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Trac Guide Translations

Due to Trac's growing success, there is a collaborative effort underway to translate the TracGuide in other languages:

Note to translators

It is important to keep the following structure:

   Translation<2-letter language code>/<name of the original page>

This way, it will be possible to use the [[TracGuideTOC]] macro (as of [1568]) in the translated pages, for having a Table of Contents for the translated guide.

We have also recently introduced the [[TranslatedPages]] macro:


Macro to show the translated pages list.

Simply calling that macro in a page adds a menu linking to all available translations of a page.

A language page (usually TracLanguages) must provide the language codes as a table with following entries:

||<language code>||<language name>||<english name>||<description>||<base language link indication>||

The description contains the text displayed above language links in that language (usually a variant of 'Other languages'). A table title line starting with ||= is not parsed.

The base language link indication is the default value for wikitr: links (see below) and describes how links to base language should be formatted. It must contain one {t} which is replaced by the label (e.g. {t} (en) to append a note in brackets). Other parameters are {b} for the base language code, {c} for the base language code in lowercase letters and {n} for the base language name.

The Macro accepts arguments as well:

  • revision≤num> to specify the version of the base page when last translated, a negative revision indicates that a page needs updating in the status overview table
  • outdated≤text> mark the page as outdated with given comment
  • silent don't output empty chapter for show options when nothing is shown
  • showoutdated to show all pages, where revision does not match base revision
  • showmissing to show all pages, where translation is missing
  • showproblems to show all pages which have problems
  • showuntranslated to show all untranslated pages
  • showstatus to show one big status table
  • skipmissing skip links to missing pages in status table (speed up display a lot)
  • lang≤code> to restrict output of show outdated, status or missing to a specific language
  • label_outdated label to display when using the showoutdated option

Use wikitr:[basetext:] in links to reference the translated form of a page when it exists, the original otherwise. In case the optional part basetext: is used this text is used to indicate links to the base language (see above for format). When using these links translators do not need to update links when they step by step add translated pages. Using this macro on the base langue pages does no harm, but may help in translation when doing copy and paste.

Links can look like [[wikitr:Link|Label]], [wikitr::{t} ({n}):Link|Label]], [[wikitr::Link|Label]], [wikitr:Link], [wikitr:Link Label] and so on (see TracLinks).

See usage example in TranslationRu/TracTickets.

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