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Trac URLs

The following URLs are specified relative to base Trac URL:

path to be used for any kind of static resource, usually images, .css and .js. They are called static, because they don't require any server-side processing and can be served as-is. In fact to avoid Trac request handling many people prefer to have those static resources served directly by the web server.
accesses static resources for TracInterfaceCustomization contained in the environment's htdocs/ directory.
accesses static resources in a shared location defined by the htdocs_dir option in the inherit section of the TracIni.
accesses static resources used by Trac. These are usually found in the htdocs/ subdirectory of the Trac installation.
accesses static resources for a plugin.

All static resources can be exported with trac-admin deploy command to serve them independently. The process is described in detail in TracInstall#MappingStaticResources. Just do not forget to re-export them after installing new plugins or upgrading Trac.

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