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Extension Point : IMilestoneChangeListener


The IMilestoneChangeListener allows components to listen for and to react to milestone events.


The Trac milestone system helps planning and managing the future development of a project. Plugins can hook into the milestone system to trigger their own actions when milestones are created, deleted or changed.

The main purpose for this interface is to allow plugins to stay informed about the existing milestones and trigger appropriate actions elsewhere (e.g. sending notifications, starting indexing services, updating supplementary data structures etc.)


Implementing the interface follows the standard guidelines found in TracDev/ComponentArchitecture and of course TracDev/PluginDevelopment.

When a user creates a new milestone the milestone_created method is called. Similarly methods are called when a user deletes a milestone (milestone_deleted) or changes some milestone properties (milestone_changed).

The milestone model object is passed to each handler. So the milestone properties can be accessed as usual (i.e. milestone.name, milestone.due, milestone.completed, milestone.description) and the milestone can be updated etc.

In milestone_changed the changed properties are available by indexing e.g. old_values['name'].


See MilestoneToVersion sample plugin.

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