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How Trac and version control systems work together

These examples use Subversion terminology

Supported features

Identifying the revisions and modifications that were made to complete a change allows users and developers which modifications were made for a ticket. Such an identification is called a TracChangeset.

How it works

The integration between Trac and the version control system depends on TracLinks. Every time a change is committed to the version control repository, a TracLink must be used in the comment (usually referred to as a commit message) that includes a reference to the correct ticket.

TODO Please tell which version of Trac supports these commit hooks and if it does that automatically.

With additional logic in the commit hooks it is possible to reject the commit if no ticket number is supplied.

Provided functions


  1. A Trac user begins work on a ticket.
  2. They obtain code from the version control system.
  3. After the work is completed, they perform a commit of their modifications to the version control repository.
  4. The user inserts the Trac ticket number into the commit message as a TracLinks.
  5. Trac can now display the changeset for the ticket.
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