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Trac Database Schema: Version Control

Trac's version control system stores some mainly caching information in the database. (For the version control backends that support this.)

Table repository

repositoryid, name
idintID of a version control repository (e.g. 1 or 2)
name Name of a per-repository property
value Value of that property

Stores (some cached and some configured) per-repository properties.

Trac itself uses a few such properties:

  • name Admin-given name (configured in Admin panel)
  • dir Just the repository directory (configured in Admin panel)
  • alias Admin-given alias (configured in Admin panel)
  • description Admin-given description (configured in Admin panel)
  • repository_dir The repository directory (usually with a repository type prefix) of a cached repository
  • youngest_rev The youngest revision number that is cached of a cached repository

See VcCache, trac.versioncontrol.cache

Table revision

revisionrepos, rev (40)
reposintRepository id that this revision belongs to
rev Revision number
timeint64Commit time
author Commit author
message Commit message
repos, time

Part of the version control cache. Stores cached revisions (i.e. changesets, commits).

See VcCache, trac.versioncontrol.cache

Table node_change

idauto_increment Added in Trac 1.1.4 (see #3676)
reposintRepository id that this revision belongs to
revkey_size=40Revision number that this change belongs to
pathkey_size=255Path of the affected file or directory
node_typesize=1'F' for files, 'D' for directories
change_typesize=1'A' for added, 'D' for deleted', 'M' for moved, 'C' for copied', 'E' for edited
base_path The source path (or null)
base_rev The previous revision affecting this path (or null)
repos, rev, path
repos, path, rev

Part of the version control cache. Stores cached node changes of a revisions. A node change is a added, deleted, moved, copied or edited directory or file.

See VcCache, trac.versioncontrol.cache

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