced the [[TranslatedPages]] macro:


Macro to show the translated pages list.

Simply calling that macro in a page adds a menu linking to all available translations of a page.

A language page (usually TracLanguages) must provide the language codes as a table with following entries:

||<language code>||<language name>||<english name>||<description>||

The description contains the text displayed above language links in that language (usually a variant of 'Other languages'). A table title line starting with ||= is not parsed.

The Macro accepts arguments as well:

  • revision≤num> to specify the version of the base page when last translated, a negative revision indicates that a page needs updating in the status overview table
  • outdated≤text> mark the page as outdated with given comment
  • silent don't output empty chapter for show options when nothing is shown
  • showoutdated to show all pages, where revision does not match base revision
  • showmissing to show all pages, where translation is missing
  • showproblems to show all pages which have problems
  • showuntranslated to show all untranslated pages
  • showstatus to show one big status table
  • lang≤code> to restrict output of show outdated, status or missing to a specific language
  • label_outdated label to display when using the showoutdated option

See usage example in TranslationRu/TracTickets.

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