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Extension Point : ILegacyAttachmentPolicyDelegate


The ILegacyAttachmentPolicyDelegate implementations define how to check for ATTACHMENT_* permissions for different realms.


The TracPermissions system defines coarse permissions to control which users have access to which modules. TracFineGrainedPermissions introduced more fine grained control over permissions for individual resources. The IPermissionPolicy interface is used to implement this new system, re-implement the legacy behavior and allow plugins to extend the permission policies.

Attachment permissions are not really separate permissions and can not e.g. be specified in the Admin interface. LegacyAttachmentPolicy (a IPermissionPolicy implementation) handles the legacy attachment permissions ATTACHMENT_CREATE, ATTACHMENT_VIEW and ATTACHMENT_DELETE. For the ticket, wiki and milestone realms, it maps them directly to TICKET_*, WIKI_* and MILESTONE_* permissions on the parent resource. Attachments are child resources, and this delegates attachment permissions to their parent resources'. (E.g., if a user has the permission to modify a page, that user can also attach a file; permission to delete a page also gives permission to delete an attachment, etc.)

Plugins that implement other resource realms and also support attachments can implement the ILegacyAttachmentPolicyDelegate interface. This allows extending LegacyAttachmentPolicy with similar mappings.


Implementing the interface follows the standard guidelines found in TracDev/ComponentArchitecture and of course TracDev/PluginDevelopment.

ILegacyAttachmentPolicyDelegate implementations are only used if the LegacyAttachmentPolicy is listed in the permission_policies configured in trac.ini.

These policies are called for user actions on a attachments. They can explicitly allow or deny these action, or abstain to defer the check to the next policy in the chain. For attachments to realms other than ticket, wiki or milestone, the LegacyAttachmentPolicy will defer to ILegacyAttachmentPolicyDelegate implementations.


A minimal ILegacyAttachmentPolicyDelegate in isolation is not very useful (but possible) and usually accompanied by implementations of other interfaces that request and require these permissions. Hence the following example is best understood in context of the ComponentModuleExamples.

In Trac components have no attachments. One could extend the ComponentModuleExamples to implement support for such attachments. The following example maps attachment permissions to component and ticket admin permissions:

from trac.core import Component, implements
from trac.attachment import ILegacyAttachmentPolicyDelegate

class ComponentModule(Component):

    def check_attachment_permission(self, action, username, resource, perm):
        if resource.parent.realm == 'component':
            if action == 'ATTACHMENT_VIEW':
                return 'COMPONENT_VIEW' in perm(resource.parent)
            elif action in ('ATTACHMENT_CREATE','ATTACHMENT_DELETE'): 
                return 'TICKET_ADMIN' in perm(resource.parent)

Available Implementations

Plugin maps attachment permissions to for attachments to resources of realm Notes
AtomPub Plugin ATOM_* atompub
Bitten BUILD_* build
th:ExoWebCodeReviewPlugin CODE_REVIEW_* CodeReview
th:FullBlogPlugin BLOG_* blog Performs some additional logic.
MailArchiveExtPlugin MAILARCHIVE_* mailarchive
TracTalkPlugin TALK_* talk
trac-testmanagement-plugin TEST_* test
th:ExtendedVersionPlugin VERSION_* version
th:DiscussionPlugin DISCUSSION_ATTACH discussion

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