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Extension Point : ITicketQueryRenderer


The ITicketQueryRenderer visualizes query results in various ways.


Trac provides an extensive TracQuery system with an interactive UI, a special query language, a wiki macro and more. Typically the results of a query would be displayed as a table of tickets in the interactive UI. The wiki macro already supported various hardcoded formats including a similar table view, a simple ticket list or count and roadmap-style progress bars.

With this interface plugins can extend the list of available visualization formats to for example display the queried tickets in pie diagrams, burndown charts, Kanban boards etc.

These renderers could be available wherever ticket queries are visualized, like in the interactive query UI or the roadmap view.


Implementing the interface follows the standard guidelines found in TracDev/ComponentArchitecture and of course TracDev/PluginDevelopment.

A simple get_ticket_query_formats() method lists the internal and display names of the supported formats. The render_ticket_query() is called to render a given ticket query to HTML.


The following minimal example renders a warning sign if a query finds any tickets:

from genshi import tag
from trac.core import implements, Component
from trac.ticket.api import ITicketQueryRenderer

class WarningTicketQueryRenderer(Component):


    def get_ticket_query_formats(self):
        yield ('warning', _("Warning Sign"))

    def render_ticket_query(self, context, query, query_string, tickets, format):
        if tickets:
            return tag.span(u"\u26A0") # Warning sign
            return tag.span(u"\u2713") # Check mark

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